The Phlster Floodlight Holster – Concealed Carry Ready

Everyone and their mom proclaims the superiority of appendix holsters and appendix carry. I can see why. Concealing a big gun is much easier when it doesn’t look like a lump attached to your side. Appendix promises a quicker draw as well, and I like a nice quick draw. However, I’ve had a real issue finding appendix carry rigs that I’ve found comfortable and viable for concealed carry. A friend convinced me to try the Phlster Floodlight, and he even sent me one on his dime because he was so sure I’d love it.

The Phlster Floodlight Holster - Concealed Carry Ready
A shock cord allows for retention adjustment for multiple gun fit.

I’m a bigger dude, and appendix has always been challenging for packing a larger pistol. I can appendix carry a SIG P365 easily enough, but I couldn’t find a rig to conceal my optics and light-equipped custom P320. Bigger guns are easier to shoot, and when I’m carrying for self-defense, I want the best weapon possible. If I had my choice, it’d be a SAW, but realistically a full-sized pistol outperforms a subcompact pistol in every way.

The Phlster Floodlight promised to carry my very modern P320 in a comfortable, concealed, and easily accessible position. Best case scenario, it worked. Worst-case scenario, my friend wasted his 120 bucks.

Breaking down the Phlster Floodlight

The Phlster Floodlight is an all-polymer holster that uses a two-piece skeleton design. It’s a completely ambidextrous system that can be easily reversed for those cursed with wrong-handedness. It comes with a Mod wing, loops, and plastic clips that you can swap out at your leisure.

One of the big selling points of the Floodlight is its quasi-universal design. Phlster built the Floodlight to accommodate most compact and full-sized modern handguns. This includes your Glocks, your Springfields, your CZs, your SIGs, and beyond. In fact, it covers the most popular and non-popular pistols. The reason it works is that it indexes around your light.

The Phlster Floodlight Holster - Concealed Carry Ready
The holster indexes around the light, and is available for the TLR1, X300U, and P350

Phlster currently produces the Floodlight for the Streamlight TLR-1, the Surefire X300U, and the modlite PL350. Pick the model based on your light and not your gun. I’ve tried it with the Glock 17, the CZ P09, the SIG P320 Carry, and the FN LS Edge without any issues. Not only does the Phlster Floodlight accommodate most modern guns, but it will accommodate most modern accessories as well.

Obviously, we have the light, but Phlster cut the holster to accommodate red dot sights as well as suppressor height sights. Phlster cut the bottom to allow you to use most compensators as well. You can get quite fancy and not run into any issues with your handgun and accessories of choice.

Why It Worked for Me

The Phlster Floodlight works for numerous reasons. First, it’s all about the adjustments. To fit a wide variety of guns, you have a shock cord that can be tightened or loosened at will. This increases or decreases slide fit and allow you to fit a multitude of guns. From the blocky Glock series of pistols to the slim and sleek slide of the CZ P09. This adjusts retention and makes it easy to fit a multitude of guns safely and securely.

Adjustments fit the guns, but they also fit the user. I found out that my main problem with my previous appendix rigs was that I couldn’t properly adjust the holster to fit my body. The Floodlight gives you all the tools you need to adjust the holster to fit your body and needs. This includes swapping the clips or loops for a variety of other options available on the aftermarket.

The Phlster Floodlight Holster - Concealed Carry Ready
The clips are very adjustable and the holster itself offers tons of adjustment

I used the clips over the loops. The first thing I did was adjust the ride height. I wanted it higher so when I sat down, and it didn’t feel awkward or painful, especially in a car for a nice, long drive. I got it high and then realized I could adjust for cant.

With the Floodlight, I utilized a slight reverse cant to push the gun a little more towards my dominant hand. This increased comfort and made it easier for me to get a good grip on the weapon. These adjustments made packing a piece appendix style comfortable and accessible.

Carrying in Comfort

Seriously, comfort rules, and I like to be comfortable. I understand that comfort isn’t the biggest priority in concealed carry, but if removing my appendix holster gives me this immense feeling of relief, then it’s likely not something I’ll carry for long. The Phlster Floodlight doesn’t give me that feeling of relief, or as my wife calls it, that removing the bra feeling. I never forget it’s there, but it remains comfortable throughout my daily life.

The Phlster Floodlight Holster - Concealed Carry Ready
The Phlster fits my steel challenge gun.

With the clips, the holster is tuckable, and there are aftermarket options that make it even more tuckable if you so choose. I did move my buckle all the way to the right to get it out of the way, and that seemed to make it more comfortable. I can move, groove, drive my car, and sit at the dinner table without feeling a stabbing pain in my gut. Or any real pain or discomfort at all.

At the Range

I hit the ground running with a Steel Challenge competition that allowed optional drawing from concealment. Here I tested my mettle and also didn’t win. However, I could safely draw, get the gun on target, and blast away quite quickly. The Floodlight provides me a sure grip and makes it easy to get the gun out and on target with a solid presentation with my red dot equipped pistol.

The Phlster Floodlight Holster - Concealed Carry Ready
It’s a big holster but does accommodate a wide variety of guns.

There is enough room between the pistol grip and my beer belly to make grabbing the gun easy and secure. That first good grip sets the basis for a good draw and presentation. The Floodlight provides that rock-solid grip I want and need for a sure grip.

The Phlster Floodlight provides me with a comfortable holster that checks all the boxes necessary for a rock-solid holster. The trigger is secure and protected from accidental interruption. The holster’s retention is rock solid, and doesn’t slip, and provides me with a rock-solid grip on the gun when it comes time to draw and engage. The Phlster Floodlight changed my mind on appendix carry rigs. It offers awesome versatility, adjustment, and a platform for comfortable and secure carry.

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