Springfield’s TRP 1911 for the Masses — SHOT Show 2024

Levi Sim SHOT Show 2024

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Historically, Springfield made custom guns for the FBI, which inspired these “tactical response pistols.” So, Springfield’s TRP 1911s are not new.

However, it is new that they are now available at a price average folks could swallow with the features typically found in a custom gun.

Photo of the entire gun, the gun is pointing right. It's is coyote brown.
The TRP is now a semi-custom production model.

Surprisingly, they come standard in 5″ and 4.25″ models, with and without Picatinny rails in the dust cover. Plus, there’s a carry version with a lightweight aluminum frame and bobbed magazine well.

Each slide and all the components are hand-fit and matched individually. So, you’ll see matching numbers hand-engraved on all the parts.

View of the entire gun in coyote brown. the slide is open and the gun is pointing right.
Each gun is hand-matched with its slide and barrel.

Springfield’s TRP 1911 is chambered in .45 ACP, as JMB intended. And they include three 8-round magazines.

Close up view of the feed ramp inside the gun with the slide open.
TRPs are all chambered for .45 ACP.

Other custom features include Springfield’s Gen 2 Speed trigger, which has an internal adjustment for overtravel and lightening cuts. Moreover, The hammer is skeletonized and there are fat safety levers on both sides of the slide.

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Close up view of the right side of the gun showing the safety lever and hammer. The gun is pointed right.
Ambidextrous safety levers are standard.
Close up view of the trigger. The coyote brown gun is pointed right. The trigger has four triangular cutouts.
This Gen 2 Speed trigger has lightening cuts and internal adjustment for over travel.

Incredibly, they all have 20 lines per inch texturing on the front and back straps complementing the grips. These VZ Hydra G10 grips included deep wavy channels that function even better than they look. They include a wide channel to ease mag release access.

The front and back straps are pyramidally textured at 20 lines per inch.
These VZ G10 grips are highly textured.
Top serrations for reduced glare.

Springfield’s new production line of TRPs is available now in black, black with green, and coyote tan. MSRP starts at $1,899. There are several dealers on GunsAmerica.

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  • Tim February 9, 2024, 6:21 pm

    I have a Springfield Armory loaded model 1911. It’s the most accurate 45 acp chambered pistol I have ever owned. Its accuracy is far better than the colts and Rugers I shot and even better than my old German made Sig Sauer P220. I can keep every round in a FBI Q target out to 100 yds and it will do head shots at 50 yds. I am retired now but use it for LEOSA qualifications every year and carry it daily. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Springfield 1911and I can see a comander size in my near future.

  • Tyler February 8, 2024, 10:19 am

    Hand fit, yes.
    But the parts are the same MIM junk that’s in the rest of their 1911’s.
    I looked at these when I was shopping for a rail gun. I found a good deal on a DW specialist and bought it instead.
    The TRP would be a legitimate player in the sub $1500 range, and I’m talking out the door.

    $1899, gtfo. Grab a DW and never look back. Not a single piece of it is MIM’d.

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