New Products For Zero Compromise Optic — SHOT Show 2023

New Products For Zero Compromise Optic -- SHOT Show 2023
Zero Compromise Optic has a new non-locking 10-MIL reticle (shown) and reticle updates.

Zero Compromise Optic is a high-end optics manufacturing company based in Orofino, Idaho. Relatively new, they have quickly developed a reputation that rivals even the long-established names known for producing the toughest products and clearest optics.

For good reason, Zero Compromise Optic states that it is highly unlikely that you will experience any issues that require warranty service, but if you do, they will repair or replace your scope. This warranty is fully transferrable and is extended for the lifetime of the product.

10-MIL Non-locking Turret

This year at SHOT Show 2023, Zero Compromise Optic released a 10-MIL non-locking turret and an updated MPCT 2X reticle.

This new 10-MIL non-locking turret has more distance between clicks than the original 15-MIL turrets, making quick adjustments on the fly easier to interpret. This speeds things up even though you are rotating the turret more.

Also, the original turret design locks the turret in place when the turret is depressed. You would have to lift the turret up to unlock it, and then the turret could be rotated. The new non-locking design will also speed things up in a competitive scenario by removing the extra step of lifting the turret to unlock it.

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In this same fast-paced, intense scenario, a shooter would also benefit from this non-locking design because it removes one more thing to think about executing while thoughts of switching winds, shot corrections, and yesterday’s load development are already occupying the shooter’s mind.

New Products For Zero Compromise Optic -- SHOT Show 2023
The new non-locking 10-mil turret was designed for speed and ease of use.

Updated MPCT 2X Reticle

Every Zero Compromise Optic comes standard with a reticle in the first focal plane. This means that the values in the optic remain accurate across the power range as the magnification is raised and lowered.

This feature will be useful only if the reticle is useful. All of ZCO’s reticles are fantastic, but the MPCT 2 reticle got an update and this version is known as the MPCT 2X reticle.

This reticle features a Christmas tree-style dropdown with numbered values off to the side that are spaced every 2 MILs. This reticle also features many hash marks of different values that allows the shooter to estimate target size, shot corrections, and distance without the clutter that other reticles utilize to accomplish the same goal.

New Products For Zero Compromise Optic -- SHOT Show 2023
The MPCT 2X reticle as seen in the optic.

The updated MPCT 2X is an improved version of the MPCT 2 reticle that now features numbers on both sides of the dropdown reticle. This results in a faster interpretation of the reticle by the shooter.

It also now has 0.037 MIL dots located at the intersection of every MIL value. This intersection dot creates a fast point of reference that draws the eye to each MIL increment and also increases the view of your target by creating a finer aiming point and opening up more space.

Another new mark located every 0.5 MIL serves a similar purpose by increasing the readability and speed of the reticle. The final change that was done with the MPCT 2X was the elimination of the vertical post which opens up the shooter’s view for spotting each shot’s trace in the optic.

New Products For Zero Compromise Optic -- SHOT Show 2023
A detailed breakdown of the MPCT 2X reticle.

For more information visit ZCO’s website HERE.

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