LWRCI Unveils New IC-9 — SHOT Show 2024

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Stopping by the LWRCI booth at the SHOT Show 2024 range day, I noticed they just announced the launch of the new IC-9 in three models, the IC-9 16’ Carbine, IC-9 8.5 SBR and IC-9 8.5 Pistol.

These models blend LWRCI’s time-tested AR platform expertise with an innovative chamber ring delayed blowback operating system, providing a unique pistol-caliber AR shooting experience.

The IC-9 models deliver the high performance demanded by discerning shooters. Constructed from advanced aluminum and steel alloys, the firearm is protected with hard-coat anodizing, ferritic nitrocarburization, and nickel-boron surface treatments.

The MonoForge Upper Receiver with an integrated rail-base is not only lighter but also stronger than standard pattern uppers, thanks to the coined forging process that ensures precise dimensional accuracy and a superior surface finish.

Sending a few rounds downrange with the IC-9
Sending a few rounds downrange with the IC-9.

Key features of this firearm include a fully-ambidextrous lower receiver with AR-style controls for safety and bolt catch/release, a paddle magazine release, the LWRCI Ultra Combat Grip, and an LWRCI Enhanced Fire Control Group.

The IC-9 ships with either a 33-round OEM Glock Magazine or the 10-round OEM Magazine. The upper also includes either an 8.5” (SBR/Pistol) or 16” (Carbine) barrel. These come with a 6” (SBR/Pistol) or 12” (Carbine) M-Lok Rail System respectively.

Fully ambidextrous lower receiver.

For those seeking versatility, the IC-9 is also available as a complete upper receiver. Paired with a magazine-well conversion block, it allows for use with any standard 5.56 lower receiver.

This offers an easy way to add a short 9mm upper to your collection if you already possess a registered 5.56 SBR receiver. LWRCI™ recommends the use of the following tested and approved magblock: https://getstern.com/mag-ad9/.

IC-9 upper is compatible with standard AR-15 lowers with the use of a magblock.

The new IC-9 has an MSRP of $1,995, and is set to hit dealer shelves in February 2024. For more information about the LWRC IC-9, list their website.

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