The Christmas List – Naughty vs Nice

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SIG XMacro under Christmas Tree
SIG Sauer P365 XMacro with Safariland IncogX holster make a great pairing.

Christmas is coming up quickly and if you’re like me you haven’t even started thinking about what to tell other people to buy you, let alone what to get them. I’m having to think hard myself just to write this list.

For the people in your life who have been naughty, it’s easy, buy them a Hi-Point in the cheapest model you can find. Owning one, and maybe having to shoot it, will be much worse than any lump of coal or switch that Santa might bring. Ho ho ho. Ha, ha, ha.

All joking aside here are a few random ideas that just might be creative enough to work.

The Gift of Seeing in the Dark

Every year multiple wives approach me and tell me that their husband said he wants a thermal for Christmas. They choke and swear when I give them the price range of what I think they’ll need to spend. Apparently, their husbands always leave out the part about what a thermal is going to cost hoping that I’ll convince their wives.

Thermals are awesome. You can literally see everything in the dark and they’re definitely next level for home defense, urban defense, homestead defense, hunting, outdoor living, or ranching. I honestly believe that when purchasing you need to plan on spending a minimum of $2,000, and $6,000 would be better, with the sweet spot being about $4,000.

We recently have been testing thermals from Armasight. You can watch the video below. Armasight is a big name in Thermals and was one of the pioneers of modern thermals today. You can’t go wrong with any model from Armasight. Let your budget dictate the rest. Visit Armasight

The Gift of Measuring Distance

Since we’re still talking about expensive things, the new Vortex Impact 4000 is going to be on the top of every long-range shooter’s list. It’s also fantastic for people who hunt in the dark whether that be predators or hogs.

Seekins HIT Pro with Vortex Impact 4000 mounted
The Vortex Impact 4000 sitting on top of a Vortex Razor attached to a Seekins HIT Pro Rifle.

The Vortex Impact 4000 rail mounts on your weapon and gives you the range and ballistics while taking into account all the environmental factors like barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, etc. For years the only option was a unit costing over $10,000 and was mostly unattainable even if you had the cash. Vortex has changed that with the Impact 4000. It’s not inexpensive at a price of $1999, but it is available, has the Vortex warranty, and is feature-packed. Visit Vortex

The Gift Non-Traditional Concealed Carry

If you’re like me, you carry concealed pretty much everywhere. My traditional concealed carry garb consists of pants with a heavy-duty belt that you could probably pull a stuck 4×4 out of a mudhole with. If I don’t have pants and a belt I don’t know how to carry since I refuse to fanny pack.

I recently became aware of a company selling non-traditional concealed carry clothing. Shorts that you could play basketball or work out in. Sweats that you could lounge in, sleep in, or lift some weights.

Arrowhead Shorts
The Arrowhead tactical shorts have an internal belt capability and work with all IWB holsters.

The clothing doesn’t look tactical which is good in my opinion. I’m personally intrigued and want to try some of it and see if it lives up to the hype. Maybe we’ll do a video.

Arrowhead CCW Sweats
Imagine wearing sweats, the most comfortable stretchy pants, and being able to conceal your favorite gun. Sounds like a great Christmas to me. Wish I’d had them for Thanksgiving!

Regardless, if your person wears shorts, or sweats, and is big into concealed carry, this clothing line might just be the perfect gift. Visit Arrowhead Tactical

The Gift of Weatherproof Gun Protection

I recently tested a product that I didn’t even know existed by throwing it off a bridge. The Vulcan Arms Weatherlock waterproof rifle bag is built like an expensive soft-sided cooler with seam seals and waterproof zippers. It completely protected a very expensive rifle and accessories from multiple throws off a bridge into a cold river.

Currently, it’s only available in a size that fits AR15s or bolt actions that fold. This is the ultimate protection as it also floats and prevents your stuff from sinking. Watch the video and then check out Vulcan Arms.

They also make a pistol case with similar features.


If you’ve got a suggestion for our Christmas List or know what you want for Christmas please put it in the comments as it might help one of our readers find that perfect gift for their special someone.

Merry Christmas!

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