Aero Precision Unveils New Bolt Gun, Suppressor Line – SHOT Show 2022

Aero Precision made a name for itself offering customers quality AR-15 rifles and parts at prices most gun owners can afford. Now, the Washington State company is looking to branch out into suppressors and bolt action rifles.

The company’s new bolt action rifle is still in its planning stages, but we caught up with reps at SHOT Show 2022 to get the latest.

The heart of the new rifle — dubbed the “A700” — is a Remington 700 pattern action that features an internal recoil lug, a 60-degree bolt throw, and replaceable bolt lugs. The action will be manufactured by Aero, but they wanted to use the 700 pattern so users could take advantage of the wide array of aftermarket parts.

That’s the overarching theme of this rifle. It’s designed to be user-serviceable and totally customizable, much like the AR-15s that Aero has so successfully produced.

That starts with the Savage small shank barrel interface. This interface allows users to swap barrels at home, so they aren’t dependent on gunsmiths with long lead times and high service fees. With the help of a few tools (including a Go-No Go gauge), customers can upgrade an old barrel or replace a damaged one.

Plus, because the bolt is replaceable, users can even change cartridges from the comfort of their own home. Bolt faces will be offered in standard, medium, and magnum to accommodate everything from a 6mm Creedmoor to a 7mm SAUM.

Aero’s new rifle uses a Remington 700 pattern action.
Users can swap bolt heads easily.
Aero designed the chassis buttstock to allow shooters to quickly and easily achieve a precise length of pull and comb height.

Aero is also developing its own chassis. This unit will feature adjustable comb height and length of pull (using a pretty ingenious lever system), a proprietary grip, and a full-length ARCA rail.

Ballistic Advantage will make the match-grade barrel for the new rifles, and Aero plans to start chambering it in .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor. And since so many companies make barrels that use the Savage barrel interface, the options are endless.

The company was displaying both black and flat dark earth models.
Barrels will be manufactured by Ballistic Advantage.

The company hopes to start offering its new action, barreled action, and chassis in the fourth quarter of this year. They’ll start by offering these parts separately, and likely offer a complete rifle in the future.

The price tag on the action will be less than $1,000 and the chassis will be less than $1,100, company reps told us. They were unable to provide any additional details.

That’s not all Aero announced at SHOT Show 2022. The gun company is also branching out into suppressors, and they’re hitting the ground running with three different .30-caliber cans: the Lahar, the Lahar K, and the Lahar L.

Aero is also announcing three new suppressors.

These fully welded cans are full-auto rated and can take cartridges up to the .300 Win. Mag with no minimum barrel length. Mounting options will include direct thread as well as several quick detach mechanisms.

The Lahar-30 measures 5.8 inches, the Lahar-30 K measures 4.8 inches, and the Lahar-30 L measures 7.3 inches. The models we shot at Range Day were prototypes, and the final version will be finished with high-temp Cerakote.

Be looking for a full review in the coming months, but based on our experience at the range, the new Aero suppressors sound excellent.

We got a chance to hear Aero’s new suppressors at Range Day. Pictured here is a prototype Lahar-30. The company will also offer longer and shorter versions.

MSRP hasn’t been finalized, but company reps told us it should be under $900.

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