N82 Professional Holster for the Glock 42


The GLOCK 42 in the N82 Professional.

N82 Tactical is not the newest kid on the block; they might not have the lineage of Galco or Safariland. But don’t let that stop you from taking a look at their phenomenal line of Professional inside the waistband holsters. These American made Holsters are engineered for comfort, type of holster that you can forget you are wearing.

A lot of holsters are built for consistency, but make sacrifices when it comes to comfort. It is as if they discomfort they inflict is there to remind you of your suffering. N82 builds holsters for comfort, and the holsters have a few extra features that aid in concealing the gun, and others that protect your body from the wear and tear associated with carrying your gun against your skin.

A soft leather lined foam backing completely shields the gun from ever making contact with your body. It also increases the amount of contact the weapon is making against your body. This works to distribute the weight and gives you more friction when making a fast draw.

On the front of this lush cloud of suede lined back is an oil tanned leather that protects the gun itself. Riveted onto that  is a stiff holster shell that maintains its shape with or with out a pistol present. This is a huge deal; the stiffness of the holster makes holstering the gun effortless. Even as the backing contours to your body, the holster itself resists bending, twisting, or other movements.


The clip rotates, allowing for multiple angles of carry.


The suede backing is free from hardware.

The clip is nothing fancy, but its attachment to the holster is worthy of note. It swivels freely, allowing the holster float inside the waistband. This allows you to adjust angles of draw, and allows for the whole holster to move more with your movements, instead of fighting you.

There is one note I’ll make about the draw. I felt it on my first holstered draw stroke. No more snatch and grab–you’ve got to remember to break the holster’s hold. The Professional requires a certain twist of the firearm. Once mastered it is simple, and a gun is easily drawn. Its extra level of retention could even be seen by many as a godsend. If you’re bothered by retention holsters, this may not be the rig for you.

N82 878

The backing makes the holster wider than simple Kydex, but it is still manageable.


And easy to access. Twist and pull.

There is no doubt the pistol is staying in place weather your running after your kids, or running for cover. I’ve run and jumped and tried everything to lose this holster or the gun, and both stay safely in place.

The N82 Professional line of holsters is one to take a closer look at, and for me it is a every day carry necessity. Prices start at $69.95.


EDC pocket dump.


The backing fits exactly to the 42.

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