Why Ted Nugent doesn’t have to leave the NRA for inflammatory remarks

Last Tuesday, Rapid City Journal columnist Frank Carroll slammed the National Rifle Association for failing to condemn rock star Ted Nugent for his inflammatory rhetoric.

“It is unacceptable that NRA leadership, including our leaders in South Dakota, have not repudiated racist remarks by Ted Nugent, a former rock star and now a member of the NRA governing board. Nugent can say whatever he wants, whenever he wants, but not as a representative of my organization,” wrote Carroll.

“It’s not OK to call the president of the United States a ‘subhuman mongrel.’ It’s not OK to compound that outrageous remark by characterizing tribal officials who are canceling his concerts as ‘unclean vermin,'” he added.

Carroll goes on to say that the nation’s gun lobby should completely disown Uncle Ted, exclaiming, “Nugent has to go.”

Carroll makes some fair points. Perhaps Nugent should have opted to use euphemistic phrases to channel his disdain for president Obama, e.g. a “shortsighted maltreater of American values,” and those who pulled the pin on his rock shows, “unkind vaccinators of rock n roll.”

Perhaps he should be more refined and sophisticated when remarking on American politics. Perhaps, overall, he should be more civil (in the wake of the “subhuman mongrel” comment, he did apologize, sort of).

Then again, perhaps he shouldn’t change one damn bit because he is, after all, a rock star (or former rock star, depending on one’s perspective)!!!

Ted Nugent, rocker, hell raiser, 2A supporter, and NRA board member.

Ted Nugent, rocker, hell raiser, 2A supporter, and NRA board member.

One would think people would be able to differentiate between the words of a statesman or the average prig on TV and the words of a dude who amassed his fame and fortune by shredding a six string in front of ravenous crowds of rock n rollers across America.

Yes, Ted Nugent is not politically correct nor will he ever be, nor for that matter, should one expect him to be despite the fact that he sits on the board of the NRA. Ted Nugent is Ted Nugent. He is sixty-some-odd years old and he’s not going to change his patented argot, which he refers to as his “Detroit street fighter rock ‘n’ roll stage rhetoric,” which one could argue brings levity to an often contentious and, at times, tedious subject.

Most NRA members understand that Nugent is an entertainer, and accordingly, view his comments differently than they view statements made by executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, chief lobbyist Chris Cox, and other leaders and board members of the nation’s gun lobby. Knowing the difference between the two is the sensible response to Uncle Ted being Uncle Ted.

Though, even if one is greatly offended by the words of the aging rocker, and one believes the Nuge has “got to go,” one needs to remember that the NRA is not one’s organization, as Carroll implied by saying, “my organization,” rather, the NRA belongs to 5 million individuals, with disparate political perspectives, different religious persuasions, contrasting sexual orientations, various tastes in music, etc., etc., etc. Frank Carroll may not like Ted Nugent, hell, even I may not like Ted Nugent (For the record, I find him funny at times, but I also question his claim that “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” is a great rock song), but one should be willing to recognize that a majority of NRA members embrace Nugent and believe he is fit to sit on the board, warts and all. One knows this because during the 2013 board elections, Nugent finished second in total votes, falling only behind top vote getter Oliver North.

At the end of the day, the members have spoken. And, like him or hate him, Ted Nugent doesn’t have to go anywhere.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Bob Lewis February 11, 2016, 11:33 am

    Best keep a distance from Stormfront, but I wonder if Nugent is actually correct, or does it matter?

  • Uncle January 8, 2015, 7:59 pm

    Seems like people we don’t like can’t insult people we like. Other wise it’s ok.

  • Methadras January 5, 2015, 2:19 am

    So what was it again that Ted said was wrong?

  • Fastercat January 4, 2015, 12:04 am

    I thought it was because Obama IS a sub human mongrel

  • John January 3, 2015, 7:56 pm

    Shouting fire in a theater, or words to that effect to cause undue panic does not constitute freedom of speach (Oliver Wendell Holmes).
    I suppose we can substitute panic, in Ted’s case, for undue, derogatory racial statements.
    If you are hired in a professional capacity, you represent the organization that hired you. So tell me how does Nugents inflammatory diatribe help the NRA’s cause? Hell I don’t like Obama either but I express my opinion at the polling booth just like I express my option of the NRA by sending them a check every year.
    There is no excuse to keep a person on the pay roll who is probably hurting more than he is helping.

