Primos Trigger Sticks Gen 3 – SHOT Show 2017

Shooting sticks are rapid-deploying shooting rests that give you improved control in the field for hunting and wildlife photography. (Photo: Massaro)

Install grippy yokes for use with firearms. (Photo: Massaro)

Camera screw mounts are also part of the system. (Photo: Massaro)


Shooting sticks — mono-, bi- and tripods for long guns — have long been a staple in the African game fields for a while now. They are quickly catching on with American hunters as they are a lightweight and steady to hold your rifle perfectly still precise shot placement.

Primos makes some of my favorite shooting sticks, the Trigger Stick series. These well-crafted shooting sticks adjust quickly and deploy quietly. The new Gen 3 series offers more than the older generation, making an already excellent product even better.

The Gen 3 series uses the same simple trigger system for adjusting the overall height of the unit but has a new collet for locking the legs in position. Primos redesigned the yoke to be wider at the base which is perfect for stocks with beavertail forends.

The yoke can also be removed for use with other attachments, including a baseplate for optics and a double-yoke. The baseplate has a screw mount for spotting scopes and cameras and it can be quickly and easily swapped for the yoke with the push of a button. The locking system uses a spring-loaded thumb release.

The two-yoke setup provides extended support for firearms.

With the optics adapter in place it makes a solid spotting scope rig. (Photo: Massaro)

It’s easy to deploy and adjust with the trigger system. (Photo: Massaro)


Available in six configurations for Gen 3. (Photo: Primos)

  • Six Models
    • Monopod, full-size
    • Monopod, compact
    • Bipod, full-size
    • Bipod, compact
    • Tripod, full-size
    • Tripod, compact
  • Rapid adjustment with trigger system
  • Collapses for storage and portability


I had to learn to shoot with them before my first safari and I’ve come to be very comfortable using them. I’ve also used the two-yoke system stalking prairie dogs and can say that it sets up quickly for shots  out to 200 yards.

The Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 is available as a monopod, bipod, or tripod, in both full height and compact configurations. I could easily see a hunter owning more than one. The full-length tripod is great for for general hunting while the short models are better suited for coyotes and turkeys.

The monopods and bipods are more portable while the tripods can be used with trail cams and other stand-alone accessories which makes them more versatile. The tall monopod is a great option for taking photos and handy while scouting in the off-season.

Trigger sticks will get you off the shooting bench, practicing in real-world hunting positions. Once you get used to carrying these around with you — they easily collapse into a size you could strap to a pack — you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using them earlier.

And if you already own a Primos Trigger Stick, you still might be interested in upgrading. These are a solid improvement over the previous generation.

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