Motorized Scope Zooming?! Antimatter Electronic Scopeswitch — SHOT Show 2024

Motorized Scope Zooming?! Antimatter Electronic Scopeswitch -- SHOT Show 2024

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One of the most interesting products I saw at SHOT Show was the Antimatter Electronic Scopeswitch, a motorized magnification device. This device is designed to attach to an M-LOK or a Picatinny rail and brings automation to the world of scoping.

It truly provides the fastest way to shoot and change magnification. By simply pressing a button, an electronic motor can zoom in or out on the scope all while you maintain the same forward grip.

Pressure pad with a plus button for zooming in and a minus button for zooming out

The Electronic Scopeswitch operates through a series of buttons integrated into the rail, automatically adjusting the scope’s magnification with each press. Powered by two CR-123 batteries and equipped with four USB-C ports, the device has an all-electronic mechanism that ensures a swift and lag-free performance.

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When I inquired about the improvements over the original Scopeswitch, Alex emphasized the device’s electronic motor, which adapts more effectively to varying resistance levels across different scopes.

“Because it’s all motorized, you have a little bit more power and torque to it,” he explained, highlighting the advantages of the innovative design.

Gear and belt that adjusts the magnification ring of the Antimatter Scopeswitch.

Trying out the prototype, I was impressed by the product’s speed and seamless pickup. There seemed to be only a fraction of a second of latency, but even that was hardly noticeable.

Shown below is a video of the Electronic Scopeswitch I was trying out:

The rep at the booth hinted at a potential release in the first quarter with an unspecified MSRP. Due to the components and complexity, it should be priced above what the original Scopeswitch came in at.

It will be available for both 30 and 34mm scopes, and may come in more options as well down the road.

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