Biden, DOJ Announce ‘National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative’ to Crack Down on Homemade Guns

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Biden, DOJ Announce 'National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative' to Crack Down on Homemade Guns
President Joe Biden is looking to crack down on homemade guns with the help of the DOJ. (Photo:

President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland announced today the creation of a “National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative” designed to crack down on homemade guns, sometimes referred to as “ghost guns.”

The announcement comes as Biden travels to New York City to meet with Mayor Eric Adams, who recently announced his own “Blueprint to End Gun Violence.”

“Today, the Department is announcing the launch of a national ghost gun enforcement initiative designed to prevent these unserialized firearms from being used to commit crimes, including by prioritizing bringing federal charges against criminal use of these weapons,” the DOJ explained in a statement.

As part of this new initiative, the DOJ will “train a national cadre of prosecutors on enforcement issues specific to the use of ghost guns in crimes.” These prosecutors will be available to “every district across the country.”

The DOJ will also send out a “set of materials” to assist investigators and prosecutors in bringing cases against those who use homemade firearms in crimes, and designate a “ghost gun coordinator” in each ATF field division.

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The statement’s focus on crimes and criminals is doubtless intended to reassure law-abiding gun owners that the DOJ won’t come after them. But “ghost gun” owners may not be considered “law-abiding” for long.

At the behest of the Biden administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) proposed a new rule that would redefine what constitutes a “firearm frame or receiver.”

As part of this new rule, the ATF will ban “weapons parts kits” by redefining the term “firearm” to include “a weapon parts kit that is designed to or may readily be assembled, completed, converted, or restored to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive.”

This new definition requires companies that manufacture weapons parts kits to serialize unfinished receivers and conduct a background check on all customers prior to purchase.

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The ATF assures gun owners that “nothing in this rule would restrict persons not otherwise prohibited from possessing firearms from making their own firearms at home without markings solely for personal use.”

However, the DOJ’s laser focus on “ghost gun” prosecution casts doubt on how gun owners who currently own non-serialized weapons parts kits will be treated. As GunsAmerica has covered previously, the ATF has banned a product, secured customer lists from gun companies, and used those lists to prosecute search warrants.

In the case of one firefighter from California, state agents discovered illegal firearms while assisting the ATF on its raid, and the state tried to prosecute him.

Considering this history, the DOJ’s assurance that its new task force will only target criminal ghost gun owners is small comfort.

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  • Will Not Comply February 6, 2022, 2:53 pm

    I just love how this fraudulent imbecile moves from one communist obsession to another.

  • e February 6, 2022, 11:00 am

    So, another charge for using a “ghost gun” in a crime! Is my life worth less time in jail, if I’m killed by a stolen gun that still has a serial number? This is the same as a “hate crime law”. There is no such thing!! Its just crime period. There is no such thing as a “ghost gun”, its still a real life firearm without a number printed on it.

    On a foggy moonlit night! You may be able to see a real ghost gun on some old civil war battle field. Thats the only real “GHOST GUN”. BOOOOOOOO…

  • Bemused Berserker February 5, 2022, 1:28 am

    F**k this Senile Dipschitt Tyrannt.
    Remove him from Office now.

  • michael moore February 4, 2022, 8:19 pm


  • Stan d. Upnow February 4, 2022, 7:31 pm

    Just saw a report that there’s a company that unveiled an alternative to 80% receivers at the SHOT show. What they came-up with is a CNC router programmed through your computer that will completely mill a lower from a solid billet of aluminum! Totally untraceable. Only drawback is the cost- $2500.

    • S.H. Blannelberry February 5, 2022, 8:47 am

      Did you watch the video at the end of the article?

  • Nunya Business February 4, 2022, 6:52 pm


  • Altoids February 4, 2022, 6:39 pm

    It’s an emotional appeal.

    Soccer moms hear the words “Ghost Gun” and begin to quiver with fear, since it’s human to be frightened of the unknown and most know little of guns in general.

    So the Big Guy gets up on his podium and reassures them with what amounts to a bunch of bullshit and scores a few political points.

  • Stan d. Upnow February 4, 2022, 6:32 pm

    Get ready. Here it comes. A mandatory “buy back” of all ghost guns and uncompleted lowers, complete with attached penalties of a 10-year federal prison sentence and $250,000 fine(bye-bye home) if caught with one after the govt.’s generous “grace” period.
    Oh, and while the Gestapo thugs are ransacking your home looking for those ghost guns, they’ll probably figure let’s just take All of the suspect’s guns & ammo for good measure.
    Don’t say I didn’t call the shot.

