Israeli Ministers to Expedite Issuance of Gun Permits Amid Terror Attacks

Israeli Ministers to Expedite Issuance of Gun Permits Amid Terror Attacks

Israel’s high-level security cabinet met to expedite firearms licenses for civilians and provide more funding for gun purchases in response to recent Jerusalem terror attacks, according to the Jerusalem Post. National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir revived plans to make gun licensing easier for Israeli citizens. 

On Friday evening, a terrorist killed seven people in an attack in Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov neighborhood. The shooter was later killed in a shootout with officers while fleeing law enforcement, according to police.

On Saturday morning, a second terror attack by a 13-year-old shooter left two men seriously injured near Jerusalem’s Old City. The attack ended when two members of the targeted group, including an Israel Defense Forces officer, returned fire.

According to sources, the ministers aren’t currently looking to ease the criteria to receive a firearm. Rather, they plan to speed up the process for those who have already applied. While there is no right to bear arms in Israel, Yehuda Elcharar of the law firm Decker, Pex, Ofir & Co, who specializes in helping those seeking to obtain licenses, says the process isn’t as hard as people think. 

“It’s not as difficult as it sounds,” Elcharar said in an interview with the Jerusalem Post. “Those that go through it see that it’s much easier than they thought.”

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Israeli citizens who have lived in the state for at least three years and have basic Hebrew knowledge can earn the ability to purchase a firearm if they meet certain eligibility criteria.

Those who have completed military or national service between the ages of 18 and 21 can be eligible for a license. A citizen who has not served can still be eligible at 27, and permanent residents who have not served can apply at 45.

Professions that require firearms, such as security guards, police, shooting instructors, and sports marksmen are also more likely to meet eligibility requirements. Professions that may not require a gun, but can also be dangerous, such as firefighters and EMTs, may also meet the criteria. 

Another factor for eligibility is location. If you do not live or work in an eligible location, it may be more difficult to get a license. These areas are typically designated for gun licensing because they are more dangerous than others. 

Those with a criminal history or a dishonorable discharge will have more difficulty getting a firearm. 

Israelis can check their firearm eligibility through an online calculator on the National Security Ministry website.

Other measures currently being considered would involve the deportation of families of terrorists. Currently, Israeli authorities have detained 42 family members and associates of the 21-year-old terrorist who killed seven in the Neve Yaakov attack.

Political opponents say the measure would violate Israeli and international law.

According to reports, ministers plan to hold a discussion on sending additional military reinforcements to the West Bank and issuing work permits for Palestinians.

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  • D.J. February 5, 2023, 6:55 pm

    It doesn’t take a masters degree to determine
    that the best coarse of action , is the one being
    taken by our valued allies .

    Wake up America .

  • Andrew February 3, 2023, 7:04 pm

    It is a miserable process regardless of what they may claim. You can not have more than 50 rounds for your handgun if you should be so lucky to get one & the government can take it at will.
    The most ridiculous part is that a certain segment of the population are armed to the teeth with illegal firearms & NOTHING is done about it.

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