Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas From BLACKHAWK

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Father’s day is just around the corner! To be more specific, it’s this coming Sunday, June 19th! If you haven’t already picked up something for dad, we put together some cool gift ideas from Blackhawk below.

Blackhawk also has an expanded list of Father’s Day offerings that you can view HERE. Good luck with your shopping and Happy Father’s Day!

1. BLACKHAWK Custom Kydex OWB Holster

Five Father's Day Gift Ideas From BLACKHAWK

Perfect gift for that Patriotic Papa!

A custom Outside the Waistband holster with the Constitution and Old Glory printed on the outside. $80 allows you to customize things like color and finish (lots of options, not limited to the Constitution), belt loop size, optic compatibility, threaded barrels, right/left-handed, and suppressor height sights. This should make Dad proud carrying at 4th of July backyard barbeques.

Click HERE to see all the custom options.

2. Tactical Waterproof Jacket

Tactical Waterproof Jacket

Practical Dads will love this jacket!

Look great, carry concealed while staying warm and dry. This lightweight, waterproof, seam-sealed, breathable jacket has it all with special zippers that allow you to access the inside of your jacket for concealed carry. With available colors in black, blue, or gray, you can’t go wrong. MSRP $191.

Click HERE to see all the options.

3. Stache IWB Premium Holster Kit

Stache IWB Premium Holster Kit

For the Concealed Carry King!

Dad wants to concealed carry every day? In that case, the BLACKHAWK Stache IWB (Inside Waistband) holster is the perfect choice. The STACHE is available in two configurations, Base and Premium. We recommend Premium as the Premium includes a magazine holder and an adjustable concealment claw. Designed for comfort, with no printing, It’s built to withstand the daily rigors of concealed carry the STACHE is available for the most popular pistols for only $58.45

Click HERE to see all the options.

4. Travis Kennedy EDC Prep Kit

Travis Kennedy EDC Prep Kit

Adventurous Fathers want to be prepared!

Travis Kennedy, a former Navy SEAL medic, designed this kit for medical emergencies. The perfect gift for Fathers to keep in their truck, by the back door, or in their camping and hunting gear.

Kit includes:

  • Includes Blackhawk Stingray EDC Pack
  • Blackhawk – Kennedy North American Rescue (NAR) Bleeding Control Kit
  • C-A-T® Tourniquet
  • NAR S-Rolled Gauze
  • 4″ Emergency Trauma Dressing
  • HyFin® Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack
  • Pair Bear Claw™ Nitrile Gloves – Size L

Price is $199.95

Click HERE to see all the options.

5. TECGRIP Formlok IWB Moldable Holster

TecGrip FormLok IWB Moldable Holster

Do-It-Yourself Dad?

This unique multi-fit holster with passive retention can be heated and molded to fit just about any firearm for a comfortable IWB concealed carry. It can be re-molded if your needs change. We have a full review of this holster coming soon here at GunsAmerica. $54.95

Click HERE to see all the options and read about how it works.

To see more Father’s Day gift ideas from Blackhawk, click HERE! Happy Father’s Day!

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