  • Dutch February 4, 2022, 4:59 pm

    Yes, awash with trolls, or should we say spies. We all know what the real problem is and it sits in the White House. He and his democommies. Another of the great problems as mentioned above is with the Judicial system. As my grandfather used to say, we should hang 3 lawyers and a judge everyday until the country straightens out.

  • Punisher Six (your royal highness/your majesty) February 4, 2022, 4:47 pm

    A lot of this is, as others have stated, a big red herring.
    Most of the news that I have seen discussing “ghost guns” is really not about home made firearms, but immediately goes to showing the Glock switch enabled pistols going full auto. A completely different issue, with the usual suspects blindly hosing each other down, and taking out a lot of innocent people in the process.
    Regarding serialization, any personally made firearms that I have constructed, all for my exclusive personal use, and never to be transferred in my lifetime, I have marked with a unique number of my choosing that has never been disclosed. In the event of a theft, I can trace myself to it, but no one can trace it to me. As far as the alphabet folks are concerned, they do not exist.
    Regarding decoration, I have engraved the image of a friendly ghost on the mag well flats, which is another unique feature that I can use to establish provenance to my weapons, but that can not be traced to me.
    If they come for them, they will get some, they might get most, but they will never get all.

  • Dee February 4, 2022, 3:59 pm

    Before the 1968 Gun Control Act less expensive firearms did not have serial numbers, not all but some. Name brand firearms did this to reduce cost. Mostly 22 rifles , single and some double barrel shotguns.

  • Der poiguy February 4, 2022, 3:55 pm

    How about prosecuting Joe and Hunter Bidet for all their crimes? This illegitimate POS needs to go to jail!

  • David A Welsh February 4, 2022, 3:25 pm

    Hey feds, take a hike! The Founding Fathers would have had no problem with homemade guns. They would have a huge problem with you, though, you worthless slugs. You couldn’t care less for victims, as demonstrated by your love for baby butchery. So shut the hell up, traitorous vermin!

  • Matt February 4, 2022, 2:49 pm

    What criminal is going to waste his/her time building a firearm to commit a crime when they can just get one from a dealer?

  • Shanz February 4, 2022, 1:29 pm

    What the fuck is a ghost gun? I picture like Casper but a 1911?

    • Just Me February 4, 2022, 2:58 pm

      The definition that the gun grabbers and AFT is much broader than the actual one. An actual “ghost gun” is one that is no more than 80% complete and the build is done by the purchaser. It does not require a serial number or a manufacturer license at this time. It cannot be sold to anyone else unless the builder is licensed and serializes the weapon.

      The definition being used by the gun grabbers and AFT is any weapon that is built like above AND any stolen weapon that has had its serial number removed so it can’t be traced back to the owner.
      They are using these stolen weapons to falsely make the issue seem worse than it is. It is all about control and stomping all over the Constitutional rights of American citizens. Welcome to the Fourth Reich Amerika.

    • John Rogers February 4, 2022, 9:44 pm

      A “ghost gun” is a firearm assembled from an 80% receiver, and the necessary parts to build a functional firearm. The name ghost gun, is because there is no serialized parts, no paperwork, on anything else to tie the completed firearm to any individual. Basically just an off the books gun you build yourself. They are not prevalent in criminal cases though. Not many criminals going through the trouble of machining the receiver then buying all the needed parts to assemble a gun.

      The “ghost guns” used in crimes are normal guns that have had the serial numbers removed, making them untraceable. But liberal politicians don’t like the idea of anyone having undocumented firearms, so they push laws that make it look like they’re doing something to fight crime, when in fact they just want to further restrict law abiding citizens. You know, business as usual.

