Langdon Tactical Technology Goes 12 Gauge: LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun

Langdon Tactical Technology has entered the shotgun game in a big way. They took the Beretta 1301 Tactical and gave it a makeover!

Known as the “LTT 1301 Tactical Shotgun,” this 12 gauge scattergun keeps the fast, reliable and soft-shooting action of the Beretta but adds performance components to hold more rounds and enhance modularity.

The LTT 1301. (Photo: Langdon Tactical)

Ernest Langdon is famous for turning Beretta handguns into high-performance shooting machines. He has now turned his attention to the company’s shotguns. There is nothing wrong with the Beretta 1301, but it is dead basic.

I have worked with the Beretta 1301 in shotgun classes. They are turning up in police departments across the country. Out of the box, the Beretta 1301 Tactical has a good trigger, quick cycling, and extended controls. Bad news, holds only five rounds with limited sling and light-mounting options.

The LTT 1301 holds seven rounds instead of just five rounds. (Photo: Langdon Tactical)

On the LTT 1301, magazine tube capacity is increased to seven rounds with a clamped and flush-fitting extension. The improved M-LOC handguard has multiple points for flashlights and sling mounts. The stock also makes short-stocking easier through improved ergonomics, including length-of-pull adjustment.

A subtle but very real problem is the law. All imported guns are subject to 922(r) restrictions, that is why capacity was limited to just 5 rounds. Adding an extension tube alone could be a felony unless enough other US-made parts are added. LTT has done the homework for you. The LTT 1301 is street legal and pretty.

Tacti-cool! (Photo: LTT)

Langdon Tactical Added:

  • Aridus MagPul Zhukov Handguard
  • Aridus Industries Stock Adapter
  • MagPul Stock
  • Nordic Components Magazine Tube Extension Kit
  • Nordic Enhanced Magazine Tube Follower

Optional upgrades include:

  • Aridus Universal QDC Side Saddle
  • Aridus CROM Mount (Rob Haught Version)
The Aridus Universal QDC Side Saddle is an additional option. (Photo: Langdon Tactical)

Four different models are available directly from Langdon Tactical beginning at $1,599. For more information, go straight to – tell them GunsAmerica sent you.

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About the author: Mark Miller is a former Customs Agent and a Green Beret who served in Afghanistan and a number of other live fire locations. A student of firearms and shooting, he is an FFL and a SOT. The guiding philosophy of his life is that terrain and situation dictate tactics and the enemy always gets a vote on any plan.

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  • James Smith August 17, 2019, 5:42 am

    Ok, it looks great ! ( might be hvy , but for 12 ga semi – that is probably even less recoil ) . I love John Wick too, but $1600 ? I can buy a Rem 1100 & outfit it similarly for Half that , & an 870 pump for 1/3rd that price. Which i have , and it hold 8 rds. Can swap barrels , remove the ext. Tube & take it hunting. Oh, and it’s lightweight.

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