Vudoo Gun Works ‘Priest’ Double Stack 1911 — SHOT Show 2023

Vudoo Gun Works 'Priest' Double Stack 1911 -- SHOT Show 2023
The Vudoo Gun Works Priest Double Stack 1911.

Vudoo Gun Works just unveiled their new 9mm double stack 1911 at SHOT Show 2023. Paying very close attention to detail and using tight manufacturing tolerances, the Vudoo Priest is one fine-crafted tool.

Coming with a Red Dirt trigger, tac-tail, ambi-safety, flared magwell, 5″ ramped barrel, and custom grips; this new pistol is truly designed for the modern era.

Vudoo Gun Works 'Priest' Double Stack 1911 -- SHOT Show 2023
A single Pic slot for lights.

This 1911 has the capacity to mount weapon lights. Milled into the frame of the Priest is what Vudoo Gun Works calls a “tac rail,” which includes a familiar Picatinny groove, but comes with a single Picatinny rail slot.

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Typically weapon lights only use one slot, and it fits a SureFire X300 Ultra perfectly. I believe all modern handguns should include a rail slot to mount a weapon light so I was happy to see this incorporated.

The inclusion of a Red Dirt trigger is also a major advantage consumers will have right from the factory.

Vudoo Gun Works 'Priest' Double Stack 1911 -- SHOT Show 2023
It fits a Surefire SureFire X300.

This Priest also features a large flared magwell which makes reloading a breeze. The magwell flares out enough that it serves as a comfortable hand stop at the bottom of the frame. It also gives one much more surface area which helps funnel mags into the magwell for quick reloads.

Vudoo Gun Works 'Priest' Double Stack 1911 -- SHOT Show 2023
Flared magwell.

Knowing that one needs a solid grip when manipulating a pistol, the Priest features a Cheely Custom Gunworks grip kit. The contours were smooth, the texturing was moderately aggressive, and the width was perfect for my hands.

The Vudoo Gun Works Priest 9mm Double Stack 1911 will be available around March 1st, with an MSRP of around $3,095. It will ship with two 19-round magazines and is going to be a great testament to what high manufacturing standards can produce. The Priest will be chambered in 9mm and available with multiple color tones to choose from.

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  • PANTEXAN January 19, 2023, 9:11 am

    19 rounds of .45 ACP also?

    • Mitchell Graf January 21, 2023, 11:57 pm

      This is only going to be chambered in 9mm.

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