Meet the Rock Chucker! 17 HMR AR-15! — SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show 2024

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At this year’s SHOT Show, the Rock River Arms’ booth was buzzing with innovation.

Chuck Larson, the owner, showcased their latest creation – the 17 HMR AR15, already nicknamed the “Rock Chucker” by his team. The reason behind the moniker? It’s either a nod to Larson’s name or a testament to the gun’s ability to take down rock chucks. Either way, this new rifle is stirring up excitement.

The Rock Chucker is a hybrid of engineering, combining a gas impingement system with a delayed blowback, a unique twist in the AR-15 world.

It features a micro gas tube hidden within the handguard and a design that ensures ball bearings collapse after gas pressure build-up, allowing for the bolt to cycle – ejecting the spent case and chambering the next round with finesse.

Unlike traditional AR-15s, which have gas blocks situated much further forward, the Rock Chucker’s gas block is just a short distance from the bolt, making for a compact and efficient system.

The Rock Chucker from Rock River Arms.
Rock River Arms says this 17HMR rifle has an MSRP is $1,200.

Larson explained that upon firing, the gas key is pushed back, allowing ball bearings to retract and then lock back into place after cycling – a true innovation in a market that thought the AR-15 had reached its peak.

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But that’s not all. The rifle sports a proprietary buffer system made of nylon with a shortened AR15 spring, ensuring proper cycling with less weight. Speaking of weight, the bolt itself is lighter, made of 8620 steel.

Slated for a March release, the Rock Chucker will have a $1,200 MSRP for the complete rifle system. For those already equipped with an AR-15, a retro top end including a buffer kit and the black dog mag will also be available for about $700.

And the innovation doesn’t stop there. After the Rock Chucker hits the market, Rock River Arms plans to adapt the design for the .22 Magnum – another exciting development to watch for.

For AR-15 enthusiasts and 2A advocates, this is a welcome addition to the market, proving there’s always room for innovation. Stay tuned for a full review from GunsAmerica and head over to for more info.

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