  • Kevin G January 3, 2015, 6:59 pm

    Uncle Ted is just being to kind when he calls Obama a ‘subhuman mongrel’, that was the politically correct term instead of using a communist nigger! Obama is the most worthless piece of shit for a human being, let alone the president of the United States and why he hasnt been impeached let alone not sent to prison is beyond belief!
    Our founding fathers have to be rolling in their graves at how bad Obama has totally screwed up this country!! Ted just speaks the truth and isnt afraid to do so and anyone that supposedly has anything bad to say about our worthless president is racist which is a big bunch of bullshit!

  • petru sova January 3, 2015, 5:56 pm

    Although I commend Ted for being staunchly pro-gun using racist comments only denigrates the NRA as well as all gun owners. All of us gun owners are not part of the minority of fanatical right wing racists as most right wingers are not and we hate being lumped into that category. Gun owners come from all aspects of society and it may surprise a lot of right wing fanatics but there are a lot of liberal gun owners. I am one of them. Except for my conservative views in regards to the second amendment I am liberal and proud of it. I cringe when I hear Ted make such ignorant remarks as it only gives non-gun owners more reason to think we are all of one fanatical racist mind. I think if Ted cannot control his temper and at least pretend to be civilized he does gun ownership more of a disservice and hurts our cause more than he helps us.

    No president can satisfy everyone on every problem in government and just maybe if Ted was a product of higher education he would realize that Obama saved a lot of children’s as well as adults lives when he took on the corrupt greedy drug and insurance companies and put a stop to “caps” on insurance that used to bankrupt people and “pre-existing” conditions that prevented thousands of people from getting affordable health insurance. Of course all this is way over Ted’s head as he is rich enough not to have to worry about how the average American was hurting under the older corrupt American health system.

  • mtman2 January 3, 2015, 5:36 pm

    Believe everything you hear???…………then Ronald Reagan was a doddering old fool that was clueless, right? NOT!!!
    Patriots just like in OUR revolution came in all flavors and do still.
    Vietnam was just another playact war sponsored by the U.N. and other socialist gameplayers like the Democrats that founded them and gave 1/2 this world to the communists as faux opponents by the Globalists that need to keep the world at odds while they controlled ALL monetary systems. Like here with Doomocrat potus Woodrow Wilson giving us the Federal Reserve +IRS then FDR/Truman w/ SS and a hundred plus agencies and 100’s of thousands of bureaucrats as did JFK+LBJ w/Dems gave us “the Great Society” + War on Poverty(raided SS to do it) spending more on those policies- then ALL U.S. wars put together, for now- 3% more poverty than then.
    Clinton+MAO’bama are icing on the cake of socialism, and all with the help of RINO’s and public nonsupport by not voting .

    SO any positive message is good as WE all got here by -NOT being involved- for a hundred yrs. Now we’re playing catchup with the liberal/progressive/socialist move on OUR nation. Infighting is right where the socialists like us best ~!

  • steve January 3, 2015, 5:18 pm

    A draft dodging chicken hawk sh*t stirrer. he can say what he wants and do what he wants….but I ain’t buyin what hes sellin…..period.

  • Mitch Rolland January 3, 2015, 4:21 pm

    Perhaps those of us that feel the same as Ted, but don’t have the audience, should support him to some greater extent. Like joining or re-newing membership to the NRA! A little less political correctness is a fantastic / refreshing thing.
    Keep up the good work Ted!

  • steve January 3, 2015, 4:06 pm

    Let’s not forget the biggest draft dodger of them all,William Jefferson Clinton who became president.
    If that can happen anything can. If Obama can brainwash the country to make him president,who’s to say Hillary will do the same. ( I will have my plane tickets for New Zealand ready).

