SIG MCX Virtus Long-Term Endurance Test Part 2

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SIG MCX Virtus Long-Term Endurance Test Part 2

Sig MCX Virtus after 1000 rounds suppressed with no cleaning and no lubrication.

Months ago, we started the SIG MCX Virtus test, to see how it would hold up under 2000 rounds suppressed. The test consisted of no cleaning or lubrication. This has also been in a variety of weather conditions if you remember me cooling the suppressor off in the snow back in December. It turns out, shooting this much suppressed takes a while, mostly because the gun gets so hot so fast.

But this week, we did pass the 1000 round mark. Right now, the SIG is bleeding carbon out of the upper and lower joint but hasn’t slowed down a bit. I really wanted to know two things going into this week, and both surprised me a little bit.

First, I wanted to know if I had carbon locked the suppressor yet. Anyone who has trained with a can knows, you need to pull it off every 500 rounds or so, lest it become stuck. Very stuck. I waited until the full 1000, and the SIG surprised me. The taper lock system is apparently very tight. I partially melted a glove trying to twist the can off when it was hot, to no avail. But the second I hit it with very light pressure from a wrench ( cold), it broke free easily. I didn’t have the camera running because I was actually not expecting it to work. So the taper lock is awesome and shows fewer problems with carbon locking.

The second thing I wanted to know was how accuracy had been affected. In the military, we learned quickly that a carbon filled can will degrade accuracy. 1000 rounds should be enough to start causing that effect. Once again, the Virtus surprised me. It easily still shot ½ MOA groups, the best I had managed before we started the endurance test. Point SIG.

SIG MCX Virtus Long-Term Endurance Test Part 2

Even with over 1000 rounds and no cleaning the MCX still shot 1/2 MOA.

Aside from making my hands filthy every time I take it out, the SIG Virtus shows no signs of being affected by the test. I think we will easily make it to the 2000 round mark without issue. And I can’t wait to see what the inside of this gun looks like on that day.

SIG MCX Virtus Long-Term Endurance Test Part 2

Suppressed Sig MCX Virtus being shot prone for accuracy verification

Learn more about the Sig Sauer MCX Virtus by clicking here.

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  • SeaWolf March 23, 2020, 9:53 pm

    Hey Clay how about a test of Sig’s suppressor that can be used on both 5.56mm AND .300BLK. Supposedly a little louder with 5.56mm due the “bigger hole”, but one suppressor for both barrels.

    Love you videos.


  • BillyBob March 19, 2018, 8:49 pm

    let me use my surefire mags & beta mags and lets see how long it last !

  • Michael M March 18, 2018, 9:00 pm

    Why stop at 2000? Why not just keep shooting until the accuracy falls off? That’s the REAL endurance test.

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