  • Jerry February 4, 2022, 1:02 pm

    A number of ghostgun reports in the media, some were reported as being made by the user. As a lifelong listener and cynic, the mention obviates the unmentionable; that where said fact is not included, then obviously they were NOT made py the perp, but for some reason they dont want to admit the piece was built by, likely, Somebody Who Can. They think not mentioning it, they hope to catch unawares the illegal mfr who they think does not know theyre looking for him (because the news dident say they were)? The difference between a thug, and a punk, is that the thug has learned how to make good money from what he used to do as a punk. Now, about how to serialise yer own ghostgun, i bet they expect you to trot-on-down to yon local B.of A.T.F.ET.C. with said sample of your mechanical mastery for them to stomp,.. er..stamp an appropriate s.# on it, rather than allow your own idea of appropriate markings. Alas, with no doubting, they will a directive be issuing, requiring the consulting of one with the ye aulde Lawyers Guild, the reading of, and therefore the translating of, being required, the meaning and/or intent of to be made…. er..ahem; Clear

  • Donald February 4, 2022, 12:40 pm

    They make it sound like anyone who manufactures their own gun is going to commit crime. It’s widely known that almost all gunowners will now shoot anyone or commit crime. The murder rate is in the thousandths of one percent. It all boils down to the government control of the population like it was in the USSR and Nazi Germany. If they get their way this country will be like china.

    • Tony February 4, 2022, 2:46 pm

      What idiotic comments – another GENIUS with the comparisons to authoritarian governments – wake up, don’t be so stupid…guess you are just another of the brain-dead trump parade of mindless lemmings!
      Try doing something you and the others like you have never done – thinking for yourself and researching the actual facts no it the totally idiotic BS spouted by that pathetic little wanna-be Carlson on Fox

      • bob onit February 5, 2022, 5:32 pm

        talk about brain dead I haven’t heard one iota of free thinking from the left nothing but commie quotes their all busy giving the dead Karl Marx head ,and reach arounds .don’t thinks actual facts or critical thinking have ever affected ,your analysis ol life in any regard hey cover your nose your mask is low

    • Gray February 4, 2022, 6:02 pm

      So they are going to crack down on the hundred thousand, to million, legal owners/makers, to catch the few dozen who are acting illegally.


  • Rusty February 4, 2022, 11:41 am

    I do believe it IS ALREADY a crime to manufacture firearms for OTHERS to use.

    If someone is stupid enough to be putting these together and supplying the criminal element, there are laws on the books to harshly deal with them. Same way with STRAW PURCHASERS.

    Maybe add a “take em to the train station” clause, after conviction??

  • Robb February 4, 2022, 11:38 am

    Ghost Gun mania is such a red herring. Show me any crime prosecution statistics that show how the absence of a serial number on a gun prevented prosecution of a criminal.

    • Stan d. Upnow February 4, 2022, 6:38 pm

      Yeah, right. Much more Soros-bought DA’s that prevented prosecution of a criminal than ghost guns.

  • Ken February 4, 2022, 11:23 am

    I have been a criminal defense attorney going on 43 years. I have represented at least 100 federal felons in possession of firearms defendants.

    The real reason they want to do away with ghost guns is because one of the elements that must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in felon in possession of a firearm cases is that the firearm traveled in inter state commerce. Note: It is the Commerce Clause in the constitution that gives the feds jurisdiction over interstate crime.

    The prosecution proves that element by using the factory markings on a firearm. The prosecutors put an ATF agent on the stand who testifies that that mark of firearm isn’t manufactured in that state and it’s presence in the state logically means the firearm moved in interstate commerce.

    A ghost gun has no such markings and the feds can’t prove it moved in interstate commerce and thus there is no federal jurisdiction.

    I’ve had a couple of cases in the past few years where ghost AR’s along with other marked handguns were recovered from prohibited persons by law enforcement. The ghost AR’s charges were always dismissed and in later cases not even charged.

    The AR’s carry enhanced penalties due to the capacity of their magazines and so prosecutors like it when they can prosecute such cases successfully.

    But they can’t do so without that factory stamp.

    • jerry February 4, 2022, 3:21 pm

      C’mon. Such cases are rare. The states can prosecute illegal gun runners and felons possessing weapons just fine. We seldom need the Feds. And when we do, 99.9% of “crime” guns have the markings. But you make a good, informative point.

    • Stan d. Upnow February 4, 2022, 6:57 pm

      I see a few problems with your statement. First, if there is no manufacturer of a specific type of firearm in the state in question, then logic dictates it MUST have entered that state via interstate commerce. Also, dealers necessarily purchase their firearms through a small group of regional distributors. So, unless you’re a dealer in the same state as the distributor, the guns are likewise shipped via interstate commerce. Second, any felon caught in possession of a firearm is automatically guilty. What’s this nonsense with having to prove he obtained the gun through interstate commerce? Third, is that unless you live in a jackass state with magazine restrictions, your claim of “enhanced penalties” does not apply.

