Marlin Dark Series Lever Action Rifles Shipping!

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Marlin Dark Series Lever Action Rifles Shipping!
Marlin Dark Series Lever-Action Rifles Shipping! (Photo: Marlin Firearms)

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Marlin Firearms has announced the shipping of its Dark Series lever-action rifles, a modern twist on the classic Marlin rifle design.

These all-new rifles (upgraded from previous iterations) feature a nylon-reinforced polymer stock equipped with M-LOK attachment slots for mounting accessories. Additionally, an anodized aluminum handguard also features M-LOK slots for accessory attachment.

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The rifles come with a threaded barrel, factory-installed radial muzzle brake, and a thread protector. A fiber optic front sight with a tritium ring enhances visibility in low-light conditions.

A Picatinny rail provides a stable surface for mounting scope rings and various optics, while a generous recoil pad effectively absorbs recoil, and a cheek riser ensures an optimal sight picture when using an optic.

Marlin Dark Series Lever Action Rifles Shipping!
MSRP: $1,379..00. (Photo: Marlin Firearms)

The Dark Series includes several models:

  1. Model 1895™: This model has a .45-70 Govt caliber, 5+1 capacity, a 16.17-inch barrel, and is priced at $1,379.00. It is currently available in limited quantities.
  2. Model 336™: Chambered in 30-30 Win with a nylon-reinforced polymer stock, this model is slated for availability in early 2024.
  3. Model 1894™: This model, available early 2024, supports 44 Rem Mag / 44 Special calibers and also features a nylon-reinforced polymer stock.

These rifles represent an innovation in Marlin Firearms’ product line, combining traditional lever-action mechanics with modern tactical features and accessories.

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  • Milo Mindbender November 25, 2023, 11:09 am

    Not a marlin lever gun fan, but would love some nylon stocks for my kayak carbine. I have a stainless steel carbine that would benefit from inert almost indestructible nylon hardware to make it truly a bounce around carbine. Don’t need the tacticool as much as the durability. Hope this trends over to some aftermarket supplier.

  • jim c. November 17, 2023, 1:17 pm

    I am a Marlin fan, and a lever fan. However, I think those are the ugliest, most duded-up abhorations I’ve ever seen, by any gun producer. But, that’s just me. Good luck, Marlin. I honestly hope they sell like hotcakes.

  • EasyEddie November 17, 2023, 11:07 am

    Just doesn’t work for me. I do think that the ‘lowly’ lever action rifle would be terrific for urban/suburban environments. I can load nine 300 grain Buffalo Bore rounds in my .45 LC Trapper. I can easily mount a ‘red dot’ sight on it. And it still looks like a gun that can fly under the radar…at least for now. If you want it black a little 200 grit sandpaper and a can of flat black spray paint makes an easy afternoon project. Would I prefer an AR? Sure, who wouldn’t. And they’re still available everywhere out here in the Dakota territories. But if you get to court, the ADA will hang that ‘dreaded lethal black gun thing’ on you. But hey! If you want one, get it. No doubt they’ll sell well!

  • Steve Mauldin November 17, 2023, 10:18 am

    Sign me up for the 336! Better yet, make it a take-down for ease of travel. I’m not a mall ninja, but being able to use a suppressor is key to protecting what is left of my hearing. I can control the empty brass better than with a .308 AR-10. The rail system might help with accuracy as well since the pressure is off the barrel. It’s a hard use gun for those of us that pack in and out hunts,pursue game instead of driving into the woods to sit in a tree stand. Give me a flat black or camo cerakote version every day.

    Next, make a .357/.38 Special version so we can use sub-sonic ammunition on small game.

  • Mike in a Truck November 17, 2023, 9:48 am


    • Frank November 18, 2023, 8:10 am

      Best comment so far!

  • Carl Childers November 17, 2023, 7:32 am

    This is another answer to a question no one asked. Why a “tacticool” lever gun???
    This is almost as bad as the one with a 30 round detachable mag.
    Just leave lever guns out of the mall ninja’s grasps. They don’t need rails or lighted optics. Leave that to the AR’s.

    • Jake November 17, 2023, 10:19 am

      If you live somewhere you cannot get an AR because of communist Democrats, a lever gun with rails and lights, optics etc. is way better than nothing.

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