  • George January 3, 2015, 4:02 pm

    I feel uncle Ted says what a lot of people feel but are to chicken shit to speak there mind. This is America aint it. I have been a big fan of his music and his stand on the second amendment . So all you little whiny tree hugging liberals with your head in the sand in the words of uncle Ted ( KISS MY ASS) Thanks uncle Ted for being there for us AMERICANS

  • Carl January 3, 2015, 1:56 pm

    Ted Nugent is still very muc a rock star,and his remarks regarding Obama are spot on.The left,the bulk of the media and others always look to discredit those on the right, especially Ted, who exhibits clear thinking and bullet proof critism of the clowns in charge of this country!

  • Coldcowboy January 3, 2015, 12:48 pm

    Frank Carroll: There is still such a thing as the First Amendment, until Dumbo tries his best to abolish it.

  • Ray Vieira January 3, 2015, 12:44 pm

    He’s just a prick, whose brains are fried with drugs and hate! If he continues to act like that I will cut my relation with the NRA, I do not want this wanker as my representative!
    About being a rock star…give me a break…the guy is a moron!

  • tahoejohn January 3, 2015, 11:17 am

    I would use the term “TRAITOR” actually.

    Semper Fi

  • Joe January 3, 2015, 11:14 am

    For all the morons who say ted nugent should be president, he would “straighten out this country”. Tell us please, what would he do to straighten out this country??? Give us a short list.

  • Joe January 3, 2015, 11:11 am

    It’s amazing to me how many followers there are in this country. So many think what they’re told to think. If you work for a living in this country and you align yourself with the republican party, you are an idiot who either can’t read or wont take the time to read American history. The republican party is the absolute enemy of the working class American. It sounds to me like most of the comments and insults here are from people who, more than anything else, want to fit in, to hell with the truth. What has president Obama done against gun owners?? He never even reinstated the semi auto / clip ban. He has taken the biggest step ever in starting the Affordable Health Care program, referred to as Obama care by it’s detractors. Look around folks, how’s your pay level?? What does health care cost your family?? Why have you accepted that eye care and dental care is somehow separate from healthcare?? How do you like the”global economy”?? How do you like your taxes level?? Take the time to read about the republican party and see how they must be laughing to see the workers in America sing their praises while they destroy the middle class. If this continues, you won’t have to worry about gun rights, you’ll be selling the guns for food. The NRA should never allow them selves to be aligned with either of the political parties, but especially not the republican party. I doubt Ted Nugent really cares one way or another, his thing is to promote
    controversy and himself.

    • John January 3, 2015, 1:31 pm

      I have not cared for some of Ted Nugent’s antics on stage, but he is about the only person with enough gonads to say what he thinks about the POS in the white house. Republican, democrat or other lying politicians do not have the guts.

  • Jesse James January 3, 2015, 10:59 am

    Perhaps Carroll should learn to tell the difference between the truth and a lie. I do not understand how a few words aimed at Obama could mix him (Carroll) so much, after all the comment/statement was the truth so how can you falsely label it as racist????????

  • Buh January 3, 2015, 10:23 am

    what name would you liberals like to call the worst president our country has ever had? we can’t call faggots, fags. We can’t call piece’s of shit law breaking mexicans and south americans, “illegal” even though they break our laws everyday. We can’t call nancy pelosi the stupid bitch that she is, without being “sexist”. and on and on and on. obama is a fucking asshole that is only smart enough to fool all you ignorant morons who voted for him. the rest of us see him as the biggest fucking idiot ever in the whitehouse. I would give you plenty of facts, but you are too damn stupid to understand and/or accept them. if you need an example, how about brown in ferguson or garner in ny. two lawbreaking thugs that either resisted or attacked the police and got what they deserved and our country is safer without these criminals. and you lib’s side with the criminals? and say the police need training? how about training all these ignorant fuckers that look just like obama and keep breaking the law, they would all still be alive if they weren’t ignorant liberal democrats. I hope more of you get shot and killed, the countres collective IQ goes up with every shooting. the next civil war will be short. all you gun hating libs will quickly realize that pissing yourself or throwing up is not a good defense against an attacker. but you just keep your bodily function self defense methods and I will keep my 1911 and my AR15!

  • Bill Moss January 3, 2015, 10:13 am

    Frank Carroll should go heads up with Ted in a debate. Then have a poll to see who won.

