SK Customs Rolls Out ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ 1911 Model with Springfield Armory

Two ornate 1911 pistols.
(Photo: Springfield Armory)

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SK Customs, known for their series-driven, limited-edition custom firearms, just unveiled their latest creation—the “Leonardo da Vinci” model. This special edition 1911, designed in partnership with Springfield Armory and chambered in .45 ACP, marks the second chapter in their Early Italian Renaissance series.

This series celebrates the art and innovation of the Early Italian Renaissance, bringing iconic artworks to life through uniquely crafted handguns. Limited to just 250 pieces per model, the collection showcases da Vinci’s legendary pieces like the “Mona Lisa,” “Vitruvian Man,” and “The Last Supper.”

Simon Khiabani, the founder of SK Customs, highlighted the dual inspiration behind the handgun.

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“The features of the handgun pay tribute to his greatest artistic works. And as an engineer who designed war machines, the gun itself is a tribute to da Vinci’s contributions and long-lasting effects on modern society,” said Khiabani.

The “Leonardo da Vinci” model features a custom violet hue developed through proprietary color conversion engineering. It’s complemented by genuine Italian Olivewood grip panels, adorned with the Fleur de Lis and hand-painted to match the violet slide accents.

Attention to detail continues with a semi-polished finish on the frame and slide flats, and a high polish on the barrel. Select artwork and parts of the gun are highlighted with 24-karat gold plating, adding a touch of luxury to this functional piece of art. The model is priced starting at $2,405.

Gold Series

Additionally, SK Customs is offering the “Gold Series,” a super-limited run within the Renaissance collection. This premium set includes only 25 series of 1911 pistols, each with matching consecutive numbers and accompanied by a 24-karat gold etched blade made by renowned knife maker Coltellerie Maserin. These exclusive sets, starting at $13,870, also offer an optional custom display case for collectors.

The “Gold Series” has already begun shipping, offering collectors a rare opportunity to own a piece of firearm artistry intertwined with the rich narratives of the Renaissance.

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  • Dave April 19, 2024, 10:25 am

    I’ll build a nicer 1911 myself sans the smattering of gaudy artwork and gold plated accoutrements for an S-ton cheaper.

  • Kane April 12, 2024, 11:12 am

    “starting at $13,870”

    Great counter inflation investment if the fake POTUS (genuine POS) cheats his disgusting arse back into office.

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