Stag Arms: ‘The Bolt Gun’ — SHOT Show 2023

Mitchell Graf SHOT Show 2023
Stag Arms: 'The Bolt Gun' -- SHOT Show 2023
Stag Arms “The Bolt Gun”

Primarily known for their semi-auto ARs, Stag Arms came into SHOT Show 2023 swinging by unveiling their first-ever bolt action rifle.

This bolt gun is so new that don’t even have a name for it yet. For now, they are just calling it “The Bolt Gun.”

However, it is more than just any ole bolt gun. This new rifle from Stag Arms is based on the Remington 700 action and features AICS magazine compatibility, interchangeable stocks, interchangeable bolt knobs, 60-degree bolt throw, ARCA rail, M-LOK bottom metal, Picatinny extended rail, and a deep fluted and threaded barrel.

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While the rifle shown out on the floor was still just a prototype, the Stag Arms rep was telling me they would be changing a few things such as extending the fluted cuts on the barrel more to the rear. This will help shave off more weight, allow the barrel to cool quicker due to increased surface area, and add +10 style points because we all know fluted barrels look cool!

This bolt gun, which falls into the Stag Arms Pursuit lineup of rifles, is AICS magazine compatible. These magazines are quite popular and easy to find so this is a much better choice than running some sort of proprietary magazines. The bolt is also interchangeable with Ruger bolt knobs.

Stag Arms: 'The Bolt Gun' -- SHOT Show 2023
AICS compatible.

One of the neatest features of “The Bolt Gun” is the rail Stag Arms incorporated into the bottom of the rifle.

It is an M-LOK section but comes with an ARCA mount, as well as an extended Picatinny section that they are calling the “toothbrush.” This allows for compatibility with all forms of tripods, bipods, and accessories consumers may be running.

Stag Arms: 'The Bolt Gun' -- SHOT Show 2023
Unique design to provide a lot of versatility.

The stock is also made by Stag Arms and utilizes a pivot pin to hold it to the frame of the rifle. This allows for future modularity as Stag Arms said they will be releasing a plethora of options to be mounted to this rifle when it hits the market.

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I also noticed they used steel inserts for the QD mounts on the rifle which is a great choice as QD slots milled into aluminum or magnesium frame have a tendency to wear out over time.

Stag Arms: 'The Bolt Gun' -- SHOT Show 2023
Pivot pin that is used to change out stocks on the Stag Arms “bolt gun.”

While “The Bolt Gun” debuted at SHOT Show is just a prototype, Stag Arms is anticipating these to be available sometime around Q3 of 2023.

This rifle will be chambered in .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor, and come in with an MSRP of somewhere around $2,000 with a street price somewhere around the $1600 range.

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