Live Rebate: CZ P-07 & P-09 Offer User-Customizable in the Omega Trigger

Live Rebate: CZ P-07 & P-09 Offer User-Customizable in the Omega Trigger

Kansas City, KS (September 29, 2022) – The CZ Omega Trigger System improves upon the CZ 75’s proven hammer ignition design, allowing for swapping out safety for a decocker without a gunsmith or specialized tools. CZ utilizes the advanced Omega trigger in the P-07 polymer-frame compact pistols and has since included it as a standard feature in its full-sized P-09 model. The pistols offer a great value with a $50 rebate going on now.

The beauty of the Omega system is its convertible decocker/safety system. Shooters choose whether they carry the pistol cocked and locked like a 1911 or decocked for a double-action first pull of the trigger. The Omega DA/SA trigger provides a crisp single-action trigger break while providing the safety of a DA first-pull option. Swapping the safety for a decocking lever or vice versa only takes a few minutes using the supplied parts and instructions

CZ streamlined the P-07’s design creating the current generation by removing sharp edges while adding forward cocking serrations. The P-07 features a 3.75-inch barrel for a handy all-day carry size, while its fiber-reinforced polymer lightens the pistol. Metal sights, a new style trigger, and redesigned hammer round out the upgrades on the P-07. This pistol is available in two versions: a 15-round and a 10-round, low-capacity model.     

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The full-size P-09 boasts the same shooter-friendly features as the P-07 but in a larger package. Its 4.54-inch barrel improves ballistic performance and increases its sight radius. At the same time, its impressive 19-round flush-fitting magazine provides unsurpassed service pistol firepower. A low-capacity model is also available with a 10-round magazine. 

Both pistols include small, medium, and large backstraps for customizing grip fit for any sized hand. The pistol’s ergonomics assist in a natural point of aim for improved precision and faster follow-up shots. An integrated 1913 Picatinny rail mounts auxiliary lights or lasers for low-light situations making the P-07 or P-09 suitable for all conditions. 

Shooters trust the reliability and performance of CZ pistols. The customizable polymer-framed P-series pistols exceed expectations and are well-suited for everyday carry. Add the Omega Trigger System and a bevy of modern features, and the choice is clear—the P-07 and P-09 are both outstanding pistol options.  Additionally, with CZ-USA’s current $50 rebate, consumers can now enjoy these options at an even greater value than before! This rebate is valid for a $50 Visa gift card, consumers can find the rebate form here.

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