Joe Rogan: Social Media Restricting Gun Content is Limiting Gun Safety Messages

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Urban gun enthusiast Colion Noir and popular podcaster Joe Rogan recently delved into the contentious issue of social media’s approach to firearms content. In their discussion, Noir expressed his frustration with platforms like Instagram, where violent content seems to proliferate while educational and responsible gun content is suppressed.

Noir pointed out the irony in how Instagram users can easily stumble upon graphic content involving stabbings, shootings, and fatal accidents, yet posting a picture of a firearm can lead to being “throttled” or shadow-banned. This censorship, according to Noir, significantly limits the visibility of content that promotes responsible gun handling.

Rogan and Noir also criticized the platforms for allowing the proliferation of negative or unsafe representations of firearms, overshadowing educational content. Noir shared his own experience of learning about gun safety through YouTube, where he was exposed to numerous examples of responsible gun ownership.

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Highlighting the importance of firearm safety education, Noir argued that the suppression of educational content on these platforms is counterproductive. With a vast number of firearms in the U.S., Noir stressed that spreading knowledge about safe handling is crucial to preventing accidents.

“I don’t understand this… We have 400 million guns in this country. The guns aren’t going anywhere,” Noir said.

“So if you want to minimize the number of kids who accidentally shoot themselves, if you want to minimize the number of adults who handle firearms incorrectly and end up accidentally shooting someone, what you need to do is allow the information of how to safely handle a firearm be spread to the public so that they understand it. It works because that’s how I learned it,” he added.

The conversation took a critical turn towards TikTok’s policies, where Noir revealed he had been banned merely for showing firearms. This led to a broader discussion about the inconsistent enforcement of content policies on social media platforms.

Noir concluded by emphasizing the need for social media to allow the spread of information on safe firearm handling. By blocking educators and advocates of responsible gun usage, he argued, platforms are increasing the risk of firearms mishandling and accidents.

Rogan and Noir’s discussion raises significant questions about the role of social media in public safety and education, especially concerning its deliberate suppression of responsible 2A content.

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