  • Brad January 3, 2015, 9:40 am

    First off I’m a Vietnam Vet but I am so tired of people bringing up the Vietnam war and those who didn’t attend!!!!! Under no circumstances do I condemn most who were against the war. Jane Fonda and her like don’t count, when she dies I hope she gets to wave to those 58,000+ dead Americans who will watch while she takes the escalator DOWN. Anyway Uncle Ted is who he is. I think he’s like a lot of people in the spotlight, either you love him or you hate him, there is no in between. Anyway I’m one who is glad he’s on the board, he’s a breath of fresh air.

  • mark January 3, 2015, 9:31 am

    Go Ted! Hahahaha! Love watching libtards squirm.

  • tom January 3, 2015, 7:06 am

    i hope ted nugent dies soon

    • Harry January 3, 2015, 8:55 am

      I hope you do . . . slowly and violently

  • Harry January 3, 2015, 5:05 am

    The problem with everybody in politics that cuts down Uncle Ted on what he say’s or preache’s , is there afraid of him cause theyknow he speak’s the truth . And the last i seen, Ted is still having concerts, making CD’s and touring,, so to me he is still a ROCK STAR. Not former Rock Star…. Ted should run for President, maybe he could straighten out this country and get it back in shape !!!!

  • Anomynous Visitor August 27, 2014, 1:21 pm

    I’ve enjoyed his music, I own guns, and I’m in the NRA, but the “Nuge” is a douche-bag and an embarrassment to the 2nd Amendment cause. Our 1st Amendment rights are endangered here in Barakobamastan, and shouldn’t be abused like he has. I don’t trust his discretion anymore.

  • Grips August 27, 2014, 9:04 am

    I understand totally where Ted is coming from. I was a long haired rocker who voted for McGovern and dodged the draft. However, I grew up. I view things totally different today, and if they took old geezers to fight Islamo-nazis, I’d go in a heart beat. And, Obama is sub-human vermin.(voting for infanticide sort of automatically qualifies you). Nothing racist about that at all. You can be any skin shade to get that moniker.

  • maddog August 26, 2014, 7:20 pm

    When I landed in DaNang in 67 I s–t my pants too.I guess Ted was a little more farsighted.

  • William Yarbrough August 26, 2014, 11:46 am

    I have never been a huge fan of “Uncle Ted’s” music. I didn’t care much for him when he became a media hunting guru. However I have the utmost respect for him as a 2nd Amendment spokesman and I believe that it is important that we have social commentators who refuse to compromise their principles and who tell it like it is to those who most need to hear it like it is. In other words, “Uncle Ted” rocks.

  • Rip August 26, 2014, 1:58 am

    When Ted speaks he’s clear amd understandable. More than I can say for politicans with there spin.

  • madmex August 26, 2014, 12:23 am

    Hell no he’s not going to go! And yes obama is a subhuman parasite! And mr. carroll you may not like him but uncle ted is there to stay. So suck it up buttercup!!!

  • Matt Haraway August 25, 2014, 10:44 pm

    I have never heard Uncle Ted say he was ashamed of the United States as I have heard come out of the whitehouse.He is totally for this country unlike many people running our government today and is a true american.Too bad the gutless people are so in tuned to be politically correct and cannot say what is really on their minds.That is where Ted and I are similar.Do not expect me to say what you want me to say just because that is how you would say it!Enough said.

  • Nicholas Cousins August 25, 2014, 8:40 pm

    Wouldn’t the term mulatto have fit better describing obama?

  • Nicholas Cousins August 25, 2014, 8:23 pm

    Ted, you eloquently made a point stating better men than you have asked you pretty much not to stoop to the crazy liberal mentality. Has crazy news network ever asked for one nut case that bad mouthed our real commander in chief G.W. Bush for an apology? Hell no. Ted you are a better American than any liberal dirt bag could ever be. You , unlike the likes of Alec Baldwin, snoop dog ,etc would Never have the balls to go on fox to explain their selves. You tell it like it is while able to truthfully back up all past and honest remarks. Thanks Ted for being a great patriot and American. I look up to you. You have balls!

  • Sami August 25, 2014, 6:24 pm

    I don’t see why ted left out the part where odumass is a pervert that hangs out at the bath houses molesting young boys!
    He is known as bath house barry.
    But then again I guess he was being conservative.
    The proof is in the pudding ech!!

