Ripped From Heaven: The Halo Bullet Revolutionizes Ammo Design — SHOT 2024

Riley Baxter SHOT Show 2024

In the realm of ammunition innovation, the Halo Bullet continues to set new standards with its revolutionary design and groundbreaking features.

Comprising the essential components of casing, primer, powder, and bullet (slug), their product not only incorporates the best industry materials but also boasts a proprietary, long-tested, in-house patent-pending design (Patent #29871182).

I was able to take the Halo Bullet for a ride in a 9mm SIG P226 at Industry Day at the Range during SHOT Show 2024.

A box of bullets is desplayed on a table.
The Halo Bullet can be purchased in 10, 50, or 100-count. Here is a 10-count carton.

The Aerodynamic Advantage

A key feature that distinguishes the Halo Bullet is its aerodynamic and synergistic compatibility with the rifle twist, offering an increased effective range.

According to the sales representatives, this ammunition has the potential to double the effective range of the 9mm.

The outer spears of the projectile shear off upon impact, while the pointed center spear retains the most mass, providing superior penetration. Through extensive internal testing, this bullet design has proven to be the most accurate option available.

A black handgun is being loaded with a magazine at the gun range.
Loading the Hallo Bullet into a SIG P226 at Range Day 2024.

Metal-Injected Manufacturing

Unlike other solid copper ammunition that is CNC machined, Halo Ammunition creates these projectiles by way of metal-injection manufacturing. This unconventional approach contributes to the overall effectiveness of the projectile by allowing for a more complex design.

This combination of penetration from the main slug and wound cavity from the outer spears positions this as the most lethal 9mm projectile available.

A block of 100 Halo Bullets lays on a display table.
Here is a block of 100 Halo Bullets, with a ballistics gel block in the background, showing their superior penetration and spear separation.

Unmatched Ballistic Performance

Internal testing has showcased exceptional results, with penetration on gel blocks exceeding 18 inches and expanding 6 inches or more. This combination of penetration from the main slug and wound cavity from the outer spears positions this as the most lethal 9mm projectile available.

Velocities with the 107-grain bullet are noted at 1,350 fps with a 4-inch barrel and 1450 fps on a carbine-length barrel. Despite being considered “hot,” this ammunition is not a +P offering, ensuring compatibility with any 9mm system.

Pricing and Availability

Though it isn’t cheap, the price of safety and unmatched ballistic performance is attainable:

  • $34.88 for 10 rounds
  • $162.88 for 50 rounds
  • $320.88 for 100 rounds
  • Available for purchase today!
shooting a handgun at the range.
Though the bullet is light, this was a spicy round, as can be shown by this higher-than-average muzzle rise.

Looking Ahead

As they continue to push the boundaries of ammunition technology, Halo Ammunition is not limited to the 9mm round. While currently available in this caliber, Halo is excited to announce the upcoming release of their .45 ACP round.

Halo’s commitment to innovation extends beyond as they explore various calibers, preparing for mass manufacturing and expanding their product line. Keep your eyes peeled because it’s possible to see a shotgun slug in the future!

Click here to learn more about the Halo Bullet!

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  • Gizmo January 23, 2024, 4:32 pm

    Typical ridiculousness. “The potential to double the effective range of the 9mm”….even if it were true and I doubt it, you’d have to be a world class shot for that to matter. It’s another boutique super bullet that will likely never live up to it’s fantastic claims and even if it did, it’s so expensive nobody is going to buy enough to keep them in business.

  • Carl John January 23, 2024, 3:02 pm

    Why no post op pics or expansion of these Buck Rogers?

  • IT January 23, 2024, 12:26 pm

    im sorry but aero-dinamics with such projectile?
    107-grain definately faster than heavier bullets, but what it has to do with ballistic/.

  • Clint W. January 23, 2024, 11:59 am

    Now, here is a bullet once the anti-gun crowd gets wind of, that will surely be banned just because of how menacing it looks.

  • Raymond Nuenke January 23, 2024, 10:52 am

    $34.88 for 10 rounds
    $162.88 for 50 rounds
    $320.88 for 100 rounds
    I thought G9 and Honey Badger ammo was expensive at about $1.50 per round!

  • Anthony January 23, 2024, 10:36 am

    Looks like someone is copying underwood ammo !

  • Killyourlocalpedos January 23, 2024, 7:52 am

    Looks like a retake on the failed gimmick garbage R.I.P. ammo. No thanks. I’ll stick with the proven HST’s for factory ammo, or my preferred handloads for carry ammo.

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