1791 Gunleather Changes the Game: New Ultra Custom Leather Holster With Memory-Lok Technology

1791 Gunleather introduced some new technology at SHOT 2020 that really intrigued me. They are dubbing their new product the “Ultra Custom Holster with Memory-Lok Technology”. The namesake comes from the ability that this leather holster has to be molded under heat to fit your handgun perfectly. This is accomplished by sandwiching the Memory-Lok between two soft leather sheets; effectively making the ultimate IWB holster. Oh, and you can re-form this holster as many times as you wish, to as many guns that you want!

Things you will receive when buying the Ultra Custom holster. Being pre-production, what I received did not have packaging, but yours will and it will include two clips for 1.5 and 1.75 inch wide belts as well as a plastic bag to use when heating! The two tools in the left of the picture are used to form each nook and cranny to your handgun. 

At the time of my writing this, you will have to wait a few weeks to get an Ultra Custom, as it will begin shipping on March 15th. That said, you can already pre-order one online.

More About the Ultra Custom With Memory-Lok Tech.

I love the Ultra Custom (spoiler) because of its use of leather as the main component. Personally, I like carrying a gun in a leather holster (especially IWB) because the material is much softer to the touch than other options. However, there are negatives to an all-leather design. The Ultra Custom is everything that a leather holster is, without these negatives. Gun retention is on par with a Kydex holster if you mold it well!

*pre-molding* The Ultra Custom features an interchangeable clip that attaches to your belt for IWB carrying.

The Ultra Custom is offered in several different sizes, which makes it compatible with ~80 different advertised handguns. Truth be told, it is compatible with far more thanks to the existence of 80% builds; which is what I’ll be using mine for. This particular handgun is configured as a G19X and is a conglomeration of many different brands including; 80 Percent Arms, Rival Arms, Glock, and more.

Because of the Memory-Lok technology, my holster conformed to every tiny detail of my handgun. This created a tight fit for ultimate retention.

Molding the Ultra Custom

Step 1:

Put the Ultra Custom in a decent quality plastic bag, so it won’t leak. Add a weight inside the holster so that it doesn’t float. This weight can be rocks, bolts, or anything heavy enough to weigh it down. Then squeeze what air out that you can and zip it up.

For weighing the holster down, I chose to use a tin of pellets that I had on the counter.

Step 2:

Bring a pot of water up to 140-170 degrees on the stovetop. Once there, place the bagged holster into the water and wait approximately 5 minutes, or until it is soft.

I checked to see if the holster was soft by pressing on it with the included forming tool.

Step 3:

Once soft, remove the holster from the water and bag.

At this point, the Ultra Custom holster is extremely pliable and still cool enough to touch with your hands.

Step 4:

This is the molding step. Insert the handgun and squish the holster flat around the outline of the gun. Also, insert the sight tool over the front sight or slide it all the way down the top of the slide (or frame) if you need to add clearance for the front sight upon drawing. Use the rounded end of the tool in order to dimple the trigger area and ejection port for added retention and for forming to other features on the frame.

Use the included tools to form the holster to the details of your handgun for ultimate retention.
If you have suppressor height sights, like me, you can slide the tool over the front sight, down the length of the slide. This creates space down the length of the holster that prevents the sight from snagging.

Step 5:

Keep repeating step 4 until cool. Once the Memory-Lok cools below a certain temperature, the form is set and the holster becomes rigid.

Modifying the Ultra Custom

If some aspect of the holster’s fit is not satisfactory, you can always re-do the molding process. If there is a specific spot that needs to be touched up, use a heat gun or even a hairdryer in order to spot heat and re-form this particular area.

Important details:

  • Fits over 80 different handgun models
  • Tuckable, Inside the Waistband (IWB) design
  • Only available in right-hand configuration (currently)
  • Constructed of Memory-Lok sheet sandwiched by leather
  • Comes with tools for fitting the holster
  • Shipping March 15th
  • $109.99 MSRP
The end result is the perfect holster that forms to your gun’s tiniest details.


When I formed my Ultra Custom, the process was super intuitive and easy. The end result was perfect on my first attempt, and my handgun snaps into place like a high dollar Kydex holster. Even with a full mag, I cannot shake my handgun out of the grip of the Ultra Custom. Overall, I am extremely happy with it and would definitely recommend one to all of you.

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About the author: Riley Baxter is an avid and experienced hunter, shooter, outdoorsman, and he’s worked in the backcountry guiding for an outfitter. He also get’s a lot of enjoyment out of building or customizing his firearms and equipment. Check out Riley’s Instagram @Shooter300

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  • Willie-O September 16, 2020, 12:22 am

    Ha ha ha had you actually read the reply to the initial commenter, you would’ve seen that he had already pointed out that the price was listed under “important details”…..Yessir, reading comprehension is a very valuable life-skill.

  • Mark Potter September 14, 2020, 6:55 pm

    And of course… no mention of cost. Is it REALLY that hard???

    • Riley Baxter September 14, 2020, 11:14 pm

      You can find the MSRP listed under “Important Details” This is typical convention sometimes we will hide them under “specifications.” For past, and future reviews, please look to these sections.

      • Ha ha ha September 15, 2020, 6:55 am

        Neither of you can read…. Look under important details. Hey a good day Richard

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