  • Clarence Love Jr August 25, 2014, 4:58 pm

    Thanks Ted for giving them the truth about that idiot that calls himself a leader, he is a freaking mongral. No one wants to tell it like it really is, all would rather sugar coat it. F____k that Ted is correct. I’m a patriot and a life member of the great NRA, also an Army veteran. Proud American.

    • Russ August 26, 2014, 1:00 am

      You know what Clarence, Thanks for your service. Now I want to tell it like it is.
      Barry Soetoro, Is our F-ing Domestic Terrorist and Chief.
      Someday the USA will find out he was planted here by the Saudis to take us down.
      I never fell for the joke that got played on the U.S. and I’m still not laughing.
      But he sure is F-ing our country wild and the Kool-Aid drinkers let him.
      Don’t call him a Mongrel, that makes Mongrels look bad—Tell it like it is?- OK.
      He’s a fag prostitute drug mule who’s Marxist/Hippy parents dumped him. And so he lied his way through law school with the help of his transvestite wife, who bye the way is much more of a man than he is, and was paid for by to Saudis. After that he cheated the vote from Hillary in the primaries,(proven)and most likely cheated the vote to the Presidency.
      What a bunch of suckers there are all around us these days. How’s that for being P. C.?

  • Guy August 25, 2014, 12:55 pm

    I know why everyone is pissed at Ted for calling the president a mongrel. Being a mongrel would mean having a biracial heritage. The president himself has disavowed having a white parent. He had his white side killed off so no one could question them. He wants only to be known as the first BLACK president. His ego is huge. He is a great man, in his own mind, and he will do anything to make the demoncraps believe it. Long live king obama……

  • Mike Kay August 25, 2014, 12:26 pm

    Speaking as a rock & roll fan & as an NRA Benefactor Member & fellow guitar maniac who has seen Ted’s concerts, owns his albums & voted for him for the NRA Board, I sat kick ass Ted! You are the man. You have the audience & the guts to say what I myself would say if anybody who cared was listening. And by the way, “former rock star”? Like Hell!! I’ll still be listening to Ted long after I’ve got bored with a lot of the flash in the pan types out there now.

  • Steve August 25, 2014, 12:16 pm

    Guess it’s a good thing that the founders of this nation opted to protect the notion of free speech along w/ the right personal defense? Thank goodness we’re not likely to be drawn into a debate on the 3rd Amendment any time soon! ::)

    Ted Nugent is an altogether *human* public figure, which I appreciate very much compared to the unsavory self-satisfied smugness of many of his detractors.

    @Spoon: hey, you stole my line! 😉 I agree: joke’em! Every last one!

  • J Livingston August 25, 2014, 11:57 am

    Ted is the man! He IS the NRA:)

  • Spoon August 25, 2014, 9:47 am

    I guess the mamby-pamby crowd would rather he use regular street talk and or simply swear like and “old Sailor”. Joke ’em if the can’t take F _ _ K ! Where are these Saints that walk among us? Yep…just as I knew, when your feeling done “leftists” blame in on someone or something other than…yourself.

  • dennis l taylor August 25, 2014, 9:28 am

    Ted Nugent is never going to be politically correct and for that my hats off to him,he tells it like he see’s it and if that offends Mr. Carrol then to bad.Carrol has every right to not agree with Nugent but asking that he be made to step down is crossing the line,that’s something a libtard would say.

  • Solomon C Payne II August 25, 2014, 9:05 am

    Ted Nugent is a draft dodger, child molester and liar who only pretends to be patriotic. Rather than demonstrate his patriotism he chose to smear himself in human excrement to avoid being called for military duty. Does he have the right as a US citizen to express his opinion no matter how unpleasant, distasteful and inappropriate his rhetoric? Yes. Is he the essence of horse exhaust and a poor choice to be on the board of the NRA? Definitely!

    • Darren Bigham August 25, 2014, 1:01 pm

      What make you the expert on Ted??? Do you have proof of any of your vile accusations? I have access to Ted’s information and NONE of what you are accusing Uncle Ted of is in any way accurate! You need to take a breath and get back on your medication and stop listening to all “those” voices!! Take the tin foil hat off and go back to bed and stop watching all those lie’s. The fact that I have sent 5 minute to even reply to you I am miss IQ points by the second..