      With so many erroneous claims, I sure wouldn’t want you as My attorney!

  • pete February 4, 2022, 11:05 am

    Good. If we’re honest with ourselves we know this is right thing to do. And Ghost guns are being found more and more at crime scenes and in the hands of perps. Don’t let anyone kid you about that. Ghost guns and their makers/distributors/sellers/owners are a disgrace.

    • Fee1776 February 4, 2022, 11:28 am

      Criminals will make guns because the technology is available for them to do it and there is a demand for it. You can thank computer technology for that. To outlaw it will be like outlawing knives. Everyone has the means to make on. Reason we have rise in crime is tribal politics of black America. Every group has criminal element. Asians, Hispanics and Whites have a criminal class. Difference is these communities do not support them nor use their vote to vote in government that are soft on crime. Inner city black communities vote for such governments and DA. Make it worst their well to do counterparts will not condemn them for doing it in order to maintain racial unity against systematic racism. Sorry for being harsh but I call it as I see it.

      • Jay Fisher February 4, 2022, 4:16 pm

        I agree wholeheartedly 100%.

    • Ron February 4, 2022, 11:45 am

      Remember that when the ATF requires Universal Background Checks, which requires Firearms Registration for ALL Firearms to be effective, which leads to Firearms Confiscation and Disarmament of Law Abiding Citizens.

      Then, you may reconsider.

    • Kenneth Moore February 4, 2022, 12:40 pm

      PETE i would bet you Squat to pee dont you !

    • John Boutwell February 4, 2022, 1:10 pm

      You are a fool, son!

    • jerry February 4, 2022, 3:25 pm

      I have only heard of one crime committed with a homemade firearm. The rest is a bunch of hype. You watch CNN, right? But, as you say, making such guns to sell to criminals would be a serious, disgusting crime.

    • Stan d. Upnow February 4, 2022, 7:03 pm

      Do you work for CNN? Because you’re making a whole buncha claims without offering any evidence, like them.

      “Ghost guns and their makers/distributors/sellers/owners are a disgrace.”

      Drop the “ghost” from your statement and you have the Exact statement the anti-gunners say.
      Birds of a feather, Pete?

  • Lamplighter February 4, 2022, 10:59 am

    How did President Trump help and not hurt the Second Amendment?’
    Promoting the ban on bumpstocks? Signing a massive tax break for the wealthy? When the Republicans had a majority in the House and Senate, plus control of the White House, why didn’t they do something meaningful like reopening the machine gun registry,or repealing the GCA & NFA? Actions that would be useful to non-wealthy Patriots defending the constitution against a tyrannical government.

    • Rusty February 4, 2022, 11:33 am

      Heck, we were promised National Repricrocity & Suppressors removed from NFA. Bills WERE introduced, but never seen the floor….

      Instead we had the executive actions (BumperBan) that set the precedent for all that will follow.

    • jerry February 4, 2022, 3:33 pm

      You can’t be serious. Trump helped us by keeping the likes of Hillary out of the Whitehouse. He appointed three conservative Justices and dozens of conservative judges. I realize, though, that I am just talking to a democrat who, as usual, is just looking for excuses to vote the wrong way.

  • EasyEddie February 4, 2022, 10:52 am

    No doubt there will be a ‘carve-out’ once the new regulations are complete. 80% lowers and other ‘kit parts’ coming from China will be OK. That way the ‘Big guy’ can get his 10%. Exactly how many ‘ghost guns’ are used in the commission of a crime each year?

  • Clint W. February 4, 2022, 10:40 am

    Any 2A supporter that is up on his facts know Biden and his communists spout off plans that will not stop one crime. To apply their vacuous gun control logic to crimes, then all knives should be serialized, bottles of booze, the weapon of DUI and vehicular homicides, hammers and screwdrivers, forget any tracking of drugs since they have been fighting that battle for decades with zero results. This is all just smoke they blow all the time, which sadly,m the masses buy hook line and sinker. The stupidity of the left, along with the communist party, formerly the Democrat party, combine to drive this country into a freedomless s**thole like most of the rest of the world, now with, Australia and Britain, supposed ‘free world’ countries, as flag bearers of this path.

