GOSAFE’s Mobile Mag: A Safer Option for Pistol Security?

The GOSAFE Mobile Safe and Mobile mag in box with handgun and ammo on the table
At the range with the GOSAFE Mobile MAg pistol security system.

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A bright sunny day, with snow on the ground, and 17 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of +7. Perfect day to hit my outdoor range and run the GOSAFE pistol security system, made by GOSAFE™ Technologies, INC.!

So, I did just that.

Introduced in early 2023, GOSAFE offers two units, which fit into your pistol’s magazine well.

The GOSAFE Mobile Safe is an inert magazine that locks up your pistol.

GOSAFE Mobile Mag

First is the GOSAFE Mobile Safe, which is a non-loadable magazine-style unit. You insert this magazine look-alike into the mag well. Turn the provided key to the SAFE position and remove the key. The pistol is now inoperable as the trigger and slide are locked in place. The Mobile Mag itself can’t be removed, either.

Need to use the pistol? Insert the key, turn to the FIRE position, and remove the inert magazine.

The Mobile Mag is a functioning 10-round magazine. The SAFE option makes a loaded pistol unable to fire.

Second, GOSAFE offers the Mobile Mag, a functioning 10-round magazine that can be keyed into the SAFE (locked) or the FIRE position. Even when loaded, the pistol can’t be fired when the Mobile Mag is in the SAFE position because the trigger is blocked; the mag itself can’t be removed, though the slide operates.  

The GOSAFE’s “flag technology” pushes a metal flange behind the trigger assembly when set on SAFE, blocking the trigger from being pulled.  
Closeup in the bullets in the GOSAFE Mobile Mag
Mobile Mag set on FIRE, metal “flag” flat against unit.

Both units use GOSAFE’s “flag” technology. Turn the key to the SAFE position with either unit and a bar running the length of the magazine flips out a small metal “flag” atop the unit. The flag blocks the trigger assembly and locks the unit into the pistol.

GOSAFE Mobile Mag set to "Safe"
Mobile Mag on SAFE, “flag” out, blocking the trigger assembly from working.

Glock Compatible

The Mobile Mag and the Mobile Safe work in Glock pistols.

–The Mobile Safe is compatible with Glock 17, 17L, 19x, 24, 34, and 45 chambered in 9MM, and with Glock 19, 22, 23 and 35 pistols in 40 S&W.

–Mobile Mag units are compatible with Glock 17, 17L, 19, 19x, 34 in 9MM.

At some point, GOSAFE will introduce both models for other brands of pistols, too.

Mobile Mag on the Range

On my range day for this project, I tested the Mobile Mag in a Glock 19, Gen5.

McCombie used a Glock 19 to test the GOSAFE Mobile Mag.

Initially, I loaded the Mobile Mag with ten rounds of Browning Training and Practice 9MM and its 115-grain full-metal jacket bullet. Then, I fired off the magazine at a relatively slow pace. No issues. So, I reloaded with the Browning and did a fast mag dump to see if the magazine was functional at higher shooting speeds. 

It worked fine, so I did it again. No issues.

Next, I loaded the GOSAFE mag with various other frangible practice rounds. With those, I fired off another 20 rounds through the Glock without a hitch.

Self Defense Loads?

How would it all work with self-defense loads?

To find out, I ran Critical Defense rounds from Hornady, featuring a 115-grain FTX bullet. I ran two-ten-round mags of Critical Defense through the Glock, one with the shots evenly spaced out, the other fast and semi-furious. I shot at a Champion LE Silhouette cardboard target and the magazine functioned fine.

Glock 19 with GOSAFE Mobile Mag and ammo on a used green target
McCombie shot self-defense 9MM’s through the Glock 19 and the Mobile Mag.

Then, I switched over the Liberty Ammunition Overwatch 9MM round loaded with a 72-grain frangible bullet, rated at 1,700 feet per second at the muzzle. Once again, no problems.

I had a few rounds of both ammo brands left over, loaded them up, and fired them off.

SAFE Means Safe

In the instructions included, GOSAFE strongly recommended never pulling the trigger when the pistol is loaded and the Mobile Mag is in the SAFE position. I get that.

On the other hand, how else can we know if SAFE really works with a loaded gun?

Bottom of GOSAFE Mobile Mag
The bottom of a GOSAFE unit shows SAFE/FIRE settings and the key entry.

I keyed the loaded mag to SAFE a half dozen times, pointed the Glock downrange and squeezed the trigger. Or I tried to squeeze, but the trigger wouldn’t move.

SAFE worked.

Dummy Mag

I also tried out the Mobile Safe, inserting it into the Glock 19. As promised, when set on SAFE the unit blocked the trigger, locked the slide, and couldn’t be removed from the mag well.

Could someone pry out the Mobile Safe or the Mobile Mag? Maybe. But given the metal flag atop the unit that opens and secures itself within the pistol, I think forcing out either unit would potentially damage the pistol. I can’t say whether or not the pistol would then be operable.

Certainly, I would rate the Mobile Safe as very suitable for keeping a pistol inoperable around children and others, making it a solid choice for home storage and anytime someone is separated from their firearm.

Of note, the key provided with each GOSAFE unit is unique to that unit. I tried to switch keys between my Mobile Mag and Mobile Safe models and they wouldn’t work in each other.

cogged key
Front of a key face.

Mobile Mag For CCW

Would the Mobile Mag be a good choice if you conceal carry?

Let’s say someone needed to leave their carry gun in their vehicle (for example, running mail into a  U.S. Post Office facility where carrying a firearm is illegal). The Mobile Mag would certainly provide added security here. Likewise, if one had to leave their pistol in a gym or range locker, the Mobile Mag would render it inoperable, though it could still be stolen.

Locked up at your bedside? If one was so inclined.

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However, I’d never carry a pistol with the Mobile Mag in the SAFE position. Against an armed thug, retrieving the key, fitting it into the bottom of the unit, and turning to FIRE would get you killed long before you could defend yourself.

Tight Springs

My Mobile Mag unit had a tight spring. Very. I could only load six rounds into the magazine by hand, and had to use a Maglula UpLULA universal loader to get in the remaining four rounds.

Loaded magazine next to Maglula UpLULA loader
McCombie needed a Maglula UpLULA universal loader to get all ten rounds into the Mobile Mag.

I thought the spring would loosen up with use, and I didn’t shoot extensively. But after 100 rounds, I still needed the magazine loader to get those last four rounds into place.

GOSAFE Options

–The Mobile Safe comes with an inert magazine and key. GOSAFE web price, $79.99.

–Mobile Mag is sold with the functioning magazine and key. GOSAFE web price, $99.99.  

GOSAFE Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag
Viewed from the top: GOSAFE Mobile Mag (left), and Mobile Safe (right).

–Extra GOSAFE Security Keys are $14.99 apiece and must be ordered directly from GOSAFE.

–Available accessories include a Retractable Lanyard ($10.00) and a 3M adhesive-backed key holder ($10.00).

GOSAFE accessories
GOSAFE accessories, from L to R: adhesive backed key holder; extra key; key lanyard.

All in all, the GOSAFE units work as advertised, and likely have many more uses than the ones I considered.   

Tell us in the comments if this is useful, if you’d ever run one, or if you can think of scenarios where this would be ideal.

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    I just can’t think of a reason to use this? It is just as easy to remove a mag/rounds to be safe?? not saying it is not a good invention but I will pass as I would never use it or see a use for me to use it??? Would like to see one up close though…

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