Secure handgun storage with StopBox

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Secure handgun storage with StopBox

In the world of pistol cases, StopBox is a unique option for storing your handgun. It provides some protection against theft and slows unwanted access without hindering the owner if they need their gun quickly. 

The locking mechanism doesn’t use batteries, keys, or any type of electronics. This completely mechanical design improves reliability and simplifies access. I have been using an electronic pistol lock box with a three-button keypad for years but if I accidentally hit the wrong button, I have to wait a couple of seconds for the error to clear and start over again. StopBox’s mechanical system lets me instantly adjust and enter the correct code.

Secure handgun storage with StopBox

The size of the interior is perfect for a compact pistol like my Glock 19. Full-size pistols will also fit but you may be limited when it comes to adding accessories that increase the height or length of the gun.

Keeping the benefits of this product in mind, it is important to recognize its limitations. This device is not a safe. The mechanical lock offers only six combination options unless you pay $6 for the combination accessory pack. This would increase the number of possible combinations to 16. If theft is your concern, don’t expect this to deter much more than a quick smash-and-grab robbery. But, as I said, this is not intended to be used as a safe. Similar to how a level three holster would prevent someone from snatching the gun from your belt; the prime purpose of the StopBox is to DELAY access to those that haven’t practiced with the system. 

How to open the box.

  1. Press down on the lid with the palm of your hand.
  2. Press and hold the finger combination.
  3. Press the thumb button to unlock.
  4. Lift the lid.
Secure handgun storage with StopBox

These four steps can be completed quickly and reliably, but not without practice. I incorporated this box into my dryfire routine and practiced dozens of reps before I felt confident that I would be able to access my pistol quickly under stress. 

The combination was fairly easy to change. It took me about ten minutes and required partial disassembly of the locking mechanism. Step-by-step instructions are included.

A locking cable does not come with the box, but they do offer one for an additional $14. I always try to keep a cable wrapped around something and attached to the box to keep someone from walking off with it. 

Secure handgun storage with StopBox

Falling between traditional safes and unguarded access, I think this product has filled an important niche in the market. The $130 price tag seems a little high, but they often run a two-for-one sale so keep an eye out for that. Click HERE for more details or to purchase your own. 

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  • BassCliff December 23, 2022, 4:56 pm

    This box works as advertised. It’s not a gun safe. It is a “retention device” that keeps little hands away from your firearm yet leaves it accessible. I took advantage of their BOGO deal so the expense was not unreasonable. Yes, you can take a hammer or crowbar to it and get it open fairly easily. It’s enough to keep my 8 year old granddaughter away from my firearm. It’s a plain black box. If you toss a magazine on top of it no one will notice it. Keep it on your night stand or end table, hiding in plain sight, just for emergencies. I agree, it fits a niche.

  • Kenneth September 12, 2022, 9:12 am

    Why no mention of the plastic construction? That’s a deal breaker for me, and I’d bet that I’m not the only one. Especially at that price.

    • Mark N September 13, 2022, 1:51 am

      I was looking at that and thinking, one, why so much for an injected molded box? and what is the lock mechanism made of that doesn’t subject this to easy access by prying?

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