‘Zero Stage’ Electronic Trigger From MDT — SHOT Show 2023

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'Zero Stage' Electronic Trigger From MDT -- SHOT Show 2023
MSRP is $499.

MDT has an amazing new trigger called the Zero Stage Trigger, but don’t get too excited yet because you can’t get one until next year.

I say this tongue-in-cheek, but this seems to be an item that is worth waiting for. This electronic trigger could make you a better shooter because it can track information about your trigger pull.

For example, it can take measurements such as the sideways pressure that you are putting on the trigger shoe and the amount of weight that you used to pull the trigger.

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You can then take this information as constructive criticism to improve your technique. There are also accelerometers that will detect when the rifle is dropped, preventing an accidental discharge.

'Zero Stage' Electronic Trigger From MDT -- SHOT Show 2023
The USB-C rechargeable Zero Stage Trigger has a port on the bottom that is accessible to recharge the trigger while it is in the gun.

The Zero Stage Trigger currently has a declared 1,000 pulls per charge, but at SHOT, it lasted 2,000 pulls before being charged.

When it’s finally released in a year or so, MDT plans to have that number increased to 3,000 pulls per charge. This is amazing, considering that a barrel is typically only expected to last about 2500-3000 shots.

Basically, you can charge your trigger every time you change your barrel. Many of you readers will probably never fire 3,000 rounds out of your gun, to be realistic.

'Zero Stage' Electronic Trigger From MDT -- SHOT Show 2023

The Zero Stage Trigger has a projected MSRP of $499.00 which makes it the most expensive trigger that I am aware of. This trigger is designed and made for professional shooters and may be the best product for them to use in order to win matches.

The trigger that I used today was set for 5 oz and it felt much better than I expected. There is no take-up!

In fact, if you pressed your finger against the back of your trigger guard instead of the trigger, this is what using the Zero Stage Trigger feels like. It may sound strange, but I am a big fan of what I felt. There is no anticipation in reaching the back wall of the trigger and I could focus more on keeping my trigger pull straight while smoothly increasing pressure.

Specifications and features:

  • MSRP: $499.00
  • 4-64 oz (0.25 – 4 lbs) pull weight
  • shots per charge 1,000 with a projected 3,000
  • currently for Remington 700 with right-handed safety
  • flat trigger shoe
  • zero take-up before shot

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Other Photos:

'Zero Stage' Electronic Trigger From MDT -- SHOT Show 2023
'Zero Stage' Electronic Trigger From MDT -- SHOT Show 2023

*** Buy and Sell on GunsAmerica! All Local Sales are FREE! ***

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  • Barry January 25, 2023, 2:40 am

    This will turn into a gun-grabbers wet dream. As it will be easy to ensure only the authorized user of the firearm fires the gun, and then it could track date and time it was fired. Bad idea. No thanks.

    • Whine E Reader February 17, 2023, 9:26 am

      This is a toy for bench rest shooters trying to shave that last 10th of their groups. It’s a load cell that trips a solenoid, the idea being that you can have an insanely light trigger with no motion that has full dear engagement, so the common issues of ultra light match triggers are eliminated. No more worrying that closing the bolt enthusiastically or elevating the muzzle will cause the trigger to bounce and trip the sear. From MDTs description they use accelerometers to prevent unintended firing from hard impacts or dropping the rifle. There are no finger print readers, dna scanners, or even capacitive sensors. This is not new technology, match air guns and free pistols have used electronic triggers for years without anyone worrying that gun grabbers will magically implement authorized user control or request to see trigger data to tell when you were competing in a match. The data these triggers output is telemetry that can be used by shooters to hone their trigger pull, much like that provided by the Mantis rail mounted sensors that allow pistol shooters to post game their trigger pull and follow through.

  • Louis January 23, 2023, 6:32 am

    2000 shots in a few days is one thing but keeping the charge over many years is another. It could be interesting for bench shooters but I would stay clear of anything electric to fire a carry or hunting rifle. Nevertheless thank’s for presenting this gadget.

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