The Brujeria Rifle w/ Electromagnet Recoil Reduction from Fry Tech — SHOT Show 2023

SHOT Show 2023
The Brujeria Rifle w/ Electromagnet Recoil Reduction from Fry Tech -- SHOT Show 2023
The Brujeria with a Raptor V Muzzle Brake from Novalite Armaments

Fry Tech LLC reveals their latest invention at SHOT Show 2023 – the patent-pending Brujeria rifle

This innovative design strategically places the Fry Tech Buffer System(electromagnet) within the stock and chamber to drastically reduce recoil. 

The Brujeria Rifle w/ Electromagnet Recoil Reduction from Fry Tech -- SHOT Show 2023
Patent pending 3D print, chambered in 9mm.

The reduction of recoil provided by this technology offers users improved shot accuracy, reduced stress on the body, and improved levels of comfort while shooting.

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The energy produced by the discharged ammunition is stored in an on-board battery, which ensures that the weapon remains fully charged and ready to fire shot after shot.

Fun Fact: Brujeria means “witch/witchcraft” in Spanish

The Brujeria Rifle w/ Electromagnet Recoil Reduction from Fry Tech -- SHOT Show 2023
Red Dot

Brujeria Rifle Features:

  • Red dot sight powered by harnessed electricity
  • Push-button charging handle
  • On-Board battery – charged by recoiled energy
  • Fry Tech Buffer System to soften and reduce recoil
  • Fry Tech custom designed Upper and Lower

Fry Tech LLC specializes in customizing GUNCAD parts and accessories to aid builders in creating their 3D masterpieces.

They also customize components and kits from other GUNCAD manufacturers that can be re-sold. The Brujeria on display was almost a complete 3D print.

The Brujeria is not currently in production but you can View the Patent or Watch the Rifle Assembly.

For more information or to contact Fry Tech go HERE

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  • Jim February 3, 2023, 3:44 pm

    Forgetting the KISS rule.

  • Jack February 3, 2023, 10:25 am

    It’s a 9mm … how much “reduced recoil” do you need? Build it in .300 or 35 Rem or .375 or something respectable and we’ll put that recoil reduction to the test.

  • K.A. Davison February 3, 2023, 8:41 am

    I will make a guess: The PRC/CCP already have stolen the plans and filed an application for an international patent last year. But someone say it ain’t so.

  • Casper February 3, 2023, 3:37 am

    For all the red dots they could have used they chose to use that Chinese POS. God know I and many many others have been scammed into buying that Red Dot. You shoot it on a just a regular AR and it’s life span is about 2 mags. Forget it you just drop it. Now that really makes me wonder why they would chose it and what other things they skipped on when building this rifle. Just sad

    • Jim February 3, 2023, 7:53 am

      I suspect that optic was chosen for its ability to be adapted for recharging. Anyway, I have two of those cheap dots and they haven’t failed me yet. You come off like a brand snob that looks down his nose on anything that doesn’t cost as much as your gear.

    • Whine E Reader February 3, 2023, 7:59 am

      If you’ve never been to SHOT or any of the big trade shows like the NRA or NSSF shows, you may not realize how many of the weapons on display are basically concept pieces, cobbled together from other models with custom fabricated parts, usually at the 11th hour before they had to get stuffed into a box and shipped/flown to the show venue. Since they don’t have to actually work, some of the weapons on display are shop prototypes, glued together air soft guns, or non-functioning solid models put together with all of the care of a HS science fair project and just enough polish to look presentable from arms length. Even on the “real” guns, some are damaged from mishandling, missing parts that didn’t get shipped, or have cheap accessories haphazardly bolted on just to show you what could be mounted to it in theory. I’ve seen accessories mounted poorly with insufficient clearance, incorrectly, backwards, etc. I’ve also seen really expensive scopes and lights mounted to really junky looking FSOs (Firearm Shaped Objects).
      As for the Brujeria, maybe their FDM printed rail that came off the printer three hours before their flight to the show was slightly out of spec, and that garbage red dot from China was the only one in the office that could fit tightly on it due to the range of travel of the clamping mechanism. Or they realized they needed to add a rail and reverse engineered it from one of their employees’ kid’s Hi Point Carbine, then discovered it was not designed to fit any red dot made after 2003. Or they are trying to model their gimmicky self charging red dot and they would rather glue some faux charging pads to a $14 Amazon red dot than an Aimpoint Comp M5.

      • AntiBlabber February 3, 2023, 5:00 pm

        I really appreciate your thoughtful, plausible explanation. Thanks.

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