    • Rusty February 4, 2022, 11:37 am

      I would support serial numbers on tools, IF finding someone in wrongful possession of your stuff (ie theft) begot mandatory jail time. Or, since they in possession of “deadly” weapons, lethal force could be used.

      Would probably stop SOME theft!!!

  • John Boutwell February 4, 2022, 10:37 am

    Nearly all gun crime is committed by minorities and stolen guns!

  • John February 4, 2022, 10:25 am

    I have been in favor of a lifetime limit for all government employees for the last 50 years.
    Elected ones get too corrupt, working class get to lazy and their parasitic unions manipulate voting.
    I have many guns I bought before federal registration and others have even more that came from the 2nd WW. These must be ghosts by default.

  • Abby Normal February 4, 2022, 10:24 am

    The one thing that I have to question is that if the, so called, “ghost gun” is not serial numbered, home-made under the cover of a home or shop, is un-registered, then how the hell does the government even know about it? I have the skills but no tooling or desire to build one. But if I did and wanted to there isn’t any way for them to know unless I was also stupid enough to report it. Something isn’t right here.

    • Stan d. Upnow February 4, 2022, 7:12 pm

      They go to the producer of the 80% lowers and confiscate their customer log. then get a search warrant. Easy.

      • John February 6, 2022, 10:07 am

        Not all the guns are made by purchasing ready made lowers. I suppose the search out who sells grinding wheels too.

  • Rouge1 February 4, 2022, 10:07 am

    I would like to know if ol pedo Joe is going to arrest and prosecute his daughter in law and crackhead pedophile son Hunter for their gun crimes? Looks like the good ol American Just-Us system will prevail once again. The demonkkkRATS sure took down this country and turned it into a shithole fast.

    • Stan d. Upnow February 4, 2022, 7:15 pm

      Stolen elections have consequences.

  • Walter February 4, 2022, 10:01 am

    I have been a criminal defense attorney for 45 years. I’ve handled literally thousands of cases. I practice in a state where handguns are registered (Michigan). And I have never seen a “ghost gun” used in a crime. Just plain old stolen pistols, usually with the serial number intact.

  • Budd February 4, 2022, 9:55 am

    Biden is a brain-damaged potato. If he and the socialist “progressive party” democrats, weren’t so eager to
    eliminate U.S. citizens firearms, in an effort to push forward communism, I doubt that we would have this going on at the scale it is today. I made my own first “gun”, when I was just 13, in my dads garage out of some pipe and a spring. A single shot .38spl. Growing up in Detroit, I was tired of getting dry shaved with switchblades by street gang members. It only took one use to end the abuse. That was 60 years ago. It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention.

  • TG Russell February 4, 2022, 9:11 am

    Just another typical DumbAsCrap stunt, “fixing” what ain’t broke, and creating another diversion from what is really going on behind the scenes.

    Truthfully, percentage -wise how big a problem are “ghost guns”, President Tater Tot?? My guess is ZERO PERCENT. Criminals are way too lazy to build their own guns when they can steal them so easily.

  • K. R. V. February 4, 2022, 9:03 am

    Ok so now the old mindless joe in the witehouse, believes in ghosts? What’s next? A line in the sand along the southern border?

  • PacosMojo February 4, 2022, 8:23 am

    FJB with a rusty nail sideways.

  • Roberto February 4, 2022, 8:04 am

    You got that right ▶️, Biden is the biggest criminal against the United States that we have ever seen or ever will see,he should be strapped up like a pinata and blowtorched by the families who’s relatives he killed

  • Phil Airfoil February 4, 2022, 7:54 am

    something, something…ya know the thing…out of my cold dead hands.

