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Mitchell Graf SHOT Show 2024

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Mossberg has recently unveiled its latest offerings in the form of two shotguns developed in partnership with Clint Smith, the esteemed owner and founder of Thunder Ranch.

During our conversation with Linda, the media rep from Mossberg at SHOT Show 2024, she provided insights into the Thunder Ranch Series.

These purpose-built 12-gauge platforms boast a range of features, from a patent-pending optic-cut receiver for direct mounting of low-profile microdot sights to Cerakote finishes, all proudly adorned with the Thunder Ranch logo.

Mossberg 940 Pro on top, and 590 on the bottom.

Mossberg Thunder Ranch Series Features

The spotlight of the series includes the 590 pump action and the 940 semi-auto. Both are designed with the intention of being versatile defense firearms. Linda highlighted that they both shared an 18.5-inch barrel with cylinder bore, high visibility front sight, and a barrel clamp for accessory customization.

The 590 has a black synthetic standard corn cob forend. Additionally, the 940 boasts a Cerakote finish for extra durability. Both are designed to be rugged and suitable for home defense.

The Cerakote finish on both models is referred to as “Patriot Brown,” and it looks darker than FDE. The color falls between OD Green and Brown, adding a unique touch to the aesthetics.

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The Mossberg 940 Pro is semi-auto, and the 590 utilizes a corn cob forend.

Linda emphasized the practicality of these shotguns for home defense, citing their lightweight, short, and handy design.

The adjustable length of pull on the 940 ranges from 12 to 14.25 inches. With a cylinder bore, users can expect excellent patterns and spread at home defense distances. This eliminates the need for a full choke.

The stocks both feature ample rubber padding to absorb recoil.

The Thunder Ranch Series shotguns also sport impressive tube capacities, with the 590 holding seven rounds and the 940 holding eight rounds. This ensures users have an ample supply of shotgun shells at their disposal.


The affordability is particularly noteworthy considering the features offered. Linda pointed out the versatility of the 940, showcasing sling swivels, M-LOK, and an optics-ready option, allowing users to mount a micro dot optic for perfect eye alignment.

Mossberg plans to start shipping these shotguns in the first and second quarter of the year, with prices ranging from $600 for the 590 to $1,200 for the 940.

Optic cut on the Mossberg 940 Pro.

For those interested in learning more about Mossberg’s Thunder Ranch Series, more specifications can be found over at

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  • Rickie Z February 7, 2024, 7:26 am

    The Mossberg Thunder Ranch of old, the over and under model with picatinny rails mounted from the factory has been a fine shotgun. But the 940 at probably a $1000.00 street price is a head to head price with the Beretta Patrol? Perhaps over time the 940 will prove itself equal to the Patrol but buying into a newer model is difficult over a proven piece of hardware.

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