New Options and Guns from Kahr — SHOT Show 2023

Riley Baxter SHOT Show 2023

Kahr Firearms Group has a few updates to some existing product lines, including their new Art Gun Series, new Cerakote finish options for the Desert Eagle pistols, a fancy limited edition Desert Eagle from the custom shop, and some new Thompson rifles.

Art Gun Series

Auto-Ordnance, one of Kahr’s subsidiary companies, has a new line of 1911 pistols that are appropriately called the “Art Gun Series.”

There are a handful of different art guns, but some of the best-selling ones are the “Trump Guns.” These guns feature the 45th president’s face, catchphrases, and/or quotes. A couple of these include the Trump “Rally Cry” 1911 and the “Trump One” 1911 which is a cheeky play on words and a beautiful gun.

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New Options and Guns from Kahr -- SHOT Show 2023
The Art Gun Series pistols are beautiful 1911s engraved by Auto-Ordnance.

These guns are all high-quality, single-stack 45 ACP 1911s that are engraved and Cerakoted by Outlaw Ordnance, who is located in Louisiana. Because of the varying levels of intricacy, the MSRP on these fancy firearms varies from $1,000.00 to around $2,000.00.

New Options and Guns from Kahr -- SHOT Show 2023
The Trump guns are some of the best sellers in the Art Gun Series.

Desert Eagle Additions

Most, if not all, gun enthusiasts will recognize the Desert Eagle by name. This large-frame, semi-auto pistol is an iconic firearm known for shooting the 50 AE.

This half-inch projectile packs a serious punch, and now you can shoot it in style: Magnum Research is now offering different Cerakote finish options for the Desert Eagle. At SHOT, they had blue and pink guns on display but there are also burnt bronze, distressed, and other options available.

New Options and Guns from Kahr -- SHOT Show 2023
New Cerakote finish options are available for the Desert Eagle.

An honorable mention in this same category is the limited edition desert eagle available through the custom shop.

It has a 6″ barrel, case-hardened finish, real gold accents, and custom engraving by Tyler Gun Works of Friona, Texas. There will only be 25 made, and the MSRP has not been revealed yet, but there are two things that you can be sure of: this is a beautiful gun, and it will be very expensive.

New Options and Guns from Kahr -- SHOT Show 2023
This beautiful Desert Eagle is one of only 25 that will be made.

Auto-Ordnance Thompson

Auto-Ordnance released their M1-series Thompson Carbine SBR. As the name suggests, this firearm is an SBR that is designed to look like the U.S. Military’s Thompson submachine gun.

This gun has a 10.5″ barrel, a 30-round stick magazine, and is chambered in 45 ACP. The MSRP is $2,416.00 for this clone “Tommy gun.” And, of course, purchasing this SBR will require the completion of a Form 1 which includes a $200 tax stamp and fingerprinting.

New Options and Guns from Kahr -- SHOT Show 2023
Auto Ordnance’s M1-Series Thompson Carbine SBR.

Like the “Trump guns” that Auto-Ordnance makes, the best-selling Thompson rifle is another Auto-Ordnance artwork that is engraved and features the 45th president. This rifle will also cost you over $2,000.00 because of the intricate engraving.

New Options and Guns from Kahr -- SHOT Show 2023
Another “Trump gun” made by Auto-Ordnance.

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    SBR M1A1.
    Would like the complete specifications on this firearm. It looks
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