Elderly Florida Homeowner Kills One Burglar, Wounds Another

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An elderly Florida homeowner shot two burglars Monday, wounding one and killing the other, local media reports.

“The victim was inside the residence at the time,” Miami-Dade Police Det. Romelio Martinez told CBS Miami.

“He realized that there were subjects that had gained entry into his residence. The victim armed himself. There was a confrontation. The homeowner opened fire on the two suspects striking both of them.”

One of the suspects died at the scene. The other was airlifted to a hospital after sustaining wounds to the chest and extremity, said police.

As for the homeowner, who is reportedly 77-years-old, he was not injured during the confrontation.

“He was in the shower and he just got out and that’s what happened. He saw the two guys,” said neighbor Olga Dahl.

Apparently, this was the second break-in in recent weeks which has the neighborhood on guard.

“Now, I am concerned because this is the second one in a short interval of time,” said neighbor Gene Perez.

“I’m tired of this. We are not here to kill people but if you go to my house, I have two kids. If you go to my house, you better be careful,” said Dahl.

Authorities say that once the suspect is released from the hospital he will face numerous charges, including murder as his accomplice died during the commission of a crime.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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