Vortex Edge Shooting Classes: The Fast-Track to Firearm Mastery

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Vortex Edge Shooting Classes: The Fast-Track to Firearm Mastery
The Vortex Edge Facility has enough instructors to give the students an immersive experience

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One of the coolest things I have seen from the firearms industry recently has been the push to get good training. While chasing the newest and greatest gear can be tempting, they all rely on the user’s skill level to provide any real benefit. Firearm mastery is not an inherent talent but a cultivated skill, demanding instruction and consistent practice for optimal results.

Recognizing this, Vortex has established the Vortex Edge Facility, dedicated to providing high-quality training and maintaining a low student-to-instructor ratio. Here they offer concealed carry, hunter marksmanship, night vision, and more shooting classes. The facility boasts a team of top-notch instructors known for their profound expertise, competence, and effective communication. Having personally undergone two courses at this world-class facility located in Barneveld, Wisconsin, I can attest to the invaluable learning points gained, transforming me into a more proficient shooter with each session. 

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So What Courses are Available? 

Currently, Vortex offers an incredibly wide range of courses to choose from and a subject matter expert teaches each course. Vortex makes a point to keep the student-to-instructor ratio low. This allows more time for the instructor to help you specifically giving individualized feedback and tips. Vortex offers a variety of courses at different price points but sub-divides them into the Intro, Total Shooter, and Specialty classes. They conduct almost all of these courses inside an indoor shooting facility. So even if taking a class in December in Wisconsin, the temperature remains quite comfortable. 

Vortex Edge Intro Classes

Based on my observations, the Vortex Edge Intro classes stand out as unbeatable in terms of quality and affordability. These introductory courses cover pistol, long-range, and carbine training. Each features an extensive 5-hour hands-on instructional session with all necessary materials provided. Vortex goes above and beyond by supplying the firearm, optic, holsters, eye/ear protection, and even the AMMUNITION—all for an unheard-of price of $100. If you’re new to firearms or have someone interested in getting started and lives within driving distance of Barneveld, Wisconsin, I strongly recommend these Intro courses.

Total Shooter Classes

For the more experienced shooters out there who want to dive into performance shooting, the Total Shooter classes are designed for you. These courses are available for pistol, carbine, and long-range as well. They break down each of these categories into three sections simply labeled as Pistol 1, Pistol 2, Pistol 3, etc. As implied, these range from working on more basic level fundamentals to the most all-encompassing shooting experiences available. They design the level 3 courses to challenge even the best competition shooters. These may potentially include moving targets, shooting on the move, and balancing speed and accuracy. Hit factor scoring will be used which forces a balance of speed and accuracy. Each of these Total Shooter classes includes 8 hours of hands-on instruction. These currently even include lunch for a total of $250 per class. 

Vortex Edge Shooting Classes: The Fast-Track to Firearm Mastery
Working on some pistol drills at the Vortex Edge facility

Specialty Classes

All of the previously mentioned courses are exceptional. However, Vortex Edge goes the extra mile by offering specialized classes tailored to specific situations. These encompass Hunter Marksmanship, Night Vision, Intro into Reloading, Intro into Concealed Carry, and Intro into Youth Shooting. Taught by experts in their respective fields, these classes range from 4-hour sessions to comprehensive two-day 16-hour courses. Notably, the Intro to Concealed Carry course meets Wisconsin’s minimum training requirements for obtaining a CCW permit—a valuable benefit.

For those intrigued by Night Vision training, Vortex takes it a step further by providing essential gear. They state, “Bring the AR and ammo, and we’ll supply the rest—including modern, dual-tube night vision, helmet, and IR laser/illuminator.” These classes offer exceptional value, delivering high-level training at an industry-best price, with the added bonus of free loaner gear for participants.

Vortex Edge Shooting Classes: The Fast-Track to Firearm Mastery
Working on some NV room clearing at the indoor Vortex Edge shoot house

Vortex Edge Summary

Vortex occupies a distinctive position in the realm of training, leveraging the success of its optics business to subsidize the costs of Vortex Edge classes for the benefit of participants. Unlike other training entities that may charge more or struggle with instructor-to-student ratios, Vortex manages to strike a balance. Their world-class Vortex Edge facility boasts highly competent instructors with effective communication skills. Offering a diverse array of classes, even seasoned shooters stand to gain valuable insights. Having personally attended Vortex Edge courses twice in the past two years, I wholeheartedly recommend their training for its exceptional quality and impact.

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