  • Kimberly February 4, 2022, 7:42 am

    Guys, this is gonna be hilarious, so you known they are made, but the registration of said guns, unless people want to let you know they got them, you have no idea where and who has them. Are you planning on violating more of our rights while you look for guns that may or may not exist. Since Obama the democratic party areb what in my opinion the entitled dumbasses God wasted flesh on creating. Biden your a joke, your honestly think you gonna come to a home and steal property of the home owners and take something the constitution says we have a right to bear arms against dumbasses such as yourself. I know dementia, you have sundowner, later it gets in the day the sicker your mind gets. And you are a stupid dumb ass that should not be allowed to feed yourself let alone run a Super Power. Your killing more people than guns have any given time in history minus wars. You murdered 13 young military personell with their whole life anhead of them, kind of wish you were where there rotting away and them here. Your a puppet o just wanna know who has their hand up your ass controlling you? What you stand for is treason and you commit it every day, you are not an American, your joke and I would laugh if it werent for the fact you personally are responsible for the death of a lot a people, you should be tried for treason and placed back in Hanoi, hopefully ending what should have ended long ago.Too bad you made it back alive, you would have done a greater service to the American people by not coming back. Do me a favor the very least you can do is carry a a plant around to replace the oxygen you use.
    You will go down in history as the most inept piece of of crap God ever put on this earth, that and the most treasonous man in American and by far the most deranged, you are not a president you are a puppet.

    • Roberto February 4, 2022, 8:03 am

      You got that right ▶️, Biden is the biggest criminal against the United States that we have ever seen or ever will see, you should be strapped up like a pinata and blowtorches by the families who’s relatives he killed

    • Root Cause Analyzer February 4, 2022, 9:45 am

      I wonder if the CAUSE of 10,000 murders per year is a piece of iron that just sits there and rusts, or a putrid POS human that fills it with ammo, carries it to the site of crime, AND then operates it as needed to commit the crime? I’m trying to find the Root Cause of all these murders and attempted murders, cuz I think our Gubment needs some help with that.

      Translation: Jesus H God Damned Muther Pucking Kariste, what in the F is wrong with these schit for brains?

  • John Michael Steele February 4, 2022, 7:29 am

    What an imbecile!

  • Pete February 4, 2022, 7:25 am

    Biden has zero brains or understanding of the problem. Show me the data! How many criminals use “ghost guns”? Is there any link at all between “ghost guns” and crime? Doubt it. How about a direct attack on violence? Anyone that shoots a cop gets slapped with a federal crime and mandatory prison time. Anyone that discharges a firearm when committing a felony gets mandatory prison time. Use of a firearm when committing a felony, mandatory prison time.

  • Danger February 4, 2022, 6:55 am

    I’m confused, when has “ghost” guns ever been used to commit crimes?? It’s just the stupidest thing yet again from the usurper and his administration. Not going after blm or antifa that are rioting, burning, looting, criminals and crime waves, it’s all about da “ghost” guns. Pretty soon the DOJ will be going after parents, labeling them as domestic terrorists for wanting to have a say in what their kids are being taught. Oh that’s right, already happening. What a disgrace joke waste of a human being, along with all those that support him.

  • Robert February 4, 2022, 6:53 am

    “Shall Not Be Infringed.”

    Every firearms “law” is an infringement.

    Arrest, indict, and try Biden and Garfinkel for their crimes!

    Charge 1: Perjury — lying under oath in an official proceeding while taking the Oath of Office.

    Charge 2: Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law —

    TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

  • graceythecat February 4, 2022, 6:22 am

    Sure the communist democrat, pedophile protecting, racist, cult party puppet wants everyone to believe that bs, when it is the criminals that have an underground shopping mall for guns that are the real problem!
    Everyone knows who the gangs are and where they are at , but this communist democrat puppet show is unwilling to act on that!

  • Leigh February 4, 2022, 6:16 am

    Will work as well as criminalizing drugs did. Will work for the law-abiding… but the real criminals will always find way .
    But there will be a law on the books to punish those that get caught. And one more the courts can throw to see if it sticks.

  • Dogman197 February 4, 2022, 6:10 am

    I’ve never seen a firearm commit a crime on its own—mass produced or homemade. Until we get a President that will stand up a demand full enforcement of the laws instead of regurgitation of rhetoric, nothing will change.
    What’s the difference between a homemade, un serialized firearm, and one with the factory numbers ground off?

  • Not Using Pronouns. Lol February 4, 2022, 5:54 am

    Fuck this President and his AFT who say fuck the laws and do what they want. Impeach Biden and abolish the ATF.

  • Blue Dog (he/him) February 3, 2022, 3:56 pm

    Enforcing the laws on the books. Persecuting criminals committing crimes with firearms – homemade, unserialised firearms. Certainly we all in the firearm enthusiast community can celebrate moves like this. At least we can if we are not deranged by a dislike for the President.

