Walther Unveils New Program: Try a PPQ for 30 Days – No Money Down & Free Shipping!

Walther Unveils New Program: Try a PPQ for 30 Days - No Money Down & Free Shipping!

Walther is so confident that you’ll love their PPQ Series of handguns that they’re giving you an opportunity to get your hands on one for free!

Under a new program called “Shoot It. Love It. Buy It.,” you’ll have two options to procure a PPQ model for 30 days, during which time you can bring it to the range, shoot it, show it to your buddies, compete with it, you name it!

If you’re not in love after 30 days, well, you simply send it back to Walther.  On their dime, no less.  Details of the two options are below:

  • First, a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Wherever you decide to buy a new PPQ, online or in-store, it is covered with this guarantee. If you don’t love it within 30 days, visit ShootItLoveItBuyIt.com and go through the “return your gun” process. Walther will provide the shipping label to have it sent back. Once received at Walther and inspected, they will issue a check for a full reimbursement of what the buyer paid for the PPQ. Including tax.
  • Second, a Try Before You Buy. At select dealers across the United States, which are listed on their website, you can take home a PPQ for 30 days with no money down. All you need to do is visit ShootItLoveItBuyIt.com and apply for a voucher. When you apply for a voucher, Walther will pre-authorize your card for $1000.00. This is not a charge, only to make sure you have a valid card. Once this happens, you will be emailed a voucher number. Take the voucher number to the closest participating dealer near you, pick out the model PPQ you want to try out, and give the dealer the voucher number. You will still need to fill out the standard 4473 background check paperwork. Once completed, you can take home the PPQ and shoot it as much as you like! If you love the PPQ, you will automatically be charged the dealers sales price 30 days from purchase. If you don’t love it, return the gun back to Walther through the ShootItLoveItBuyIt.com portal and your card will not be charged.

“This program will drive sales of Walther PPQ’s for our dealers to a whole new level,’ said Chris Carlberg, VP of Sales for Walther Arms, Inc. “We’re excited to the first manufacture in our industry to offer a program that builds confidence in our brand via a 30-day money back guarantee and a try before you buy.”

The “Shoot It. Love It. Buy It.” program is open from February 15 – June 30, 2019.  To take advantage of it and to test drive a PPQ visit: https://shootitloveitbuyit.com/

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  • K.L. February 15, 2019, 8:53 am

    Finally, you can try it out before you make a purchase. In the past, you had to handle it at the store, with an empty magazine or no magazine at all, and try to imagine how it would be to shoot. I think this is an innovative marketing tool.

  • Draven February 15, 2019, 3:27 am

    pre-authorize your card for $1000… for a gun that retails for half that….

    • JB February 19, 2019, 4:53 pm

      Eh, gotta CYA. It’s still very tempting.

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