Leupold’s Mark 4 HD Hits the Spotlight — SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show 2024

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The 2024 SHOT Show was abuzz with Leupold’s unveiling of the new Mark 4HD scope line. Leupold brings a significant addition to their renowned Mark family. John, the product line manager for Tactical Scopes at Leupold, provided an in-depth look at these versatile scopes.

The Mark 4HD series packs the legendary prowess of the Mark family into slimmer, more manageable tubes. These are crafted for shooters who demand precision and adaptability, each model in the series features a 4:1 zoom ratio.

Mark 4HD
Mark 4HD

I find that this design choice not only trims down the weight but also makes these scopes more budget-friendly. Whether you have a tactical carbine or a long-range rifle, there’s a Mark 4HD model ready to enhance your shooting experience.

knobs on Mark 4HD
Leupold making it easy to make adjustments.

At the heart of the Mark 4HD series is Leupold’s Professional-Grade Optical System. I can’t say enough about how this advanced system ensures exceptional clarity, light transmission, and color fidelity.

Shooters can enjoy sharp, clear images from as close as 25 yards to well past 1,000 yards. The introduction of an advanced side focus on these scopes means that every detail, near or far, is captured with precision.

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Notably, the Mark 4HD series includes models with the M5C3 elevation dial, featuring oversized numbers for easy visibility. Also, a tactile ZeroLock windage dial on select models guarantees secure and precise adjustments.

This attention to detail ensures that whether you’re taking a long-range shot or tracking a target in close quarters, the Mark 4 HD offers reliable visuals and repeatable accuracy.

numbers on Mark 4HD knobs
Oversized Numbers for readability

These scopes are not just about high-end features; they’re also about accessibility. The Mark 4HD series serves as an affordable entry point into professional long-range optics. All in all this makes them a solid option for a wide range of shooters, from those just getting into long-range shooting to experienced marksmen.

Leupold’s Mark 4HD scopes hit the market in December and have been well-received. Prices range from $1,000 to $1,600, catering to various budgets without compromising on quality.

With their blend of advanced features, affordability, and adaptability, these scopes are quickly becoming a must-have for shooters.

Find more on the Mark 4HD and Leupold here.

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