The New 2311 From Oracle Arms — SHOT Show 2023

Riley Baxter SHOT Show 2023
The New 2311 From Oracle Arms -- SHOT Show 2023
Pictured: Combat Elite with Delta Point Pro.

Oracle Arms is a brand-new company with a unique product that they released this year. This gun is called the Oracle Arms 2311 and it’s a pistol that is still in the prototyping stage.

Like the gun, their website isn’t completed yet but shows the specifications and features of five different models that are in the works.

Still, the 2311 is projected to be ready in the late spring of this year, so keep your eyes peeled. Simply put, the 2311 is a double-stack 1911 (called a 2011) that takes SIG P320 magazines and has a unique slide and lower.

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The New 2311 From Oracle Arms -- SHOT Show 2023
Another angle of the Combat Elite.

What is amazing about this high-capacity 1911-ish design is the fact that it still uses 1911 trigger parts which are simple, found everywhere, and time-tested and proven.

The 2011 design that this gun reminds me of requires a different trigger bar to accommodate the wider magazine. This SIG P320 magazine compatibility is also advantageous because SIG P320 magazines are readily available and cost-effective.

Oracle Arms will also be offering their own magazines that will come in around the $35-$40 range.

The New 2311 From Oracle Arms -- SHOT Show 2023
The 2311 slide comes off without any tools, thanks to a simple engineering that features a linkless barrel and a bushing-free design. Also, note the debris channel on the barrel block.

As mentioned, the 2311 comes in 5 different models, including the Compact with a 4.25″ barrel and 15+1 capacity, Compact Elite with a 4.25″ barrel and 15+1 capacity, Combat with 5″ barrel and 17+1 capacity, Combat elite with 5″ barrel and 17/21+1 capacity, and the Competition with a 5″ barrel and 21+1 capacity.

All models have a 7075 aluminum frame, with the exception of the 17-4 stainless steel frame on the Competition. The grips on all guns are aluminum, except the Compact and combat come with polymer grips.

Price increases from $1,699.00 to $2,999.00 between the Compact and Competition models, respectively.

The New 2311 From Oracle Arms -- SHOT Show 2023
Specifications as seen on Oracle Arms’ website.

Unique features of the 2311 include a right-side slide stop which makes this gun the first completely ambidextrous double-stack 1911-style platform, as well as patented debris clearance channels in the slide, barrel, and barrel channel in the frame.

Ease-of-use improvements were also added, such as the linkless barrel and bushing-free design. Thanks to this design, takedown is simple and tool-free for takedown and assembly.

The New 2311 From Oracle Arms -- SHOT Show 2023
There is a debris channel located in the barrel channel of the frame. This recessed area is designed to allow for tighter tolerances and increased reliability.

Features and Specifications:

  • available in five 9mm models: Compact ($1,699), Compact Elite ($1,999), Combat$2,199), Combat Elite ($2,599), and Competition ($2,999)
  • Sig P320 magazine compatibility
  • patented debris clearance channels
  • external extractor
  • right-side slide stop
  • linkless barrel and bushing-free design
  • modular grip and magwell
  • includes four interchangeable slide plates (iron sight, RMR, DPP, and RMSc pattern)
  • models vary from 4.25″ barrels to 5.0″
  • 15+1 – 21+1 round capacity
  • aluminum or stainless steel frame
  • polymer or aluminum grip
  • includes 3-5 magazines with purchase, depending on the model.
The New 2311 From Oracle Arms -- SHOT Show 2023
Shooting the Combat Elite at the Range was a real pleasure.

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  • Brett January 6, 2024, 12:09 pm

    Buy a bul armory sas tac II or tac II pro for less and don’t look back. rerr

  • Brett January 6, 2024, 12:07 pm

    Buy a bul armory sas tac II or tac II rety and don’t look back.

  • Keith January 28, 2023, 9:29 am

    Those pistols are way to expensive to be a new comer to the game.
    I would just pay half the price and buy a proven awesome gun , like a Sig. Good luck Oracle!!!

  • Mike in a Truck January 25, 2023, 6:29 am

    Lost me at “9mm”. Make it in a real fighting cartridge and I’ll buy one.

    • Riley Baxter January 26, 2023, 8:12 am


    • JR Hutto January 28, 2023, 8:44 pm


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