While Some Students Are Walking Out for Gun Control, Many Are Silently Joining Pro-2A Organizations

While Some Students Are Walking Out for Gun Control, Many Are Silently Joining Pro-2A Organizations

Walkout Wednesday only represents one side of the debate. Not every student supports dismantling the Second Amendment. (Photo: CBS News)

While students across the country are staging walkouts at their schools Wednesday, some to protest for tougher gun laws, others probably just to skip class for a bit, many young adults are silently joining gun-rights organizations.

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) said this week that it’s observed a groundswell of support from post-millennials following the mass killing in Parkland, Florida.

SAF recorded a 1,200 percent increase in the number of 18- to 20-year-olds joining and supporting the organization, according to SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb.

“We normally don’t get that many members or donors in that age group,” said Gottlieb, “since the gun rights movement typically trends toward older Americans. But the 18- to 20-year-olds have never been specifically targeted before, and they are obviously alarmed. This influx of young Americans into the gun rights movement is important, not just to respond to the current gun control threat, but as the movement has gotten older, it is encouraging to see so many young adults getting involved in support of Second Amendment rights.”

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Lawmakers at both the federal and state level have been pushing legislation to ban the sale of all firearms to that age group. Florida — the GunShine State — just enacted such a law. One can argue that if it can happen there it can happen anywhere.

The assault on this demo isn’t just coming from politicians, though. Major retailers like Dick’s and Walmart have also opted to stop selling long guns to adults under the age of 21. This discriminatory targeting has precipitated at least one lawsuit.

“It’s important to note,” Gottlieb explained, “that this interest surge has been organic on the Internet. SAF did nothing special to make it happen. They have really done this on their own, finding us on the Internet and following up.”

Students staging these walkouts, on the other hand, have received a boatload of support from the media, corporationscelebrities, and gun-control organizations.  The goal is to make it appear as if every student supports gun control.

“I want young adults in the 18-to-20 age group to know they are welcome in the gun rights movement,” he stressed. “While the media has paraded high school students to push a gun control agenda, the age group that is now being targeted by that effort is energizing, and showing that there is another side to this controversy.”

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  • David D March 23, 2018, 9:17 am

    Time to rid ourselves of the dangerous words, “Land of the free”…
    All around us we find Americans lining up in front of cameras, ‘dieing’ in public spectacles and protesting for thier safety while demanding an end to any of at least half a dozen Constitutionally guaranteed rights. I’m thinking of demands to limit free speech, peaceable assembly, due process, religious expression. I’m thinking of those who rally to limit or even eradicate freedom of association, privacy or unreasonable search and seizure.
    So why focus on the 2nd?
    Simple: it is the guard dog that tangibly protects all the others when those either in or out of government seek to squelch them.

  • Chad March 16, 2018, 6:43 pm

    Don’t shop at any of those mentioned outdoor stores and will spend little if any $$$$ at Walmart anymore

  • Pat J March 16, 2018, 5:22 pm

    I came from a wobbly home. Had to wait till 18 to buy a shotgun and pheasant hunt. Late start but an outdoor life followed my own self-directed sporting life. Not all eighteen-year-olds are demented losers, but some are waiting to begin their outdoor lives. This is beating up on the convenient. The childrens’ hysteria is embarrassing but understandable.
    No words about training or weapon familiarity, just prohibition. Embarrassing.

  • Sepp W March 16, 2018, 3:54 pm

    Someone coaches these young people to protest. Protest something they don’t understand. This is what liberals and the anti-gunners do whenever there is a tragedy involving a firearm. They don’t care how many people are killed. All they care about is the abolition of the 2nd Amendment (and the Constitution). Far easier to place blame on an inanimate object then the person pulling the trigger. In a dystopia there are no criminals, only crime.
    Orwell said, “no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means, it is an end. The object of power is power.”

  • BR549 March 16, 2018, 10:28 am

    Some students up here n Maine, along with their emasculated middle-age sympathizers, had decided to do their little protest thing on Wednesday, but I guess the Almighty decided it more appropriate to rain (er, snow) on their parade; about 24″ of wet snow.

    These protesting “kids” are prisoners of their own feelings; vulnerable and especially angry, and rather than look at why THEY are falling victim to their emotions, they assume that everyone else is just as emotionally unstable as they are. No doubt the ones who protest the most are the least informed and. were they to ever come in contact with a pistol, they’d be afraid of either shooting themselves in the foot or that the gun might be one of those angry looking assault type weapons that would decide on their own to start shooting people.

    Dumber than a bag of hammers, yet these kids claim to know EVERYTHING; they give a whole new level of meaning to the term “sophomoric”; the fool who sees himself a wise man.

    • Pat J March 17, 2018, 12:02 pm

      You know, speaking of the emasculated middle-aged. Why do so many of these publicly-speaking young males sound like effeminate homosexuals? Is it just trendy to sound that way? They can’t all be effeminate homosexuals, but wannabes?
      Personally, I am suspicious of ground turkey and Sesame Street. If I had a boy, he’d only be fed elk and salmon.
      The new “men” will give up the Second Amendment, and it’s not really theirs’ to give up.
      By the way that first shotgun I referred to above was a Fox Model B, 12ga. Still own, still hunt pheasant with it.
      I knew the world was changing when I noticed I couldn’t throw hay bales like the men before me. Men changed.

  • bbbs53 March 16, 2018, 3:12 am

    Went to the Friends of the NRA banquet last Saturday night. A few high school snowflakes had a “die in” on the lawn outside. They are organized by the anti gunners and fed bullshit by the media. The next round of elections this November are critical to the preservation of our rights as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, time to put your money where your mouths are.

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