YouTube to Censor Pro-2A Content

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Gun Owners of America (GOA) has blasted YouTube following the platform’s announcement of a policy shift on firearms content.

According to GOA, the new rules, which restrict certain 2A content to adults only, are not only misguided but also part of a broader agenda to demonize firearms and law-abiding gun owners.

Erich Pratt, Senior Vice President of GOA, didn’t pull any punches.

“Restricting access to adults only—for content that depicts wholly legal and constitutionally-protected activity—is wrong, and it aims to push a sinister narrative to minors that firearms are evil,” said Erich Pratt. 

“In turn, as younger generations come of age, they will not question or push back on further violations of our Second Amendment rights,” he added.

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Aidan Johnston, GOA’s Director of Federal Affairs, accused Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and like-minded anti-gun advocates of pressuring YouTube into making these changes.

“Alvin Bragg and his anti-gun friends have been aggressively pressuring YouTube to censor and directly prohibit certain content related to guns for years now, and sadly they just succeeded and free speech has once again become the victim,” he lamented.

Johnston is pushing for Congress to investigate how much Bragg, gun-control groups, and the Biden Administration’s White House Office of Gun Control contributed to YouTube’s decision.

This week, YouTube and its parent company Google revealed that starting June 18, they will enforce the updated policy on all existing and new content.

The YouTube Policy Changes

  • Content showing the use of homemade firearms, automatic firearms, and certain firearm accessories will be age restricted. 
  • Content showing how to remove “safety devices” will be banned. 
  • Firearms in movies, video games, military and police footage, and warzone footage will not categorically be age restricted—creating a double standard for Hollywood and anti-gun corporate media. 

The policy revision follows a letter sent in April by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to YouTube CEO Neil Mohan, urging a crackdown on 2A content.

This push gained traction due to recent critical articles by Media Matters and research by the anti-gun group Everytown, spotlighting YouTube’s gun-related content.

Despite mounting pressure, GOA, which operates a YouTube channel with over 175,000 subscribers, vows to continue its advocacy against the censorship of pro-2A voices on social media.

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  • Clint W. June 12, 2024, 5:18 pm

    Was watching a video from Classic Arms, and he was going to disassemble the BCG in an AR. He could not show the disassembly procedure, but he could show before in the rifle, and after, showing the upper and the BCG next to it. He absentmindedly pulled the charging handle out, but then went oops, can I do that? Apparently so, since they left that it in the video. Yea, that really protects us, now doesn’t it?

  • DANNY HUMES June 10, 2024, 10:05 pm

    So, where do we go for 2A content?

  • Beobear June 8, 2024, 1:46 pm

    YouTube is currently owned and operated by the same kinds of Marxist, stalinist, socialist modern hippie nutjobs as the ones that Elon Musk purged from Twitter. As matter of fact I saw where many of the far left employees fired or run out of Twitter took jobs at YT.

    They hate freedom, they hate democracy, they definitely hate guns because it’s hard to enslave an armed populace. The new rules are just phase whatever in their plan to eliminate as much firearms related content as possible from anyone under 18, while maintaining the income they receive from it. Flag waving, freedom loving Americans will continue to fight back against the tyranny of communism.

  • Richard Varner June 7, 2024, 10:10 am

    Hollywood Double Standard: The list of actors that are anti 2A is too long to note here. Yet, these actors star in films as gun toting heroes and murderous villains and they do so without hesitation. They publicly voice their anti 2A sentiments all the way to the bank! Hypocrisy and double standards at their best! What kind of mixed messages are they sending to our youth, confusing them and blurring the line of right and wrong? Hollywood needs to be held accountable for this but our justice system has crumbled under the weight of Democratic pressure to ban all things firearms related. Under the Biden administration, Congress cannot work as intended and has failed to protect the Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Biden has severe cognitive disabilities that should have resulted in his removal from office quite some time ago. He is a national and global threat and danger. Yet he’s the one with his finger on the switch! How horrific is that! This is madness.

  • lou June 7, 2024, 8:07 am

    Sure but Drag Queen Story Hours are fine right?

  • Kane June 5, 2024, 11:33 am

    “But where did this come from?”

    Michael Bloomberg’s “Every Town” sent a letter to youtube CEO and multi-millionaire ($756 million in 2022) Susan Wojcicki to remove certain firearm related content from videos. One year later the Tech Transparency Project (funded in part by the Open Society) published a very contradictory report on where they claim no links to videos and violence yet they want specific content related gun videos removed from youtube to prevent violence. They want it both ways.

    George Soros (the “Man Who Sold the World”) funds the Open Society which is linked to Antony Blinken and his mother and father who pushed the US into a proxy war with Russia. The Open Society champions a global homosexuality behemoth that is converting Christian Churches to this secular movement. The converted include the worst Pope ever, (Francis) is trying to transform the Catholic Church to this false secular moraity.

    The next time someone says they “stand with Ukraine” then at least understand that includes a hidden anti 2A agenda, pro homosexulity and the destruction of Christian values that traces to Soros.

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