Uintah Precision’s Modern Sporting Muzzleloader is an AR15 — Shot Show 2023

A close look at the Modern Sporting Muzzleloader at Range Day 2023.

Uintah Precision is a rifle manufacturer in Duchesne, Utah that is well known for its bolt action AR-style rifles, the UPR-10 and UPR-15.

Recently, they announced their newest release, the Modern Sporting Muzzleloader (MSM) which is a muzzleloading upper that attaches to an AR-15 lower. You can buy this upper alone for $1,098.00, or purchase a complete gun for a cheeky $1,776.00.

These muzzleloaders are shipping currently, so you will have one in short order after your purchase.

Uintah’s firearms are beautiful and well-made.

Muzzleloaders are high-maintenance, hands-on pieces of equipment, and Uintah knows this, so the MSM ships with an aluminum ramrod with a brass jag, funnel, priming tool, and primer remover.

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Each MSM has a threaded 3/4×24 TPI muzzle fitted with Uintah’s own dual port muzzle brake at the end of the 24″ long barrel that comes standard. This barrel is made by Preferred Barrels and is 416R stainless steel with a 1:20 twist and only comes in a 45 caliber option.

Covering up this barrel is a 15″ long handguard that has M-LOK attachments at the 3-, 6- and 9-o’clock positions. Both the upper receiver and handguard are constructed of 6061 billet aluminum.

A closer look at the nipple that receives 209 primers.

The complete gun that sells for $1,776.00 comes with Uintah’s UP-15 lower receiver, a velocity “classic” 3-pound single-stage trigger, Magpul K2+ Grip, and Magpul PRS Lite buttstock.

All of these make up a lower that has an adjustable buttstock, fantastic trigger, and a fitment that complements the Muzzleloading upper perfectly.

The MSM is designed for the modern backcountry hunter and comes in at an appropriate 8.3 lbs for the whole gun, while the muzzleloading upper is a fraction of that weight. This muzzleloader takes 209 Primers which is a good thing because some states require such by law.

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These 209 primers are installed through the ejection port of the upper using the included priming tool and are removed by dual extractors on the bolt face when you operate the bolt.

As a failsafe, the included primer remover can be wedged behind the primer, knocking it off of the nipple to keep the gun functional while you are out in the field.

These are the extra items that come with the MSM, plus some Parker Bullets that we were shooting that day.

Because Uintah Precision prides itself in the accuracy of its guns, this Modern Sporting muzzleloader comes with the same 1 MOA guarantee as their rifles, provided that you use quality bullets, of course.

At Industry Day at the Range, I shot the MSM using Parker Bullets and hit a small target at 350 yards in 20-30 MPH desert winds. No lie!

I Fired the MSM during Industry Day at the Range and made impact on a target at 350 yards.
The dual port muzzle brake is effective at reducing recoil. Also, notice the brass jag on the ramrod.

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About the author: Riley Baxter is an avid and experienced hunter, shooter, outdoorsman, and he’s worked in the backcountry guiding for an outfitter. He also get’s a lot of enjoyment out of building or customizing his firearms and equipment. Check out Riley’s Instagram @Shooter300

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