    • Chuck Troupe August 25, 2014, 6:18 pm

      Theodore Anthony Nugent first received a High School 1-S Deferment in February 1967, when he was 18 years old. After briefly being reclassified as available for service, Nugent got a 2-S college deferment when he enrolled in Oakland Community College in Michigan. In August 1969, Nugent took his draft physical and was rejected for service. He was classified as 1-Y, indicating that he was qualified for service only in time of a national emergency. Nugent’s 1-Y deferment remained in effect until 1972, when the classification was abolished. He was then reclassified as 4-F, which covered registrants not qualified for military service.
      So the lying, gun-phobic, liberal idiots are saying that three years after Nugent’s medical exam (when the government abolished the 1-Y classification) and THEY re-classified Nugent to a 4F it was Nugent’s doing? Can any of these knee-jerk, drooling idiots tell me how Nugent abolished the 1-Y classification and gave himself the 4F replacement?
      I’ll be waiting for your answer all you squat to pee liberal cupcakes! You have a lot to say on this topic so I’m sure you’ll be able to enlighten me as to how Nugent managed to influence the federal government to abolish the 1-Y classification.
      Am I really expecting any of you imbeciles out there to respond to any of this? Of course not – at least not with anything of substance. And why not refer to Obama as a mongrel? Or whatever else he feels like calling him? Most of Ted’s rhetoric about Obam … which is mostly the truth … is pretty tame compared to the way the dim-crats, the mainstream media and most libtards referred to George W. Bush. And by the way, I’m also a member of the NRA, and it too is MY organization, and I more than likely know a hell of a lot more NRA people than Frank Carrol and we like Ted and we approve of what he says.

      • Carl October 12, 2014, 5:16 pm

        I always like it when people bring information to the table. I do not know if what you have posted is factual or correct because I have not looked into it myself. The key word that you have presented is “Deferment”. When Ted had the opportunity to go play Rambo he did not. By the way SS, Rambo do not even go play Rambo. I am sure that a number of guys would have like to have defered their service and I and sure that there were those who quilified for deferments who went on and served anyway. Now that Uncle Ted is 60 plus years old, he likes telling everyone how much of a trigger man he is and how much he likes killing.

    • Russ August 25, 2014, 6:43 pm

      Your cracking me up with your lameness.
      Do you believe every smear you hear?
      I bet you saved hundreds of dollars on your car insurance with Geico.

      • Russ August 26, 2014, 12:20 am

        Bye the way, Darren and Chuck just ripped you a new hole to talk out of.

    • Ed August 26, 2014, 10:14 pm

      You kiss your mother with that mouth.piece of trash!

  • Jeffrey August 25, 2014, 8:46 am

    Why is Ted held to a higher, why are all gunowners/conservatives, held to a higher standard than the democrats? What Ted said is nothing compared to the vile, disgusting names we have been called by the drive by media/democrats. Personally, I am thankful that there is someone with the fortitude to speak their mind and not worry about what the drive by media/democrats are going to say. GO TED!

  • Tony Formicola August 25, 2014, 8:07 am

    I can only aspire to have the verbal acuity of Mr. Nugent. He is a master debater.

  • David Clark August 25, 2014, 7:13 am

    Where is the part where he says something wrong? I read the entire article and I didn’t see anything questionable.

  • Joe Burge August 25, 2014, 6:07 am

    Yay Ted! He is not nor will he ever be “politically correct”. Ted speaks his mind, no apologies. If people keep interviewing him and quoting him, he must be striking pretty close to the mark. If he ever starts talking like one of the Washington insiders, I will no longer make it a point to watch.

  • David August 25, 2014, 5:33 am

    Why should a known draft dodger have 2nd amendment rights?

    • alex gregis August 25, 2014, 8:09 am

      good old draft dodging,non payer of child support uncle ted!!!! although i think the man’s views on the 2nd amendment are great,i think he’s a poor excuse of a man to represent the nra.i read an article on how ( uncle ted) shit his pants and didn’t bath for a month in an effort to get an section 8 from the military,it said he had about 6-8 kids that he refused to pay child support for. i watched one of his shows years ago when he first got his show,it showed him with a chicken he just killed ,in front of a bunch of young kids mind you,beating this dead chicken over a log and a tree screaming like a lunatic about dead being dead or some nonsense like that,not exactly a good role model for young boys to be following,the man was acting like a jerkoff!!! i didn’t believe in the vietnam war either,but i don’t think he should be wrapping himself in the american flag,saying what a great patriot he is when thousands of men died in vietnam fighting while he stayed home with a full diaper!!!!!!

