Taylor’s & Company Adds Nickel Revolver to Gunfighter Lineup

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Taylor’s & Company Adds Nickel Revolver to Gunfighter Lineup
The popular Gunfighter is getting a bright nickel finish. (Photo: Taylor’s)

Taylor’s & Company is expanding their Gunfighter series with the new Gunfighter Nickel Revolver. The Gunfighter, like other guns by Taylor’s, draws on historical designs, while being constructed using fully modern manufacturing chambered for modern and traditional cartridges.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring this classic firearm to the modern gun enthusiast,” said Taylor’s & Company Vice President Rob Girard. “The Gunfighter Nickel is a cool addition to our very popular Gunfighter Series. The nickel-plated revolver has a flashy look with its charcoal blue screws and hand polished action not to mention it’s available with the unique Taylor Tuned action.”

The Gunfighter is a bit of an anachronism, mating a New Model Cattleman frame with the larger grip of an 1860 Army revolver, which is preferred by some shooters. It’s offered in a number of different configurations in both .357 Magnum and .45 Colt. The Army grip is longer and slightly wider than the smaller Navy grip that is usually found on 1873 single action models. It’s offered in a number of different configurations in both .357 Magnum and .45 Colt.

Being based on the New Model Cattleman the Gunfighter is chambered for six rounds of .357 Mag or .45 Colt, loaded through the side gate and ejected with a standard ejector rod. It’s a single-action revolver with a spur hammer and simple, traditional sights.

The Gunfighter Nickel Revolver will be offered in eight versions, with a choice of 4.75- or 5.5-inch barrels for both cartridge versions. Additionally, Taylor’s & Company will also produce batches of Taylor Tuned revolvers with hand-polished actions.

Taylor’s & Company Adds Nickel Revolver to Gunfighter Lineup
This follows the announcement of the new TC86 enhanced carbine. (Photo: Taylor’s)

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The full-size 5.5-inch versions measure in at just over 11 inches long with an unloaded weight of 40 ounces. The shorter version comes in at a couple ounces less.

Taylor Tuned models will also be available on special order as long as they have Gunfighters in inventory. The list price for the base model revolvers is $704, with Taylor Tuned guns at $850.

The Gunfighter Nickel Revolver is the fifth addition to the Gunfighter series, with the original Gunfighter still offered with a color case-hardened frame and blued barrel and cylinder. Other models include the Gunfighter Defender, with a lowered hammer, the Short Stroke Gunfighter made for cowboy games and the Gunfighter Checkered, with a fancy set of stocks.

For more information about the Gunfighter series and more, visit Taylor’s & Company online.

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