Scalarworks PEAK Folding Sights — SHOT Show 2022

Ivan Loomis SHOT Show 2022
Scalarworks PEAK Folding Sights -- SHOT Show 2022
The New Scalarworks PEAK Folding Sights, shown stowed out of the way.

This year at SHOT Show 2022 I had the chance to check out some new offerings by Scalarworks. If you are unfamiliar with them, they’ve made a name for themselves offering some of the lightest and strongest quick-detach optic mounts out there.

In addition to that, they had previously introduced their PEAK Iron Sights, which while great, are fixed. But since more and more people are running optics, they’ve been asking for folding sights, so that they are out of the way until needed. This year, Scalarworks delivered…

Scalarworks PEAK Folding Sights -- SHOT Show 2022
The elevation and windage are both toolless adjustments, making for an easy time zeroing in the field.

The New PEAK Folding Sights are not only all of the things you’ve come to expect from Scalarworks, like clean lines, lightweight, minimalist design, but also come with options. The PEAK Folding Sights are offered in two different heights. You have your standard A2 height, which can be co-witnessed through optics at either full or lower 1/3 depending on the optic mount.

But they also offer 1.93″ PEAK Folding Sights. This lets you still co-witness your iron sights, even when running a 1.93″ height mount.

Scalarworks PEAK Folding Sights -- SHOT Show 2022
The 1.93″ is next to the standard A2 height sight.

It is amazing to me that someone hasn’t done it sooner, but I’m grateful for Scalarworks for leading the way. More and more people are shooting with the higher than standard 1.93″ mounts for various reasons.

Some because it allows them to more easily shoot passively through night vision or gas masks, or some that just like the more upright posture it allows. At any rate, Scalarworks saw some white space and filled it with their new PEAK Sights. The New PEAK Sights will be shipping late summer with an MSRP of $149.00.

Scalarworks PEAK Folding Sights -- SHOT Show 2022
The New Riser Mount lets you raise other standard co-witness mounts for use with Night Vision.

That wasn’t the only new product, however. They also released a Riser Mount. Think of it as just elevating the top rail on your rifle. So if you don’t already have a high mount for your red dot and magnifier, you can simply put the riser mount on your gun and attach the aforementioned to it. Increasing their height in relation to the rifle, the New Riser Mount will be released late summer.

Scalarworks PEAK Folding Sights -- SHOT Show 2022
One of the aspects of the new design of the Scope Rings is added strength on the hinge.

And lastly, they improved upon a design. On the scope rings, they are captured and hinged. Scalarworks managed to find a way to build in more strength to the hinge portion of the ring with a small design change. And while they were at it, they changed the bases as well, for their 30mm and 34mm scope mounts.

The new base design allows for an offset red dot to be mounted if the user chooses. So rather than having to place it on a completely separate mount on some other section of the pic rail, it becomes integral to the scope mount. Pretty clever across the board. The New Scope Mounts will be shipping late summer along with the offset mounts.

Scalarworks PEAK Folding Sights -- SHOT Show 2022
The New Scope Mounts will also allow for offset red dots.

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