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Mitchell Graf SHOT Show 2024

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Thales has unveiled the XTRAIM Weapon Sight, an all-in-one solution designed to enhance users capabilities. This cutting-edge technology seamlessly combines a reflex sight with thermal imaging, providing fast and accurate target engagement both day and night. It is quite similar in design to the new Holosun DRS-TH yet boasts better thermal detection and a wider glass window.

What really set the XTRAIM apart is its ability fuse a thermal image into the field of view of what otherwise looks like a normal red dot. Unlike most thermals that require users to look at an LCD screen, the XTRAIM projects a thermal image using mirrors into the glass of the optic. This allows users to maintain better situational awareness when using the reflex sight.

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When the thermal is set to outline mode, thermal targets glow

Additionally, you can use the XTRAIM with or without night vision goggles. I found this to be very intriguing. I frequently hunt with night vision and thermals, utilizing my night vision for navigation and stalking up close to wild pigs.

Then, I fold them up to my helmet when it’s time to shoot and switch to my weapon-mounted thermal scope. However, with the XTRAIM, users can see the thermal image through their night vision without blooming out everything through the tube. To get a quick glimpse of how it works, I posted a video to my instagram page below:

An important consideration with this optic is the low positioning of the thermal sensor on the rail. Placed prominently at the front and center, this setup limits the use of an IR laser. Anything mounted in front of it would obstruct the thermal field of view.

It also poses restrictions on holding the rifle with your thumb above the handguard, utilizing a front sight post, and could lead to complications when paired with a suppressor. The latter is especially problematic as it tends to heat up rapidly, causing the thermal sensor to bloom out.

Large objective lens for the thermal XTRAIM

Thales provides various accessories, including a carrying bag, protection for optics, filters for adapting to different scenes, and a protective case.

While an MSRP wasn’t specified, the Thales representative told me it would cost “closer to 10K than 1K.” While the XTRAIM is available now, it is currently only being sold to military and law enforcement units.

Sending a few rounds downrange with the Thales XTRAIM at SHOT Show range day

Technical Characteristics:

  • Direct View Optics: Featuring a 1.0 MOA red dot reticle size, 1x magnification, and a high-luminance OLED window (30 x 24 mm).
  • Thermal Channel: Equipped with a new-generation sensor boasting a 12 μm pitch and 640 × 480 resolution, the XTRAIM Weapon Sight offers a digital zoom of 2x and has two thermal modes: full IR and contours.
  • Optical Magnifier (Option): With a magnification of 3x, the XTRAIM Weapon Sight maintains a lightweight profile, weighing less than 530 g, including batteries, and a length of under 170 mm.
  • Power Management: The equipment is powered by 2 CR123 batteries, offering an autonomy of 200 hours for the reticle and 7 hours for thermal use.

Additional Features:

  • Tactical Mobility and Comfort: Following the SWaP concept (Size, Weight, and Power), the XTRAIM Weapon Sight minimizes the burden on soldiers, enhancing their mobility.
  • User-Friendly Functions: With consistent commands to operate all functions, a remote control fixed on the Picatinny rail allows soldiers to operate the equipment while keeping both hands on the weapon.

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