Vote to Win Pistol Duel – Springfield Armory Month Long Giveaway

In order to vote for one of the two guns you have to register first at
This “Duel” is more a preference over polymer carry pistols vs. tranditional 1911s than the actual guns themselves. Both guns are superb examples in their class and extremely good values, but that is really all they have comparable from a shooters standpoint.
The prizes range from hats and mugs to a total of 8, count em, 8, of these actual guns.

Hi Everyone,

We try not to blast you with too many emails but since this is NRA Show weekend this is a story that is too good to not let you know about. In fact you have already missed a couple days of the giveway, but fortunately they only gave away tshirts this weekend. Register now and start voting! A total of 8 guns are being given away in addition to a whole bunch of other stuff.

Springfield Armory, no introduction required of course, is running a crazy cool “shootout” promotion between the two new guns we told you about at SHOT Show this year. They are the XD(M) Compact and the 1911 Range Officer. Go to to learn about and leave your own comments about the “competitors.”

The contest has prizes every day between April 29 (this past friday) and May 28th.

The promotion is simple. You register on the special contest website (yes don’t worry it’s free) and you can vote up to once an hour for your preference in this “duel” between the two pistols.

The prizes are the thing here. They range from Springfield hats, mugs and tshirts to six (yes 6) guns over the course of the month, then the grand prize winner gets one each of the two guns. To win all you do is vote by clicking.

Which gun do you prefer? As I write this, the 1911 Range Officer is winning 58% to 42%, but we just shot both guns at the range today with a group of friends for an upcoming blog post and I suspect that they will be neck and neck by the end of the contest. Both guns are fantastic.

Now, you are probably asking yourself, why on earth would Springfield ask you to choose between two guns that are so dissimilar.

The XD(M) Compact is a pure carry gun. It’s a double stack 9mm that is actually 2 guns in one. It comes with a standard flat base 14 round magazine for ultimate concealability, and an extended 19 round magazine for maximum capacity. Of the XD line, this (M) series came out in a 3.8″ barrel version last year, but with only a full size 19 round grip. This XD(M) Compact is the next evolution in that gun and has the shorter 14 round grip, but the option to supersize your Compact to the grip length of the original XD(M) 3.8.

The Range Officer, or RO as it is being called, is nearly the polar opposite of the the polymer framed XD(M) Compact. It is a 1911 built in the tradition of the most accurate and high quality guns of its kind. Springfield Armory has always been one of the most respected of the makers of the 1911 style pistol, and in this 100th Anniversary year of the 1911 they have introduced a gun engineered for entry level competition shooters and enthusiasts looking for that “lifetime purchase” 1911 that will last them and their heirs through generations of shooting. Springfield created the RO with World Champion shooter Rob Leatham and it is made to withstand tens of thousands of rounds of practice per year and remain as accurate and true as the day it was made. Why spend thousands on a 1911 with features you may not need and may not even want? For a street price of under $900, the Range Officer will provide you with a platform from which to build your own champion 1911, with the features you choose to invest in, not that someone else decided that you need.

These guns are two ends of the spectrum. The first is a polymer framed carry gun and the second a solid steel 1911 built for competition and/or lifetimes of family shooting. How do you choose between the two as to which one wins the duel?

Who cares!! Springfield is giving away free stuff, including a whole bunch of these awesome guns, so go register and vote as often as you can.

Thanks as always for being part of GunsAmerica. We hope to get the blog roll filled up for a digest with these two guns by the end of the week. See you then. -ph@ga

The XD(M) Compact is similar to the 3.8 that came out last year and has the exact same slide. This gun offers the shorter 14 round grip as well as the longer 19 round grip.
Springfield Armory has pioneered the field of case goodies. The XD(M) Compact comes with the belt holster and magazine holder, as well as two magazines (both sizes) and interchangeable backstraps, including matching follower backstraps for the long magazine. They really don’t miss a beat at Springfield.
At under $900, the Range Officer is a cut above when it comes to commercial attempts at affordable 1911s. A full review is coming to the blog soon so stay tuned.
Step right into competition with the Range Officer belt holster and magazine holder. Out of the box there is no better value in an entry level 1911. The gun itself should not even be called entry level. It just doens’t come with a lot of expensive stuff you don’t need and may not want.
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  • Sam September 3, 2015, 8:01 pm

    Can’t get in to vote.
    Cookies too big ???

  • Victor Elliott September 1, 2015, 3:26 pm

    I can’t get into your web sight to vote. your cookies are to big.

    Victor Elliott

  • Eric voebel May 13, 2011, 12:51 am

    Those colts’s 1911 i must of shot a few hundred. “The trick is?) ya shake it all arround. clicky-clack. I ran across a few that were pristine. Whats it was a Beauty no rattels. Shot expert pistol&rifel for ten years in the Navy, thats hard to do. I was Living in New orleans slept on the roof for three days. I had to unleash Bonnie and clyde. While those bastards stole my gunsfrom 1930’s to2003 and they wont gikvem back.

    bm1 voebel

    • Tony Ramey February 17, 2012, 11:28 am

      I found you after 32 years of searching. Drop me a line, we had fun in Misawa, do you remember me??
      I remember it snowing like crazy 10 months out of the year. Still practicing martial arts and I am a retired cop and retired MACS(SW) in 1995. Made the E9 MACM list but I had medical problems and had to retire 19 months early instead of 20 years, I had a little over 18 years. I would love to hear from you. You always made the night shifts go by fast and you made me laugh, remember the guy named Palm? I think he was the real Manchurian Candidate because he always looked like he was going to explode.
      You are right about the 1911’s, they are reliable and I carried one for years while working the streets as a cop and in LA when I was a Deputy Sheriff. I left before the riots started and ROdney King went nuts.
      take care,
      Tony Ramey

  • Mr.Kenneth Danzie Sr. May 10, 2011, 12:37 pm

    Gentlemen,I’m an ole school’er naturally drawn to the smooth handling of the 1911;but not to proud to say the ways of the 21 century could fit well in my hand as my backup.If it is correct grammar to say the “XD” looks mean,yet nice,then so be it:the two could work very well together.This is a dance contest that I would’nt like to have 2 select or judge the winner of,but will be watching;and participant in,good luck 2 all….

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