Daniel Defense Builds a Rifle Around Scorpion Mags: DD PCC — SHOT Show 2024

Riley Baxter SHOT Show 2024

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At SHOT Show 2024, we explored the latest offerings at the Daniel Defense booth, where Matt introduced us to their brand-new platform—the PCC. This is a pistol caliber carbine that is designed specifically with CZ Scorpion mags in mind. let’s dive into the details!

This gun comes in a 16-inch variant (PCC916), with an 8-inch SBR option also available (PCCSBR). It’s a 9mm workhorse designed for reliability. The PCC uses standard Scorpion magazines (gen 1 or gen 2), the PCC also accommodates Magpul drum mags.

The Scorpion magazines were chosen because they are reliable and affordable, usually available at around 15 – 20 dollars. Because this rifle was designed around these mags specifically, the PCC upper and lower are not interchangeable with standard AR15 uppers and lowers. The bolt is also unique and not interchangeable between the two platforms.

A black rifle is mounted to a wall on display.
The PCC comes in both a 16″ barreled option (pictured) as well as an 8″ barreled SBR.

The PCC features a heavy mass, hydraulic bolt carrier group that provides a soft-shooting experience with this direct blowback firearm.

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The gun is compatible with standard AR-15 handguards and furniture, allowing for easy customization. A MIL-SPEC trigger comes standard in the PCC, but can be swapped out with other AR trigger offerings if you desire.

Closeup of a gun that resembles an AR15.
The PCC’s controls are mirrored on both sides, making its use intuitive and ergonomic.

A closer look inside reveals a uniquely designed bolt carrier group, addressing common issues seen in other pistol caliber carbines. The bolt catch is reinforced to prevent shearing, ensuring the gun runs reliably even during extended shooting sessions.

The receiver set stands out with its sleek and unique design, featuring mirrored controls for added convenience and an overall length that is about 5/8″ shorter than the standard AR15 receiver.

The PCC is displayed on the wall and resembles an AR15.
This is the 8″ barreled PCC SBR, basically the same as its big brother, but smaller.

The Daniel Defense PCC aims to offer the rugged reliability that users have come to expect from the brand. You can expect to see this gun hit stores around Q2 of this year, with an estimated price falling in the $1,800 range. Still, the exact price is yet to be confirmed.

Learn more about the Daniel Defense PCC here.

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