    • Rich K. February 4, 2022, 4:32 am

      And what about law-abiding citizens who simply – and RIGHTLY – believe that it’s none of Sniffy Joe’s, or the Bureau for the Absolute Termination of Freedom’s, business what guns they have or how many, BECAUSE of their nasty tendency to re-define and ban things at a whim? The ultimate goal of the leftists is to turn the USA into a nation of unarmed sheep, dependent on Big Brother for protection from the violent criminals they tacitly support (BLM, ANTIFA, etc) and gaining free rein to violate citizens’ rights if they refuse to toe the “party line”. Soviet Union mk. II, anyone?

    • Mike V February 4, 2022, 5:18 am

      Rewriting laws on the book you meant.

      You remain disgusting. You aren’t one of us.

    • Freedom February 4, 2022, 6:27 am

      Some people will celebrate as their freedoms are taken from them in favor of government control as long as they believe their political side is gaining some measure of control over their political opponents. These people are called morons.

    • Fal Phil February 4, 2022, 6:34 am

      Except this has nothing to do with laws on the books. This is a blatant overreach by a deranged president.

      I will bet neither you nor the fake president can tell me how many crimes in the last 10 years have been committed with homemade unserialized firearms.

      Go away, troll.

    • Solo February 4, 2022, 6:41 am

      Well said…..

    • Deus February 4, 2022, 6:46 am

      You mean like liberals were about President Trump?

    • Thoughtful February 4, 2022, 7:09 am

      Blue Dog, is an anti 2A troll……Always for more gun restrictions, you know “common sense gun restrictions”. I think your leftist BS would be more at home at the Daily Kos.

    • Let's go Brandon, FJB February 4, 2022, 7:12 am

      Guns are not the problem, criminals are the problem. A gun is a tool just like a hammer. Creepyjoe’s agenda against “ghost guns” will accomplish nothing but chip away 2A rights. The people that are deranged is the potato head that’s occupying the whitehouse and people like you. F- joe biden.

    • No February 4, 2022, 7:12 am

      Don’t make this about the president or politics. Disband the ATF. Shall not be infringed.

    • CountryLogic February 4, 2022, 7:17 am

      Hunter Biden lied on Form 4473 and illegally obtained and possessed a SERIALIZED firearm. What happened to him??? Did he get arrested? No. Did he get charged? No. Did he get prosecuted? No. Wonder why that happened??? Perhaps an intelligent person such as yourself can suss that out for us simple folk. The only thing you got right was the first sentence. The rest is horseshit.

      • Fal Phil February 4, 2022, 8:58 am

        The US is not a “nation of laws”. The ruling class has one set of rules, and we little people have another. This is the consequence of allowing individuals to spend their adult lives on the federal payroll.

        If only the framers had specified a limit of 8 years lifetime service for elected officials and civil servants…

        • Blue Dog (he/him) February 4, 2022, 9:51 am

          Term limits. Ew, sticky. The problem with term limits is that seniority is currency in Washington – and the various state capitals – and if you destroy that seniority, that currency and influence goes elsewhere, likely someone unelected like a bureaucrat or even lobbyists. Your ballot box is your term limit. Any other system is unknowably and unpredictably worse.

          • Stan d. Upnow February 4, 2022, 7:26 pm

            Oh, you mean the unlocked, unsupervised, ballot box down the street? THAT ballot box?
            Wake-up, fool!

          • John Rogers February 4, 2022, 10:02 pm

            There are term limits for the President. No reason not to have them for every other public office. Especially considering the member of congress have the capacity to cause far more damage than the President. Let the influence go elsewhere. That can be dealt with too.

    • Big Al 45 February 4, 2022, 10:11 am

      Again, your comprehension level calls into question your actual intellect.
      Straw purchases have NOT been enforced to any real degree, and they come up with this nonsense???
      And the actual ‘prosecution’ (NOT ‘persecution’) of crimes committed with a gun are then Plea bargained down, instead of using those prosecutions to make examples of the criminals.
      NONE of the Democrat Administrations in the last 30 years has been ‘bothered’ with the prosecution of the criminal element with regards to actual ‘Gun’ crimes.
      Meanwhile, the Democrats are far more interested in giving them back their voting rights.
      Now, as to your comment on the “deranged” disliking of this POTUS, where the hell were you and your comments when the last one was around???????
      Weren’t YOU one of that crowd????
      Now THAT was real derangement, hell this is just a dislike of a man who has been PROVEN by his own words as to his corruption.
      Or did you miss that too??????

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