Seekins HIT Precision Mount [VIDEO]

Seekins HIT Precision Scope Mount
Seekins HIT Precision scope mount with Burris XTR III

The Seekins HIT Precision Mount is a high-quality scope mount designed to provide a rock-solid mounting solution for your optics. It features the innovative S-LOCK® wedge, which eliminates any rail movement by taking up the spacing between Picatinny rail slots. This ensures a worry-free and slip-proof mounting system, allowing you to focus on your shooting experience.

Precision Scope Mount with S-Lock
S-Lock shown. Watch the video for explanation.

It also allows for excellent return to zero if you follow the mounting procedures.

The mount is made from aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum, making it lightweight yet durable. It is available in various sizes (30, 34, 35, and 36mm) and heights (0 MOA – 1.18, 1.45; 20 MOA Cantilever 1.7 EX). The Seekins HIT Precision Mount is designed to keep you on the leading edge of performance.

Additionally, the mount will handle over 15 accessories that Seekins will also be making including diving boards, red dot mounts, 45-degree angle mounts, bubble levels, and much more.


For those seeking a reliable and precise scope mount, the Seekins HIT Precision Mount is an excellent choice. Its robust construction and secure mounting system ensure that your optic stays in place, even under heavy recoil or harsh conditions. The mount’s compatibility with different sizes and heights allows you to find the perfect fit for your specific setup. With its lightweight design, it won’t add unnecessary weight to your firearm. The Seekins HIT Precision Mount is a testament to Seekins Precision’s commitment to providing top-quality accessories for shooters.

Seekins HIT Precision Mount [VIDEO]
HIT Precision Scope Mount with Diving board and bubble level shown.

In summary, the Seekins HIT Precision Mount is a high-performance scope mount that offers exceptional stability and durability. Its S-LOCK® wedge technology eliminates rail movement, providing a rock-solid mounting solution for your optics. With its lightweight design and compatibility with various sizes and heights, it caters to the needs of different shooters. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a precision rifle enthusiast, the Seekins HIT Precision Mount is a reliable choice that will enhance your shooting experience.

The mount sold out quickly but Seekins is allowing backorders that will be filled shortly.

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