New Thermals from Armasight — SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show 2024

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At SHOT Show 2024, Armasight unveiled their latest thermal optics. Steve, from Armasight, walked us through their newest gadgets, including the “Sidekick,” available in both 320 and 640 resolutions, featuring Armasight’s exclusive 12-micron Armor Core.

The Sidekick 640 boasts a 19 mm adjustable focus objective, while the 320 has a fixed 9.1 mm objective, offering a wide field of view perfect for navigating the night.

These devices, weighing in at a mere 210 grams, are designed for versatility. With 60 Hz refresh rates, they ensure no latency, making them ideal for dynamic night activities. They come with various battery options, including an extender for longer use, and a USB-C cable that supports both data transfer and continuous power from a portable bank.

The Sidekick’s digital zoom, video recording capabilities, and multiple color palettes cater to any preference. It’s designed to be mounted on a helmet for seamless night movement or used handheld with an intuitive interface that auto-rotates for ease of use.

For the hunters and night-time tacticians, the Sidekick is already shipping with a price tag of $3,299 for the 640 model and $2,299 for the 320 model.

Armasight's new thermal optics.
Armasight’s got some cool new thermals for 2024.

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Coming later this spring is the “Jockey,” a clip-on thermal device designed for quick attachment to rifles, enhancing the night capability of traditional scopes. Like the Sidekick, it’ll be available in 640 and 320 versions and sports similar battery and ergonomic features.

Lastly, Armasight introduced the “Collector,” a mini dedicated thermal weapon sight optimized for short-range engagements typical of crossbow and SBR 300 BLK use. With a launch expected at the beginning of spring, it’s priced around $4,800.

In a market awash with overseas production, Armasight stands out with a made-in-the-USA promise. From design to manufacturing, everything is done stateside, including their proprietary Armasight cores, ensuring quality and reliability.

As Steve wrapped up the showcase, he emphasized the all-American nature of Armasight’s products, distinguishing them from many competitors. For those eager to see these devices in action, we’ll have some forthcoming reviews and live footage, showcasing the capabilities of these cutting-edge thermal optics.

In the meantime, for more information on Armasight’s innovative lineup, visit their website HERE.

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