      • Peter August 25, 2014, 12:08 pm

        What a wonderful patriot you are. And, may I ask, what was your role in Vietnam? Do you have any idea how many people were trying to avoid the draft in those years of violent turmoil? Are you proud of every decision you have ever made throughout your entire life? Or , like the rest of us, there may be a couple of things you’d rather not discuss with anyone but your most trusted friend. Indecently, using the colorful language really does not help your argument. It only serves to degrade your intellect.

        • Carl October 12, 2014, 4:58 pm

          Why is it that you feel the need to defend Uncle Ted. We want everybody to have 2nd admendment rights until they say somethng that you don’t like. There were many guys that did not want to go go to Vietnam but, they went anyway. They did not get wavers or play stupid. It amazes me how many “chicken hawks” are so eager to send other peoples kids to die in someone’s elses fight but, failed to show up when they had the chance to fight. In your own works, I guess that the colorful words and language that Uncle Ted uses only serves to degrade his intellect.

      • Yooper August 25, 2014, 12:19 pm

        I (a VN combat vet), think that Ted was padding his resume by resisting military service thinking he may run for some national political office in the future.

        • Russ August 26, 2014, 12:13 am

          Thanks for your service Yooper (going to hell for the pussy French)
          Glad you made it back!
          That line is very funny.

    • SteveS. January 5, 2015, 12:52 pm

      You mean like President Clinton?

  • Gary August 25, 2014, 5:11 am

    I don’t think “former rock star” describes Ted, I think he still rocks.
    He can come and shoot beside me any time, that would make my day.
    Thank you Mr. Nugent for your support and your commitment to the rights of Americans!!

    • patrick marshall August 25, 2014, 12:03 pm

      terrible ted is a real patriot a real man not one of those girly girl trash that hates this country thats ashamed of it you go ted and hell yeah wang dang i think he would be my choice for pres ya cant be a pussy and run this country look where thats got us now

      • Russ August 25, 2014, 3:34 pm

        Last time I checked Ted Nugent “IS” a rock star. He sells out at his shows.
        Also, he’s as American as it comes and enjoys his freedom of speech rights.
        So if you like or dislike what he says, then you are better informed about his character and can make better decisions on how you live in this world with him.
        If your offended by what he says, then your reminding me of a quote from another favorite band of mine, Suicidal Tendencies ; ” Oh I’m sorry did I offended you, well maybe you needed to be offended”
        Ted’s way nicer than me and probably many Americans these days that will never be or care about being “politically correct”
        I think the NRA realizes Ted’s excellence, and I realize the NRA’s excellence.
        I wouldn’t expect The NRA to act any different. It’s why I’m a Lifetime Member.
        I love to listen to the guitar solo on “Strangle hold” when driving out to the desert to go shooting.
        That and “Shoot to Thrill” by AC DC.
        It’s a traditional must for me.
        Thanks for being yourself Ted!

    • WillB January 3, 2015, 9:41 am

      Read his bio. If that’s the best the NRA can do, you have to wonder about the other board members.

    • Jim C. January 3, 2015, 7:00 pm

      Freedom of speech!! The white man says “nigger” and that person is a racist! A black man says “cracker” and it’s nothing! The president refers the the whites as “mongrels” and it’s just fine! A white cop shoots a black man justifiably and riots break out! A black man shoots 2 cops point blank range and no one riots! A white President lies and everyone wants to impeach him! A black president lies every time words come out of his mouth and everyone turns their cheek! This is racist against whites, not blacks. I personally think Obama is a liar, cheat, and should have been impeached long ago for his lies! If the NRA takes any action against Ted Nugent I will cancel my membership and denounce them as racist against our constitution! I back you 100% plus Ted Nugent! Jim c.

      • Navair January 4, 2015, 1:24 pm

        Perfect! The double standard is revolting.

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