Antimatter Revolutionizes Marksmanship with the Scopeswitch?

Antimatter Scopeswitch from Arrius Sorbonne on Vimeo.

Antimatter recently introduced the Scopeswitch, an innovative scope mount that, they claim, will revolutionize the shooting experience by enabling the shooter’s offhand to remain on the handguard while controlling the zoom.

This mechanism supports continuous engagement and shooting while zooming, especially useful in high-stress scenarios involving rapidly moving targets such as feral pigs or hostile figures.

Constructed with premium materials, including 7075 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and 4140 nitrided steel lugs, the Scopeswitch boasts industry-leading durability and lightness, weighing in at 6.3 oz for the mount and an additional 4.2 oz for the rest of the system.

It aligns with a 1.93″ optical centerline height, adhering to modern standards for upright shooting with plate carriers and passive aiming with night vision goggles.

The Scopeswitch accommodates firearms down to 10.5″ carbines but recommends longer barrels for enhanced velocity with 556.

This design aspect caters to armed professionals and extends its benefits to hunters and competitive shooters, significantly improving target identification and reducing shooting time intervals.

Prospective customers should note that Scopeswitch performs optimally with scopes that have easy-to-twist zooms.

The ScopeSwitch may revolutionize the shooting industry.
Pricing starts at $599.

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Refer to the FAQ page chart on their website to identify compatible scopes and test the resistance of your scope’s zoom ring/lever before purchasing the Scopeswitch.

Installation, they say isn’t easy but can be successfully completed with the aid of an instructional video provided by Antimatter, although some may require professional gunsmith assistance.

The Scopeswitch is currently compatible with 30mm diameter scopes only, with a 34mm version soon to be available.

Each Scopeswitch order ships via USPS for a flat rate of $19, includes insurance, and requires a signature. Customers should expect a 2-week lead time. Designed and made in the USA, Scopeswitch holds a patent pending status.

While the Scopeswitch indeed appears to be a game-changing innovation in the firearms industry, a hands-on assessment is necessary to substantiate its potential fully.

We look forward to procuring a unit for testing and examining its features and performance in detail. Anticipating the capabilities outlined by Antimatter, we believe this product shows great promise, poised to set a new standard in marksmanship and shooting efficiency.

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