SAF Hits Back at New Mexico Gov’s Carry Ban with Legal Filing

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'Enforce or Resign' Says New Mexico Governor to Sheriffs Regarding New Red Flag Law
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The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) isn’t backing down. They’ve just filed a reply brief in the federal lawsuit against New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. Her ban on public carrying of arms in Albuquerque is under fire.

The fight, dubbed Fort v. Grisham, joins several cases against the governor’s ban. SAF, the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, Firearms Policy Coalition, and citizen Zachary Fort are leading the charge.

They’re armed with legal firepower from lawyers in Albuquerque and Washington, D.C. The case springs from a U.S. District Court’s temporary restraining order against Grisham’s decree.

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Alan M. Gottlieb, SAF’s VP, pulls no punches: “Gov. Grisham cannot escape the fact that her unilateral restrictions on public carry are in direct violation of the Second Amendment.”

No proof or historical law supports her stance, Gottlieb adds, referencing the Heller and Bruen decisions.

Adam Kraut, SAF’s Executive Director, slams the governor’s suspension of the right to bear arms as a constitutional breach.

“No governor has the constitutional authority to nullify, even temporarily, rights secured under the federal constitution and Bill of Rights,” declares Kraut.

“We’re determined to pursue this case as far as necessary, and we are confident we will prevail,” he added.

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  • Quentin Collins April 1, 2024, 2:46 pm

    I hope she is personally held accountable she has always been sleezy and simple research will show reasons why she lost jobs and positions; but, the people tend to vote more Democrat (pretty much everybody who lives on or north of old Highway 66) and rarely research. If it is not reported on KOAT-TV or the Santa Fean and the Albuquerque Journal, all of whom are liberal protecting “news” outlets. I am glad I moved from the state that used to be my favorite place in the world because it is getting so blue it is bound to become the darkest Navy Blue state. Oh and since Gavin Newsom and her are second cousins it seems stupidity is heredity.

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