Renowned SASS World Champion ‘Evil Roy’ Set to ‘Ride Off into the Sunset’

Renowned SASS World Champion 'Evil Roy' Set to 'Ride Off into the Sunset'
(Photo: Cimarron Firearms)

Fredericksburg, Texas (November 2022) – Cimarron Firearms, makers of quality replicas of Old West firearms, congratulate long-time partner and SASS World and National Champion shooter, Gene “Evil Roy” Pearcey, on his retirement from cowboy action shooting competition. Cimarron Firearms Evil Roy classic peacemaker-style, single-action revolver will also ride off into the sunset.

Although Gene Pearcey came to the sport later than most competitors, age and experience did not deter him. Vigilantly practicing every day, sometimes shooting over 300 rounds a day, Gene not only made a name for himself in the sport of cowboy action shooting, but became an elite member of the SASS Hall of Fame. Taking his moniker from the 1970’s comic TV series Evil Roy Slade, starring actor John Astin as the infamous “meanest villain the West has known,” Gene went on to compete and take home multiple awards. He continues to express his love of the sport and share his knowledge and skills through training aspiring cowboy action shooters across the country.

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Cimarron’s Evil Roy Model “P” revolver was designed to incorporate competition-style features such as a finely tuned US action with a competition hammer and trigger/bolt springs that are lighter, smoother, and offer a crisp, no-creep trigger pull. Improved internal parts enhance reliability, which is especially important to competition shooters like Gene. Other features include a wide square notch rear and constant width front sight and hand-checkered European walnut slim grips. The pistol named for Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) World Champion and SASS National Champion shooter, Gene “Evil Roy” Pearcey, will be officially retired after the last shipment hits retailers. Gene often stated that he put through at least 100,000 rounds through his Evil Roy revolvers with no issues.

Renowned SASS World Champion 'Evil Roy' Set to 'Ride Off into the Sunset'
Gene “Evil Roy” Pearcey. (Photo: Cimarron)

Mike Harvey, president and founder of Cimarron Firearms spent some time during a YouTube BOOM! With Mike Harvey video, explaining the history of the Evil Roy Model P revolver down to the last serial number ER9999 ending the series because the antique serial number marking machine could not go beyond 6 digits. “If you’ve got an Evil Roy pistol, you better hang on to it because it’s going to be a collector’s item.”

“Fans of the popular Evil Roy competition Model P, need not worry,” Bryce Wayt, Vice President of Operations & Media for Cimarron Firearms, said. “We are in the process of updating this pistol and introducing it back into the lineup under the Cimarron Firearms name.”

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  • Mark N. December 1, 2022, 1:15 am

    The Evil Roy is a nicely tuned and reliable competition gun that comes at an appreciable premium over the standard models. The few I’ve handled were .357s, although I understand they also came in .45Colt. I have never paid the premium for one because it is not difficult to polish the internals and tune one of these revolvers to be very slick. All of mine were accurate right out of the box with Cowboy low power loads. My handloaded black powder loads are not as accurate but far more powerful, and readily explain why the Army had Colt reduce the load to 35 grains.

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