Cabot Guns Introduces Limited Edition ‘Nosferatu’ 1911 Pistol

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Cabot Guns Introduces Limited Edition 'Nosferatu' 1911 Pistol
The MSRP for the Nosferatu is $24,000. (Photo: Cabot Guns)

Meet the “Nosferatu”

Cabot Guns proudly presents the “Nosferatu,” a limited edition 1911 model.

This unique firearm is meticulously hand-engraved by the acclaimed FEGA Master Engraver, Otto Carter. Limited to only 13 units, it’s a blend of luxury and artistry.

Cinematic Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from the iconic film “Nosferatu,” this pistol combines the allure of vampire mythology with American firearm craftsmanship.

The design pays homage not only to the film but also to the broader realm of vampire tales.

Artistic Engravings

The pistol is adorned with intricate engravings. These include Victorian-inspired shapes and motifs, crafted skillfully to depict vampiric legends.

The artwork, combined with traditional Victorian corner treatments and detailed patterns like olive branches, transports the beholder to a mythical realm.

Master Techniques by Otto Carter

Carter’s dedication is evident in the depth and texture of the engravings.

Using bead blasting and stippling techniques, he crafts nuanced backgrounds that contrast brilliantly with the polished figures, bringing the pistol’s design to life.

A Touch of Exclusivity

Ensuring unmatched exclusivity, only 13 of these pistols will exist, each bearing a distinctive serial number from “VAMPIRE1” to “VAMPIRE13.”

The high-gloss piano ebony grips, complemented by solid silver Cabot medallions, elevate the firearm’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Innovative Packaging

Every “Nosferatu” pistol comes housed in a custom-made, coffin-shaped ebonized maple case, designed by Master Guild Craftsman Steve Parker.

Beyond its protective role, the case, with its unique engravings and accessories like the Holy Water Font and themed replica bullets, deepens the vampire narrative.

Pricing and Availability

The “Nosferatu” is priced at $24,900. To reserve one, a nonrefundable deposit of $5,000 is essential.

With an estimated completion time between 2-12 months, this collector’s item is sure to be a prized possession for enthusiasts.

A Collector’s Must-Have

Cabot Guns Introduces Limited Edition 'Nosferatu' 1911 Pistol
Only 13 of these pistols will exist, each bearing a distinctive serial number from “VAMPIRE1” to “VAMPIRE13.” (Photo: Cabot Guns)

Cabot Guns produces each “Nosferatu” 1911 in limited quantities, showcasing the union of their precision and Otto Carter’s artistry.

This masterpiece is more than a firearm; it’s a legacy, according to Cabot.

Learn More

For additional details or to stake a claim on your own “Nosferatu,” potential buyers can visit the official Cabot Guns website at

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