Norma Components Available for All Hunters and Shooters

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Norma Components Available for All Hunters and Shooters

The Norma name is synonymous with quality factory-loaded ammunition. For more than a century, hunters and marksmen have relied on Norma’s dedication to precision. This reputation for accuracy would not be possible without Norma’s commitment to the quality of their components—which include industry-leading projectiles and precision-manufactured brass.

“Norma’s ability to produce outstanding ammunition begins with the way we make components,” said Paul Lemke, Vice President and General Manager for RUAG Ammotec USA. “And our bullets offer hunters the best performance in the industry.”

Norma’s brass meets the highest standards. Strict tolerances and attention to detail lead to exact, consistent brass cases. Norma’s brass is annealed at the neck to prevent cracking. Each case’s midsection is more rigid, allowing for minimal expansion in the chamber. Around the primer pocket, the brass is hardened for extended case life for reloaders.  Norma offers an expansive array of brass including the most common and popular calibers for today’s shooters, as well as brass for many uncommon metric, and hard to find calibers.

 Norma’s bullets are designed for precision, reliability and terminal performance. The STRIKE series features BONDSTRIKE, ECOSTRIKE, and TIPSTRIKE. This trifecta offers tough construction, unprecedented accuracy and excellent expansion—as well as lead-free options for any situation in the field.  Norma bullet lineup also includes a line of extreme precision long-range target bullets, as well as the world-famous Oryx.

Details on each bullet and Norma’s reloading components can be found at

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